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Building online communities, tips for blogging and social media.

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  • Overview, my work, Michipreneur team: MA’s in creative writing from WSU, worked in ad agency startup, learned what a STARTUP was and love it. Started freelancing – part of the founding Michipreneur team.
  • SEE: Covering America: A Narrative History of a Nation's Journalism,By Christopher B. Daly.We have new ways to tell old stories, but the gatekeepers have left.
  • Content marketing is the use of creating content to build an audience for your business or brand. Your audience will then begin to trust and turn to you as an industry expert, leading towards sales. This is used across industries and has inspired large movements like the Content Marketing Institute. Some see it as a natural evolve from advertising/marketing as “interrupting” to “informing” us in the information age
  • -How do people connect with one another in person? And online? -Community: who are you trying to serve? What’s your larger story?
  • The secret to blogging success is consistent, high-quality content.For those of us who aren’t “writers” – this can be a challenge.
  • Building online communities

    1. 1. Amanda Lewan Writer & Storyteller
    2. 2. Our Community Michigan Startups & Creatives • An online community unites us. It serves as a way to connect and inform others with similar interests. As a storyteller, I believe in creating art and work that unites others. Niche online publication Publishing news, startup stories, interviews, and resources 85 Michigan based businesses • Michipreneur Team • Amanda Lewan, Editor & Community Manager • Marc Hudson, Web Developer • Noelle Sciarini, Contributor • Lauren Ebalt, Contributor • Kyle Pollock, Contributor 109 Resources Live coverage of tech and startup events Tech, Retail, and Food
    3. 3. A quick history on this digital publishing thing.
    4. 4. 1448 – Print Press Invented 1792 – Ben Franklin, Pennsylvania Gazette 1846 – Associated Press Founded 1833- 1900 – Journalism becomes “big business” 1900-1974 – Weekly magazines, broadcast 1965- 1995 – Conglomeration of news 1999- launched, online journaling 2004 – Facebook is founded 2006 – Twitter and micro blogging movement 2006- Buzzfeed founded 2014 – Where are we now? Content Marketing (aka Digital Marketing) Media All businesses and individuals are now media. Alexa Rating top news sites by traffic. Technorati most popular blog list.
    5. 5. Digital Media Trends  Lists (Listicles) Businesses  Click bate – Upworthy Titles • Amex Open Forum Blog  “Buzzworthy” – Detroit $500 house story • Shinola Blog + Storytelling  Shorter and shorter content • General Electric – 6 Second Science Vines • Ford Social • Chalkfly Blog  Syndication sites/Roundups  Visual content  Instagram  Pinterest  Rise of content marketing for businesses/individuals  Blogs as community watchdogs, leads for national news Individuals stories, connections to the local  PR as social media too  Hybrid traditional + digital pieces • Danielle Laporte • Justin Musk  NYT’s Snow Fall
    6. 6. Content guidance for getting started, and growing.
    7. 7. Values To Grow By 1. 2. Authenticity -- Is there a human connection? Personality – Do I want to pay attention? 1. Audience 2. Content Focus 3. Channels 3. Reliability – Are you trustworthy and consistent? 4. Awareness – Are you listening? 4. Management 5. Respect – Are you responding? 5. Reporting  Community: Who are you trying to serve? What’s your larger story? What are they looking for online? What problems do you solve? How do you connect them with?  My larger story: grounded in place: growing Michigan’s creative community, uniting others in Detroit Content Guidelines – create and identify the voice for your brand.
    8. 8. Blogging Basics – Types of Posts Brainstorm  Lists Subscribe to industry blogs/news  Storytelling Create writing habit – weekly, daily, morning, night  Tips & advice Make it fun  Case studies & examples Set deadlines  Interviews Think about timely, newsworthy links, or connections across industries  Roundups (news/resources)  Guest posts  Video/visuals  In depth industry stories Write low energy posts when busy – longer/more in-depth when free Take feedback kindly from editors, give clear, kind feedback to your writers Think about seasonal stories
    9. 9. Social Media  Voice of your business online  Social media is a part of your overall marketing strategy  Always be responsive, consistent  Use visuals  Encourage sharing, thank others  Get creative: monthly Tweet Chat, rewards, contests, user created content Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Social Sprout, Recite, Tweet reach, Facebook’s Business marketing Twitter lists Wordpress Read up on marketing: Hubspot Blog, Content Marketing Institute, Social Media Examiner, Mashable, Copyblogger , Post Advertising Blog • 33 Resources for your Startup (Michipreneur) New favorite resource: free infographic templates
    10. 10. Echoing in a chamber of Tweets.
    11. 11. Strategies for Growing Established similar audience  Establish strategic content partners Regularly share, support online  Guest post for yourself/biz In person & online relationships  Measure content and all posts, increase what you see Help others first working  “lean startup approach”  Grow email subscribers & social following  eBook content or free content to download  Reward social sharing, check ins, etc  Create really, really great content that includes storytelling. People remember stories that emotionally move them.
    12. 12. Standing Out  Use storytelling strategies for your brand/business  Theme, emotion, scene  Craft Sharable Stories  Best tweet examples “At the core of a person’s life is a narrative. This is why, if you’re trying to convey a message, simple, relatable storytelling will enable your audience to see themselves through the eyes of the people you are trying to help. This is the beginning of empathy. The story is the glue that bind together the human experience; it’s the device through with both understanding and a desire to help emerge.” – Randi Zuckerburg
    13. 13. From a Community Builder’s Journey  Have a mentor in your life  Be creative – try new things, enjoy  Don’t do it all on your own – talk about your ideas, get emotional support, get feedback  Don’t be afraid to get out in person too  Always thing of ways to serve your community  Don’t give up until your ready