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Standards of care for dementia in Scotland
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Standards of care for dementia in Scotland


Published on

Professor Mary Marshall and …

Professor Mary Marshall and
Alison Thomson, Mental Welfare Commission.

Presentation from Alzheimer Scotland conference 2011 - Creating Better Dementia Care.

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  • MARY
  • MARYNeed to talk about background to development-proposed in strategy…… to charter of rights……why they are needed and why dementia is different……are not just aspirational statements……people with dementia need to know what they can expect from services
  • MARY- can talk here about Mrs V as an example of why standards are needed
  • MARY Need to talk aboutMWC role(asked by Gov. to facilitate, not MWC work)….steering group role and membership….consultation events….involvement of people with dementia…..the challenge of the task….
  • ALISONNeed to talk aboutWhy these areas are important/all encompassing…based on outcomes/explain what mean by this….some of the debates and discussions we had in reaching this point
  • ALISONNeed to talk aboutIdentify people who have dementiaAccess to liaison service specialiasing in dementiaRecord key personal informationManagement of deliriumMonitor number of movesAudit of physical environmentDischarge planning considers a range of care and support options
  • ALISON Need to talk aboutUse introduction in standards as guide here
  • MARYNeed to talk aboutChallenge of introducing in difficult/uncertain times……identifying priorities…..Opportunities….change in culture/views of dementia….recognition of impact of dementia on person and those close to them….recognition of benefits of good dementia care……not all has financial /cost implications…..people with dementia have same rights, respect for rights is basic requirement not optional extra….implementation will be monitored
  • MARY
  • Transcript

    • 1. Standards of care for dementia in Scotland
      Creating Better Dementia Care
      Glasgow Royal Concert Hall,6th June 2011
      Professor Mary Marshall and Alison Thomson
    • 2. What are they all about?
    • 3. Mrs V: “Starved of care”
      Poor attitudes (variety of staff)
      Poor medical decision-making
      Poor monitoring of medication
      Disagreement on best place to care for her
    • 4. How were they developed?
    • 5.
    • 6. As an exampleWhat the standards say about general hospitals
      People with dementia will receive good quality care if admitted to a general hospital, accident and emergency department or attend an out patient clinic.
    • 7. What do they mean for me?
      A person with dementia and their carers
      A care provider
      A manager or commissioner of a service
      A scrutiny and improvement organisation
    • 8. Challenges and opportunities
    • 9. Useful contacts
      Alzheimer Scotland
      Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland