Julia homework on Neil Armstrong
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  • Juju is awesome


  • 1. Neil ArmstrongNeil Armstrong was the first man on the moon.
  • 2. What did Neil Armstrong investigate and discover?He helped discover that themoon was made up of some ofthe same elements as theEarth and found now newelements. He also looked forrocks to take back to earthand carried out scientificexperiments while in space.He investigated how easy it
  • 3. Where is NeilArmstrong from and is he still alive?Neil Armstrong was bornon 5 August, 1930 and isfrom Wapakoneta Ohio.Armstrong died inCincinnati, Ohio, onAugust 25, 2012, at theage of 82 due tocomplications from
  • 4. What impact did NeilArmstrong have on space discovery, travel and exploration?Armstrong influencedpeople to discover space.He also showed peoplethat reaching your goal ispossible. If you try yourhardest you can doanything, and that it ispossible to land the moon.
  • 5. What challenges did Neil Armstrong face?There was no toilet andthere was a lack ofoxygen.He also faced a problemas just as they wereabout to land, he sawthat there was a smallcrater, which could be aproblem. He then took
  • 6. Do you think the challenges still exist today?No, because they wouldhave worked out waysto solve the problemsNeil Armstrong facedotherwise there wouldbe no way to survive inspace for long periodsof time.
  • 7. What challenges do youthink todays astronomers face?I think todaysastronomers faceproblems with preparationand people who want to gointo space. I also thinkthey will have problemswith gravity because theymay go flying through the
  • 8. Work done by Julia forthe space homework on Neil Armstrong.