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  • 1. Renaissance AcademyHOMEWORK
  • 2. WHY? Homework is your chance to practice what you learned in class. Homework does not show your teachers what you have learned. You will take quizzes, benchmark tests, midterms, and final exams. Daily practice helps you remember what you learned.
  • 3. WHAT IS IT? Each teacher will give you an assignment on Monday that helps you practice what you have already learned. You will give your homework to your Advisory teacher the following Monday. The paper with instructions is called a rubric. Staple it to the top of your work before you turn it in.
  • 4. HOW TO DO HOMEWORK Find a quiet place without distractions.  Don’t have TVs or video games in the background. It’s really hard for your brain to ignore lights!  Don’t try to babysit or do chores while you’re working. You need to let your brain concentrate.  If you can’t find a quiet place, stay after school with a teacher.
  • 5. HOW TO DO HOMEWORK Set up a schedule.  When will you work on homework?  Allow at least 2 hours every day, beginning on Monday.  Try to finish 1 homework assignment every day. That way, you’ll have free time on the weekends.  DON’T WAIT UNTIL SUNDAY TO START YOUR WORK.
  • 6. HOW TO DO HOMEWORK Make sure you have all of your supplies.  Keep the rubric in front of you.  Always set your notebook beside you. You’ll need it for instructions and examples.
  • 7. HOW PARENTS AND GUARDIANS CAN HELP Teachers do not expect families to teach the students. All of the skills were already taught in class. If your child is confused, please contact the teacher right away!
  • 8. HOW PARENTS AND GUARDIANS CAN HELP Most assignments will not require the child to use a computer. If a child needs to use a computer, the rubric will say so. If your child needs a computer, but you don’t have one at home, the child should go to the library or ask the teacher for help.
  • 9. GRADES Grades show your diligence and mastery. Most homework assignments are worth 20 points each.Points Percentage Letter Comments18, 19, or 20 90–100% A Excellent work! Be proud!16 or 17 80-85% B Good work, with only a few errors!14 or 15 70-75% C This is a passing grade, but it’s very low.Less than 14 0-65% D or F You should correct this assignment and ask your teacher for help. This grade shows that you do not understand what you learned in class.
  • 10. GRADES www.arusd.org/renaissancea Check your grades every week on the Home Access Center. If you forget your password, ask Mrs. Brasil.
  • 11. HOW TO ASK FOR HELP “I’m having trouble with ____(HW title). When can you help me with it?” “I have tried problem number ___ several times, and I’ve looked at the examples in my notebook, but I still don’t understand. Can you show me how to do it?” “I was absent on ____ and didn’t learn how to ____. Can you help me learn what I missed?”
  • 12. ADVICE FOR STUDENTS“Finish your homework early, and let a teachercheck it. Get it back and correct it.” ~Tania“Try to do the work correctly and do it well. Don’tdo it just to finish it. You will need the homeworkassignments to study for the test.” ~Victorino“Break the assignment into smaller pieces.”~Brian“Have an organizes place to put your homeworkso your papers aren’t all mixed up.” ~Alex
  • 13. ADVICE FOR PARENTS“Continually remind your children to finish onehomework assignment a day for the first fewweeks so that they do not get into the habit ofprocrastinating.” ~Fernando“Never lose faith in your child.” ~Julian