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  • 1. Amal AlmullaID200923299
  • 2. • Definition of blogs• History• Benefits of blogs• Steps of how to create a blog• How to use the blog• Samples of some blogs• Conclusion• References
  • 3. • A Blog is a short Web site which items posted on regular basis, it contains different news, personal diaries, advertising that is available for variety of people in the internet.
  • 4. • The growth of blogs started in 1990• It was launched by Pyra labs in 1999• It was bought by Google in 2003• On 2006, Blogger launched its latest version in Beta• 2011, there were over 156 million public blogs
  • 5. 1- Personal2- Business3- Academic
  • 6. 1. Personal benefits:1. Improve skills2. Increase knowledge3. Better researchers4. Motivates us5. Makes us famous
  • 7. 2. Business benefits:1. Low marketing device.2. Boots traffic( no need transportation)3. Offers easy publishing.4. Keeps us a head with competition.5. A powerful tool for real-time discussion.
  • 8. 3. Academic benefits:1. Helps us connect with professionals.2. Helps us aggregate research work.
  • 9. • Open the internet in address• Click on Create Your Blog• First step is to fill your personal information(name, email, password, address, display name)• Second step is to give name for your blog then press continue to choose template• Then your blog is created and ready to be used afteryou sign in
  • 10. • You have to sign in• Once you logged in, you will see the dashboard• Click new post to start writing a blog• After you write the post, you can publish it• You can add photos or make hyperlinks
  • 11. • 1- Personal and hobbies• 2- Business blog• 3- Organization blog
  • 12. • We can say that technology will never stop to an extend. So we should be updated all the time. I admired the idea of blogging so I had my own blog the first time I learned about blogging.
  • 13. • Andrews, D. (n.d). How to create a blog web site. Retrieved from• Coleman, D. (2010). How to use blogger. Retrieved from• Haque, O. (2011). 21 Key benefits of blogging. Retrieved from• Sample blog. (2008). Retrieved from