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Psychogeographical project
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Psychogeographical project


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  • 1. Psychogeographical Project
    Where would the flip of a coin take me?
  • 2. After my camera broke down 
    I started off my walk at Raw Dykes Road located next to Liberty Park and Spar.
  • 3. This abandoned store was located on the corner of Clarendon Street/ Granbury street. I then flipped a coin and had to turn right onto Clarendon Street.
    The area around her was industrial, all homes appeared to be on the rent market for student. This store was an abandoned old shoe store boarded up with smashed windows.
  • 4. Clarendon Street was a straight road with no left or right turnings so I therefore, had to continue on where the path would take me.
    I came across this path which was taking me into a different section compared to the industrial student homes. This was a small close located no so far from the A&E (Royal Infirmary). The are was nice and quite suitable for family homes. As this path departed past the car within the image I then had to flip the coin again which was Tails (Right) So I continued straight ahead.
  • 5. This is a colour preview of the area I was in once I turned right to continue walking straight.
  • 6. I once I continued walking straight I then came across this turnings. As there were no right turnings and just a left turning I decided to continue walking straight as flipping a coin at this section would make my random walk not a fair test as I would also be breaking the rules.
  • 7. I then had to continue walking down the path which led me to a side of a home and grass on the left hand side of the pathway. This home had graffiti drawn on the walls. This then led me to conclude that this small section was a small sections where children from the family homes would socialise and drink alcohol.
  • 8. Again, the path had to no right turning and only gave me the option to walk left or straight ahead. I then continued walking straight. I came across this section which appeared to me to be government homes as they were government signs around the area. I saw many older people living within this estate. At first I thought this were government homes, but turned out they were flats.
  • 9. At the end of the path I ended back onto Walnut street, as opposite me was the Walnut Dr Surgery. I then flipped my coin again to decided if I was to turn left or right. It was Tails, so I turned left walking straight down Walnut Street.
  • 10.
  • 11. At the end of the road, I was next to the lights. I flipped the coin once again, it was heads (turn left) which led me back onto the road from where I had started. I decided to stop at this point as the coin was proven to be a waste of time as it was an adventurous walk and I did take a off routine walk as I had never explored the side of Leicester. I found it was very enjoyable and the coin was un reliable.
  • 12. Thank You
    For Watching 