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Am Cham News,January 4, 2010


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Am Cham News,January 4, 2010

  1. 1. AMCHAM NEWS Networking is our business JANUARY 6, 2010 Meet AmCham AmCham Events and Committee Meetings During its 30 years, Am- ent, voluntary associa- Environmental Commit- Cham has been helping tion supported primarily tee: Chair Jennifer CSR Committee, 7:30 AM, Fri- Panamanian and Ameri- by membership dues. Simpson. day January 8 at AmCham. can Companies do busi- Much of the organiza- Hydrocarbons Commit- The members will hear Ana- ness and networking in tion's work is accom- tee: Chair Eyda Varela. bella Bruch from Partners of Panama and around the plished through the ef- Organizational Develop- the Americas speaks about region. forts of volunteer mem- ment and Human Capi- “How to build Private - The organization was ber committees which tal Committee (ODHC): Public-NGO sectors alliance for formed on October 31, collaborate to help AM- Chair Maria Eugenia development: Success stories 1979, when 68 firms en- CHAM promote free en- Fonseca. from Partners of the Ameri- visioned an association terprise in Panama. Real Estate Committee: that could be an impor- AmCham Committees cas.” Chair C.E. Maurice tant voice for the promo- The organization has Belanger. Installation Dinner, 7:00 PM, tion of business ideas in Twelve active commit- Tourism Committee: Wednesday, January 20 at The Panama. tees, that has meetings Chair Nancy Hanna Bristol Hotel. Reservations are Since its founding, the every month and organ- required. Information Communi- Chamber has provided ize different activities to cation Technology Com- members with informa- promote ideas for the Environmental Committee, mittee (ICT): Chair tion, connections, con- interests of the partici- 12:00 noon, Tuesday, January Glenn Tjon. ferences and seminars pating group. 26 at AmCham. The topic for on a variety of important The committees are: Trade & Investment Committee: Chair this meeting will be: “ The for- topics. In addition, the Construction Commit- mation of Panama Green Build- Chamber publishes a Marlene Paolo. tee: Chair Eduardo ing Council.” selection of newsletters, Villalaz. Legislation & Taxation research articles, a bi‑- Committee: Chair Luis Corporate Social Re- monthly magazine and Laguerre. sponsibility Committee an annual directory. (CSR): Chair Mercedes Transportation & Logis- AmCham is a non-profit, Morris. tics Committee: Chair non-political, independ- Eduardo Spiegel. AmCham laments the passing of Mr. Eric Enri- Board of Directors que Kawano Núñez, Presi- and financial procedures. dent of AmCham member The Board of Directors K & G Business Advisors, for 2010 is composed of: last January 1st. PRESIDENT: Donald Elder His family will hold me- VICE PRESIDENT: morial services on Juan Carlos Arias TREASURER: Wednesday, January 6, at Sandra Miró 11:00 am in El Carmen BOARD SECRETARY Church, Via España. María Eugenia Fonseca PAST PRESIDENT: AmCham send its condo- Thomas Kenna lences to his family. DIRECTORS: Martin Álvarez, Patricia Photo: Board of Directors 2009. José Gabirel Miralles, C.E. Mauri- Andrade, Annette ce Belanger, Fidel Reyes, Patricia Andrade, Robert Baker, Sandra Cárdenas, Alejandro Miró, Honarable Barbara Stephenson, Thomas Kenna, Brenda McCullough, Nicholas Kuchova, Martin Alvarez and Don Elder. Felix de Souza, Marcelo Gorrini, Gerald Gómez Why to join AmCham? AmCham Panama is run from among their own and Brenda McCul- by a board of 12 direc- for one-year terms. lough. AmCham provides great net- tors elected by the mem- The Board holds monthly HONORARY DIRECTORS: working opportunities at bership for two-year meetings to manage the The Honorable Bar- events and in its committees terms. Six members are Chamber and in turn bara Stephenson, Robert Baker and with senior officers of member elected each year, alter- makes important deci- companies. nating. The Board then sions regarding member- Daniel Crocker. elects the four officers ship, events to be held AmCham provides excellent Promotion and Public Rela- AmCham Staff tions opportunities through A m C h a m The Staff is composed event sponsorship and through also has a of: ads, news and articles in its small office Executive Director: staff that David Hunt. magazine Business Panama. takes its di- Director of Communica- Amcham provides leadership rections from tions and Membership development opportunities the Board Support: María Florencia and commit- Suárez. through participation in its com- tees to or- Accounting Chief: mittees, where mid-level man- ganize the Marileila Morales. agers can gain information, con- different Billing and Receipts: tacts and experience. e v e n t s , Siamaris Guevara. maintain Administrative Assis- AmCham leads in community communica- tant: Judith Delgado. involvement and develop- tions with Receptionist and News ment through its CSR and Envi- Photo: Bottom Judith Delgado, Maria Florencia the members Editor: Jilma Batista. ronmental Committees and by Suarez, David Hunt. and provide Messenger: Edier Juarez Top: Emilia Reinolds, Jilma Batista, Marileila Mora- inf orm ation Kitchen & Cleaning: proposing legislation to govern- les, Siamaris Guevara, Edier Juárez. and support. Emilia Reinolds. ments. Phone: 301-3881 Fax: 301-3882 Aquilino de la Guardia Ave and 47 St, Ocean Business Plaza Bldg, 17 floor.