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Alyssa's project

Alyssa's project






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  • As a mom I think one of the best things we can do to help prevent bullying is set a good example. And I believe that we can help our children prevent bullying before it starts by creating classroom communities in which children's love and belonging needs are met. We need to teach children how to care about each other, how to use kind words, how to support each other's learning. As a way of helping everyone especially the parents, who find it quite hard to manage time, I found this great application which featured a safety app which gets me connected to a Safety Network or escalate my call to the nearest 911 when needed, it has other cool features that are helpful for your kids with just a press of a Panic Button. Check it here: http://www.SafeKidZone.com/
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    Alyssa's project Alyssa's project Presentation Transcript

    • Bullying: A Social Problem By: Alyssa Duckett
    • What claims have been made?• Bullying contributes to one having a low self esteem.• Bullying affects how one views the world, society.• Bullying leads to suicide and broken families.• Cyberbullying is becoming more prominent in today’s world.• It is a major social problem.
    • Bullying in terms of social harm, morality, and fairness.• Bullying is designed to inflict social harm to reduce ones social status.• It is not morally correct to bully someone, it is considered cruel.
    • AdvertisingThis is a cyber advertisementwith a goal to help bullies andpeople who are bullied. Thepicture is an arm with a cut onthe wrist. The blood from thecut is hurtful words that aresaid to people when beingbullied.
    • Videos also show how bullies affect ones life. In this particular video, JonahMowry is crying out for help, he didn’t know how to handle all of thebullying, his friends moved onto a different school, but at the end he showedthat he was still standing strong, not letting the bullies get the best of him.
    • Mainstream MediaThe claims that have been made about bullying match the claims thatscholarly sources have said. All agree that bullying is a terrible thing. Itis “deliberating to victims.”Hundreds of articles from Fox 4, New York Times, parents, studentsand videos on youtube all present the same information. - Bullying needs to be ended. - Many times it occurs under the radar until it is too late.
    • • Using children to portray bullying is very good way to help claims making because everyone cares about little kids. This little boy is being choked by hurtful words and he is crying, which makes the reader feel badly.
    • Movies like Mean Girlspromote bullying and givepeople ideas on how to bully.When kids watch thesemovies, they need tounderstand that it isn’t “cool”to bully people and theyaren’t going to be popular ifthey do become a bully.
    • What is Bullying?• In order to be classified as “bullying” there must be 3 elements: it must be intended to harm, it must be repetitive, and there has to be a difference of power – physical, social and other, between the victim and the bully.• There are also different types of bullying: – Physical bullying: Involves hitting, kicking, or any form of violent threat toward another student. – Verbal bullying: Name calling, teasing, and verbal threats. – Relational bullying: A form of social isolation such as gossiping, spreading rumors, and leaving students out of activities intentionally.
    • Bullying Related to Trauma?• It is suggested that being a victim of bullying is a chronic stressor that often leads to traumatic responses.• The impact of bullying to children on their development is significant and long lasting. If traumatic events are repeated, it tends to disrupt one’s sense of trust in self, others and the world.• Chronic exposure to bullying appears to increase feelings of distress and has been linked to greater physical, psychological, and emotional symptomology in children. They also feel very fearful and helpless.
    • Bullying Becomes Deathly• Being bullied to the point of taking ones own life is becoming a very common thing, especially in our own town. At least four different suicides have taken place in the past month among high schools.• The risk of depression, suicide thoughts, and suicide attempts are significantly higher for the victims of bullies and the actual bully.• It is easier to bully someone in the world today because it does not have to be face-to-face. Someone could just go online and say something to another person to make them feel bad about themselves, it happens everyday. Schools have a zero policy rule for bullying, but now it can go undetected and can occur at home.
    • What Causes Someone to Bully?• Family issues; The bully could have parents who treat them like nothing, which causes them to lash out on others.• Being in power; Most people like being in power and bullying is a way for some to feel that.• Recognition for their behavior; Bullies may seem “cool” in school because they are in charge of everyone. No one will mess with them.Bullying is a man-made issue. It is all about ones ego. They have tolook good for everyone. It is the fear of being a loser.
    • Who is Targeted?• Quiet, smart (nerdy) kids.• Low income kids because they may not be able to afford the popular items or clothes.• Pretty girls/boys are new targets, bullied by jealous peers.• Gays/Lesbians.
    • Solutions• Having adults understand and be involved.• Better supervision in schools, especially during break times.• Class rules against bullying and having class meetings.• Having talks with targets, bullies, and their parents.Putting an end to bullying is next to the impossible. Targets are afraid tospeak out because it will make the bully even more mad at them and theyare terrified of the outcome. In this new world of technology, bullying can bedone all online and not in person. Teachers, parents, siblings and friends arenot even aware of what is going on because it is so secretive.
    • Solutions ContinuedThe solutions on the previous page have allbeen tried, but have not been the mosteffective. New forms of bullying are constantlypopping up, due to new technology, new“fads”, new ways to tear one down in order tofeel higher up.
    • The Real Solution• In order to really see what is going on in school or on the internet, it should be required that a student meets with their counselor every 2 weeks. Eventually, the student will trust and feel comfortable enough to open up to the counselor and could seek help.