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Advantages of using ATC for automatic ticket changes

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Amadeus Ticket Changer - EN

  1. 1. ©2008AmadeusITGroupSA Customer Solutions 1 Amadeus Ticket Changer
  2. 2. ©2008AmadeusITGroupSA 2 Amadeus Ticket Changer in a nutshell  With Amadeus Ticket Changer you can service your customers’ change requests anywhere in the world – in a matter of seconds – giving them the right fare and the right penalty charge at any point of sale  Airline debit memos, 30 minute calls to your call centre, lengthy and expensive staff training… these are just some of the factors involved in manual ticket reissuing  Sweep them all away with Amadeus Ticket Changer, an entirely automated end-to-end solution that will help you significantly reducing costs
  3. 3. ©2008AmadeusITGroupSA 3 Amadeus Ticket Changer in a nutshell  New generation solution launched in 2006, already used by major airlines and travel agencies in several markets..  Completely automates the painful ticket change process using ATPCO , SITA and Amadeus category 31 fare notes  Calculates immediately for a specific ticket change the price difference in the currency that is needed and in all your channels, offline and online  Offering unique integration benefits with Amadeus ticketing solution
  4. 4. ©2008AmadeusITGroupSA 4 What ATC can do for your customers Automatically handle exchanges &reissues..  Public fares  Most Private fares  Amadeus Nego fares All fares  Itinerary  Date, Flight and Booking Class changes  Including multi passengers PNRs  In any currency All changes  Travel agents, call centres  Websites All channels  Domestic and/or International  Multi-carrier, partner Interline tickets  Issued by any Point of Sale  Unused or partially used tickets All tickets
  5. 5. ©2008AmadeusITGroupSA 5 4 3 2 1 In 4 simple steps… Retrieval of existing booking Rebooking New itinerary, class, flight, date… Pricing (calculation) Price difference, penalty, tax Document Preparation & Issuance
  6. 6. ©2008AmadeusITGroupSA 6 Detailed process 4 new cryptic entries for the reservation agent Informative re-pricing How much would it cost to change the itinerary? Confirmed re-pricing FXF + Update PNR with information to prepare the ticket re-issue (TST, MCOs, FO line) Best Pricer informative re-pricing How much would it cost to change the itinerary by selecting lowest applicable fare Best Pricer confirmed re-pricing FXE + Update PNR with information to prepare the ticket re-issue (TST, MCOs, FO line) >FXF >FXQ >FXE >FXO
  7. 7. ©2008AmadeusITGroupSA 7 Three user interfaces available 1. Cryptic/Command Page
  8. 8. ©2008AmadeusITGroupSA 8 Three user interfaces available 2. Graphic user Interface
  9. 9. ©2008AmadeusITGroupSA 9 Three user interfaces available 3. Website (,…)
  10. 10. ©2008AmadeusITGroupSA 10 A proven & significant business impact Protect your revenue Reduce operational costs Increase customer satisfaction Multi channel integration  Outpace competition  Avoid Airlines Debit Memos  Systematically handles collection of re-booking fees  Reduce the workload  Save money by reducing the number of calls to airlines’ support desks  Save agent productivity for new business to focus on  Remove the need for third parties  Speed, efficiency and transparency of service to the customer  Empower agents by giving them a fast, easy and reliable tool  Available to any point of sale worldwide  In traditional offices, call centers or web sites  Using 1A Selling platform  Using cryptic access  Using API v2 or Web Services
  11. 11. ©2008AmadeusITGroupSA 11 Our customers talk about ATC UniGlobe (US) “It is the best thing since sliced bread!!” Air France - CTO “All staff find Amadeus Ticket Changer fantastic. Once they have tried it they definitely don’t want go back to the manual process” Central Travel (US) “To me the greatest advantage of using this tool is the fact that it determines the appropriate penalty. With the airlines having so many different penalties and rules these days - this tool is a HUGE time saver. It eliminates having to read fare rules (some times past date) or even worse calling the airline!” Tom Kalström, VP e-Business, Finnair “Amadeus Ticket Changer enables us to streamline our business process to deliver a quicker and more responsive service to our customer, whatever channel he uses: our website or our sales agent”
  12. 12. ©2008AmadeusITGroupSA 12 Ticket Changer - Airlines A leading and fast growing content .  Close to 60 airlines participate in this tool by sharing reissue conditions filed in category 31 and identified by a Voluntary Changes category in Amadeus fare notes . Most of your customers’ tickets can be reissued with ATC .  Airline content can be accessed at all time in command page using a dedicated entry:  FQNATC/CXR
  13. 13. ©2008AmadeusITGroupSA 13 Ticket Changer – Markets deployed  List of markets where ATC is deployed can be accessed at all time in command page using a dedicated entry:  FQNATC/CXR
  14. 14. ©2008AmadeusITGroupSA 14 Changing Tickets becomes child’s play! Questions?
