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How you can use Pinterest for your brand


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Published in: Career, Technology, Design
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  • 1. Pinterest
  • 2. Why I started using Pinterest
    • I saw people tweeting about it and was curious
    • I checked it out and fell in love with it immediately
  • 3. What is Pinterest?
  • 4.  
  • 5. What is Pinterest?
      • Launched in March 2012 by three men
      • A virtual mood board: you create themed boards
      • If you see an image you like on a site/blog, you can “pin” it to one of your boards
      • A linkback is automatically created
      • You can also “repin” people’s pins. Repins = RTs
      • Add “pin it” button to your Bookmarks bar
    Source: comScore Inc., May 2011
  • 6. It’s like a visual RSS feed Source: comScore Inc., May 2011
  • 7. Pinterest’s reputation
      • Girly
      • Weddings, hair, makeup, fashion
  • 8. “ Tumblr for ladiez”?
  • 9. Creative uses for Pinterest Source: comScore Inc., May 2011 Mashable has a great list of 21 Must-Follow Pinterest Users Emphasis on architecture, gadgets, graphic design, photography, etc.
  • 10. Why people love Pinterest
      • EASY way to organize and bookmark content
      • Visual
      • Highly customizable experience: you can choose to follow specific boards rather than all of a user’s boards
      • Follow your interests
    Source: comScore Inc., May 2011
  • 11. This GeekMom article talks about the lack of drama and hubbub on Pinterest.
  • 12. Why did we get on Pinterest?
      • We noticed other big lifestyle brands were on it: Real Simple, Martha
      • Popular hangout for women and especially moms
  • 13. Some stats about Pinterest users
    • 54% of users are female
    • 28% are between 28-34
    • Majority of users have disposable income
    • -from, May 2011
  • 14. How we use Pinterest
    • We currently have more than 1,200 followers
    • In January #3 traffic-driver for, #11 for
    • How we use it:
      • We go on it at least twice a day
      • Pin mixture of our own content and from other brands
      • Follow users who make sense for our brand (Babble, mommy bloggers) and repin them
      • Cross-promote on Facebook and Twitter
  • 15. What we like about Pinterest
    • We have gorgeous photography in our magazine, and Pinterest allows those images to live forever online
    • We get to share our beautiful images with people who may not subscribe to the print magazine
  • 16. How brands can use Pinterest
  • 17. 1. Create boards that represent the pillars of your brand Cover a range of topics.
  • 18. 2. Repin other people’s pins. Pinterest is not just for self-promotion. Be social!
  • 19. 3. Position yourself as a curator/tastemaker. You are filtering the best of Pinterest for your audience.
  • 20. 4. Create unique boards. We have fun boards like LOL, Retro, Smart Ideas.
  • 21. 5. Put Pinterest share buttons on your site. did this with their 2011 Gift Guide.
  • 22. Some downsides to Pinterest
    • The shelf life of a pin is very short (similar to tweets)
    • Pins are not always credited properly
  • 23. How journalists can use Pinterest
  • 24. 5 ways journalists can use Pinterest
    • Share photos from breaking news
    • Give previews of what’s coming i.e. interview subjects
    • Showcase photo galleries, features, profiles
    • Show off your staff
    • Invite readers to participate (crowdsource)