The Lizard Man & the Gray Lady went walking


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The Lizard Man & the Gray Lady went walking

  1. 1. The Lizard Man and The GrayLady Went Walking...South Carolina OnlineHistorical Resources For Youand Your Patrons.Amanda StoneInnovation & Digitization Librarian
  2. 2. StudySC.orgFrom: South Carolina State LibraryPrimarily For: K-12 Students, EducatorsDescription: K-12 educational that provides a structured environment forstudents to find high quality web content to support South Carolina-basedcurriculum standards. StudySC features descriptions and links of vettedonline resources organized by age level and by topic.
  3. 3. scmemory.orgFrom: State-wide collaboration; Major partners include the University ofSouth Carolina, Clemson University, and College of Charleston, who eachcontribute staff to the Digital LibraryPrimarily For: South Carolina citizensDescription: The South Carolina Digital Library is the largest, mostcomprehensive online repository for digital images, books,maps, pamphlets, and even audio that is of historical significance to SouthCarolina. Currently, 28 institutions have contributed to the holdings, whichspan from the colonial period through modern day.
  4. 4. Teaching American Historyin South Carolinateachingushistory.orgFrom: SC Department of Archives & History, Richland SD 2, federal grantmoneyPrimarily For: K-12 students and educatorsDescription: The Teaching American History in SouthCarolina website features primary sources of historic interest withcorrelating South Carolina social studies standards and lesson plans. Theprimary sources come from the holdings of the South Carolina Departmentof Archives and History, the University of South Carolina CarolinianaLibrary, and other cultural institutions around the state. The website alsoincludes virtual tours and information for teachers on culturalinstitutions such as museums and historic sites.
  5. 5. sciway.netFrom:, LLC, a James Island web information companyPrimarily For: SC citizens, tourists, and people throughout the worldDescription: SCIWAY, titled South Carolina’s Information Highway, is aprivately-managed comprehensive directory of South Carolina information.Content includes both organized external links and written subject matter.Sections of particular interest might be history, cities &towns, counties, elections, facts & firsts, genealogy, government, andstatistics.
  6. 6. knowitall.orgFrom: South Carolina ETVPrimarily For: K-12 students and educatorsDescription: Knowitall ( is a collection of onlinedesigned for use in the classroom. Features include interactivewebsites, simulations, image collections, virtual field trips and streamingvideo that “support and provide quality inquiry based experiences forstudents on the Internet.” Knowitall contains websites on a broadrange of topics, from the visual and performing arts to careers and thesciences.
  7. 7. docsouth.unc.eduFrom: University of North Carolina at Chapel HillPrimarily For: Citizens, teachers, students, and researchers at every levelDescription: A digital publishing initiative that provides access to digitizedprimary materials such as books, manuscripts, images, and audio files thatoffer Southern perspectives on American history and culture. The websitecurrently has 15 themed collections such as “The Church in theSouthern Black Community” and “Oral Histories of the American South.”Many documents and images are originally from South Carolina or featurepeople from South Carolina and can be easily found with several searchmethods.
  8. 8. memory.loc.govAmerican MemoryFrom: Library of CongressPrimarily For: All citizensDescription: American Memory is a digital repository by the Library ofCongress that contains digitized historical documents, photographs, soundrecordings, video, books, and other resources from the Librarys holdings.Currently there are over 100 collections and more than 9 million items inthe American Memory historical collections, representing a broad range ofAmerican history and culture. Collections range from Native American andwomens history to early advertising and September 11th. WhileAmerican Memory is a national resource, South Carolina is wellrepresented in many of the collections.
  9. 9. chroniclingamerica.loc.govFrom: Library of Congress, federal money to statesPrimarily For: All citizensDescription: Chronicling America: Historic AmericanNewspapers is a project by the Library of Congress to provideaccess to almost 4 million pages of historic newspaperspublished between 1836 and 1922 from across the country. Thewebsite features 20 newspapers from South Carolina, includingthe Columbia Phoenix from 1865 and the Anderson DailyIntelligencer from 1914-1915.
  10. 10. Regional/Institutional Digital Collections&Public Libraries & Colleges & UniversitiesA List of Digital