  15. 15. ©2008AmadeusITGroupSA 15 Amadeus Ticket Changer Frequently asked questions
  16. 16. ©2008AmadeusITGroupSA 16 Frequently Asked Questions Does Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC) work with multi-passenger PNRs? Yes. The multi-passenger feature is a benefit that enables agents to perform ticket changes for all passengers (up to nine) with only one request. Why are penalties being collected via MCO? This is an IATA recommended practice. Virtual MCOs and the future Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMD) can also be used since paper MCO is decommissioned Is it possible to reissue the same ticket several times with ATC? Yes. Since May 2008, Ticket Changer enables any number of automated re-issues prior to departure and then once more after departure. Full scope for multi re-issue will be implemented later on. When EMD becomes available, will it be automatically used for ATC? Yes and we will ensure a seamless migration from virtual documents to electronic documents.
  17. 17. ©2008AmadeusITGroupSA 17 Frequently Asked Questions Is it possible to collect fees with ATC? The Amadeus Service Fee Manager can already be used in conjunction with ATC in the PNR environment after the ATC confirmed transaction. It allows the agent to trigger fee rules for ticket issuance or to apply manual flat fees. Regarding the airlines, the Airline Ticketing Fee (e.g OB fee) inclusion in ATC process is planned in 2010. Does ATC handle no show situations? Yes it does. This is controlled by a specific coding in the category 31 filed by the airlines. What initiatives are being taken by Amadeus to further simplify the re-issue flow when the agent has to add-collect and refund money in the same re-issue transaction? Since November 2008, Amadeus proposes to airlines a full methodology (validated by IATA and defined as a new industry standard) called Netting to consolidate all the different amounts involved in a re-issue transaction with the objectives to reduce the issuance of ticketing documents while increasing the traceability of data all the way through, from pricing to revenue accounting. Application to travel agents should be further discussed with IATA in the coming months.
  18. 18. ©2008AmadeusITGroupSA 18 Frequently Asked Questions Is it possible to use ATC to re-issue tickets originally priced with fares of airlines not yet filing their reissue policy in the Voluntary Changes category 31? No, the pre-requisite for using ATC is that all fares priced in the ticket to be changed have a category 31 attached. The list of airlines filing category 31 is increasing rapidly. Is it possible to utilize ATC to re-issue tickets for interline tickets? Yes, provided that the fares on the original ticket have a category 31 attached. What are the plans for re-issuing negotiated fares? Ticket Changer already accommodates reissues for private fares filed in ATPCO categories 15, 25 and 35 (IT/BT). With the ATC enhancement planned, it will also facilitate the re-issue of Amadeus Negotiated fares and ATPCO category 35 fares for which the net fare differs from the selling amount. Can I re-issue tickets that were issued using another GDS? Displaying the electronic ticket in Amadeus is the pre requisite (TWD entry) to allow ATC to reissue this ticket according to the new itinerary conditions. . If a ticket issued in another GDS cannot be displayed in Amadeus, then the error returned should be error 401 ticket number not found, thus preventing ATC to go ahead. .
  19. 19. ©2008AmadeusITGroupSA 19 Frequently Asked Questions 30 When a ticket is changed in ATC, how can you liaise with the BSP of the country in which the ticket was issued in the first place? Consolidation is done via reporting files (RET, HOT files sent by Amadeus) between BSPs and Airlines What about the competition? The Sabre tool for travel agencies is not based on the ATPCO category 31 (the industry standard) and therefore the penalty fee calculation has to be assessed manually; whereas Amadeus Ticket Changer is fully automated. Recently, Sabre has enhanced the tool to a QREX plus version, available in the US, and processing ATPCO category 31. The Travelport tool is mainly focused on the US domestic market and is therefore limited when it comes to international reissues involving non USD pricing. How do I know if an airline ticket can be exchanged through Ticket Changer? Use the following Amadeus Selling Platform (cryptic) entry to list all carriers that have filed the VC paragraph in the fare notes: FQNATC/CXR AIRLINES AVAILABLE FOR REISSUE FOR TRAVEL AGENCY CUSTOMERS Can you clarify if YY fares are filed as CAT31? IATA does not yet file category 31 conditions for their fares.
  20. 20. ©2008AmadeusITGroupSA 20 Frequently Asked Questions 27 Why can’t I see what is coded in the Voluntary Changes (CAT31) paragraph? Amadeus does not display the text from the VC paragraph (CAT31) because it is a complex category and it might confuse people. We rely on the airlines to ensure that the free-form text displayed from the Penalty paragraph (CAT 16) remains in accordance with what the airline has coded in the VC paragraph (CAT 31). The VC paragraph drives both revalidation and reissue scenarios. Can ATC be used on passive and waitlisted flights? Yes. Can I use ATC on group bookings? No. ATC handles up to 9 passengers, and 6 PTC’s. Are Ticket Changer re-issues guaranteed by Amadeus? The process is the same as for pricing fares that return automated TSTs. Only when a document is issued is the TST guaranteed. The Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC) solution is available via API v.2, is it also available via Web Services for online booking engines? Yes, ATC is also available via Web Services for the integration of online ticket change solutions in airline and travel agency websites.
  21. 21. ©2008AmadeusITGroupSA 21