Am Cham News March 9, 2010


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Am Cham News March 9, 2010

  1. 1. AMCHAM NEWS Networking is our business Panama: The Best Place in the World to do Business. MARCH 11, 2010 Organizational Development & Human Capital Committee Meeting AmCham Events and grams that are being Committee Meetings developed in Panama by Legislation & Taxation Commit- both international and tee, 7:30 AM, Tuesday, March 16th at AmCham. national organizations to improve the educational Environmental Committee system in Panama. meeting, 12:00 noon, Tuesday, The members also heard March 16 at AmCham. The topic for this meeting will be from Mrs. Ahden Busch, “The Amazing Versatility of who is in charge of the Algae.” Customer Service Sub- Real Estate Committee, 7:30 committee. This sub- AM, Wednesday, March 17 at committee was created Photo: Organizational Development & Human Capital Committee AmCham. Chair: Maria Eugenia Fonseca to help improve cus- tomer services in Pa- Remember to check our web- On February 25th, the about the program nama. site:, to verify the data on your com- Organizational Develop- UNEE. Mr. Glenn Tjon, Chair of pany page. If it needs updat- ment & Human Capital This program tries to the Information & Com- ing, send your new information (ODHC) Committee met create a link between munication Technology, to Flor Suárez at at Amcham with twelve universities, companies was also invited to this people in attendance. and the government to meeting to speak about In this meeting the facilitate business devel- the 2010 Advanced members heard from opment, technology and Business Leadership Fo- US Department of State Modaldo Tuñón, Rector human resources. rum that will be organ- The US Embassy invites all US of Universidad Latina de Mr. Tuñón also talked ized for both commit- citizens who are interested in Panama, who spoke about the different pro- tees. testing for the Foreign Service Career to access http:// Real Estate Committee Meeting The US Department of State is the lead US Foreign Affairs Gairling, the promotion agency, hiring for the Foreign of Law 41 (presented by Service and State Department Frank Morrice), and Sta- Civil Service for work at State tistics (presented by Department offices in the U.S. Chairman C.E. Maurice and over 265 posts abroad. Belanger). Career options: During the meeting, the Foreign Service Officer members discussed re- Foreign Service Specialist cent bad publicity focus- Civil Service ing on alleged ethics Jobs in Iraq violations by certain Jobs in Afghanistan brokers, and on how to Local Employment in U.S. improve the image of Employment in U.S. Embassy Photo: Real Estate Committee Chair: C.E. Maurice Belanger the Real Estate Brokers and Consulates abroad. in Panama. The mem- Testing is currently being con- The Real Estate Com- the committee is devel- bers are considering ducted until the end of March mittee had its monthly oping this year, includ- what actions to take. 2010. meeting on February ing the Guidebook of The next meeting will be 24th, in which its mem- Real Estate in Panama, held on Wednesday, Now More Members Can Re- bers heard a progress Educational Seminars March 17. ceive AmCham News and Events report on projects that presented by Gail Notification During its monthly meeting, the Humor Time AmCham Board of Directors You lovers of the English Why do we speak UP At other times the little agreed to expand the number of language might enjoy and why are the offi- word has real special officers of member companies this. cers UP for election and meaning. that can receive communica- There is a two-letter why is it UP to the sec- People stir UP trouble, tions directly from the AmCham. word that perhaps has retary to write UP a line UP for tickets, work Effective immediately, member more meanings than report ? We call UP our UP an appetite, and companies may designate up to any other two-letter friends. think UP excuses. ten people within the organiza- word, and that is UP. And we use it to To be dressed is one tion that may receive periodic It's easy to understand brighten UP a room, thing, but to be notification of AmCham news UP, meaning toward polish UP the silver; we dressed UP is special. and events. Simply send your the sky or at the top of warm UP the leftovers list with names and business A drain must be opened the list, but when we and clean UP the email addresses to Flor Suárez UP because it is awaken in the morning, kitchen. at stopped UP. why do we wake UP? and we will add those names to We lock UP the house I can’t explain it, so it At a meeting, why does our data base for the AmCham and some guys fix UP is UP to you to figure it a topic come UP? News, events, and other notifi- the old car. OUT. cations. Phone: 301-3881 Fax: 301-3882 Aquilino de la Guardia Ave and 47 St, Ocean Business Plaza Bldg, 17 floor.