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Malcolm X Power Point Presentation
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Malcolm X Power Point Presentation


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We good

We good

Published in: Spiritual

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  • 1.
    Malcolm X
    Alex Aguebor & Marco Restrepo
  • 2. The Legacy
    A large proponent in the civil rights era of the 1960’s
    Offered an alternative to King’s peace first approach of attaining equality
    Used the white as a common enemy for his supporters
    Considered by many, a racist and extremist
    Helped spread the message of Elijah Muhammad, converting masses to the Nation of Islam
    One of the most influential men in history
  • 3. Early Life
    Born May 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska as Malcolm, to Earl & Louise Little, the 7th of 8 children
    Parents were members of Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Assoc.
    As the lightest skinned out of all his siblings, his mother (also light skinned) gave him the brunt of her anger, due to a feeling of illegitimacy, although he felt his father favored him
    Lead him to learn the value of verbal protest
    His father was supposedly killed on some railroad tracks, and his mother was sent to a mental institution soon after, by Malcolm’s early teens
  • 4. Inadequacy
    Attended school with mostly white kids growing up in several different Midwest Cities
    He was called nigger so much he became immune to it
    Moved to many foster homes with white caretakers
    Although one of the best students in his Junior High, he dropped out after a teacher told him, his aspirations of becoming a lawyer were impossible due to his color
    Humiliated and defeated by the white world he was born into he moved to Boston with his older sister, where his life began to drastically change
  • 5. The Streets
    While in Boston Malcolm drifted from job to job with no focus
    He soon found himself in Harlem, where he became involved in the street life
    This lead him to return to Boston, where he became involved of a string of organized burglaries
    This lifestyle eventually caught up with him on January 16th, 1946 when he was charged with larceny, break & entering, and sentenced to 8 to 10 years in prison
  • 6. Knowledge Is Key
    While in prison, Malcolm was influenced by a inmate named “Bimbi”, who persuaded him to educate himself
    Little, became hungry for literature, going as far as memorizing each word in the English Dictionary, creating a foundation for his future career as an orator
    While in jail, Malcolm’s brother Philbert began telling him about the word of Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam
    The principles of the Nation, based on the malevolence of whites, coincided with many of Malcolm’s beliefs gained through past experiences
    Before long, Malcolm wrote a letter of his acceptance of the Nation to Elijah Muhammad, and received words of encouragement directly from him until his release from prison in August of 52’
  • 7. A New Man
    Upon his release from prison, Malcolm met with Elijah Muhammad and began learning more about the Nation
    He changed his last name to X, and became a assistant minister for an Islam Temple located in Detroit
    With much success aiding the growth of these chapters, he soon began his own in Boston, as well as aiding the expansion of the Philadelphia, and Harlem branches
  • 8. The Grand Stage
    In July 1952 The Nation Islam was introduced to a national audience in a segment entitled The Hate That Hate Produced
    This documentary gave The Nation of Islam more publicity than it had ever received before
    Malcolm became known as the brains behind the operation
  • 9. Backlash & Notoriety
    After this documentary, Malcolm became a highly sought after orator who was requested to speak at many white colleges & in other countries
    It also created much fear amongst weary viewers black and white, and placed him directly under the watching eye of J.B Stoner, KKK leader
    Elijah Muhammad disapproved of the documentary due to his negative portrayal, and Malcolm’s appraisal of sorts
    Another boost in publicity was the recruitment of Muhammad Ali, then Cassius Clay, in 62’
    They were hated and loved all at the same time
  • 10. Conflicting Minds
    Malcolm X was denounced by many Civil Rights organizations for his extreme and hateful views
    He was the voice of those unwilling to wait for freedom, a direct opposition to Martin Luther King’s position
    Malcolm did not wish to live in peace as King did with whites, but instead hoped for complete segregation claiming equality an unreachable feat in America
    He openly disagreed with King, calling him a chump, and labeling his peaceful demonstrations all but pointless
  • 11. Led Astray
    Malcolm soon became estranged with Elijah due to his extra marital affairs, and also claimed Muhammad had long prevented him from working with other activist
    He denounced himself from the Nation of Islam March 8th, 1964, still however claiming Muslim
    He founded the Muslim Mosque Inc., and an organization set on teaching blacks to value political knowledge
    On April 13th, 1964, X took the pilgrimage to Mecca, where he completed his Hajj, and got the chance to see a variety of races in the Muslim religion unified and worshiping together
    He revised his radical racial beliefs
  • 12. Marked for Death
    Upon returning to the US, Malcolm was met with several private and public death threats on his life directly from the Nation of Islam
    Through media, many members insinuated that due to X’s actions, his life was in grave danger, and deservedly so
    FBI agents confirmed these threats on his life on several occasions
    Malcolm and his family were extremely paranoid, and constantly watching there backs
  • 13. Marked for Death contd.
    His Harlem residence, was burnt to the ground with his family still in it, yet they all survived
    On February 21st, 1965, Malcolm X was shot with a sawed off shotgun at point blank range and 16 other times by two other shooters while giving a speech at his Organization of Afro-American Unity
    He was pronounced dead shortly after, survived by his wife Betty X, and their six daughters
  • 14. In Conclusion
    Malcolm X, was a very passionate leader, who had the ability to persuade masses with his charisma, and rigid intellect. However, sharing characteristics with many of the other movements and leaders of the 1960’s, his efforts were focused yet somewhat misguided. At the end of his life, we were left wondering what could have been, and what never was.
  • 15. Q&A
    1. Malcolm X died believing that Caucasian people were the root of all evil.
    2. What documentary gave Malcolm X his most publicity?
    A. To Kill A Black Man
    B. The Ballot of the Bullet
    C. The Hate That Hate Produced
    D. In the Name of Muhammad
  • 16. Keywords
    Elijah Muhammad
    The Nation of Islam
  • 17. Sources
    Malcolm: The Life of a Man Who Changed Black America – Bruce Perry
    Seventh Child: A Family Memoir of Malcolm X – Rodnell P. Collins
    Malcolm X: Inventing Radical Judgment – Robert E. Terrill
    Malcolm X Speaks – George Breitman
    The Autobiography of Malcolm X – Alex Haley