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I hope I enlightened all of you.
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  • 1. WHY GIRLS DATE BAD BOYS An inside look at the female psyche.
  • 2. As you may know..
    • Bad boy attraction is a part of female DNA.
    • Nice guys finish last.
    John Travolta (Grease)
  • 3. Opposites attract
    • All girls like to think of themselves as sophisticated, smart, innocent, and all around good girls.
    • The saying opposites attract comes into play.
    • Girls are attracted to boys that possess all of the opposite qualities us ladies have. These boys are also known as the bad boys that we all know and love.
    Hugh Jackman (X-Men)
  • 4. The Adventure
    • Women like excitement, thrill and adventure.
    • Bad boys are unpredictable, which makes the relationship interesting and NOT boring.
    • Girls that are used to living life as “good girls” crave the lifestyle that bad boys bring about.
    Taylor Lautner (Abduction)
  • 5. The look
    • His look and his attitude are one of the first things you notice.
    • Bad boys are mysterious and rebellious. They have sex appeal. They are confident and independent. They only care about themselves. They have a “who gives a fuck” attitude.
    • This attracts women.
    Colin Farrell (Fright Night)
  • 6. The chase
    • Girls like a chase. It’s a sick cycle.
    • If something is too easy, we’re not interested. Nice guys will usually bend over backwards for the women they are interested in. We don’t want that. Give us a challenge.
    • The less a man wants us, the more we want them.
    • Bad boys usually aren’t interested in anyone they pursue, which makes girls all the more interested in them.
    Heath Ledger (10 Things I Hate About You)
  • 7. “ The change”
    • Girls feel a sense of accomplishment when they successfully change a bad boy into the person she wants him to be.
    • It is a challenge they look for which attracts them to bad boys who can be reformed.
    Gerard Butler (The Ugly Truth)
  • 8. The fear
    • Some girls have a fear of settling down or getting hurt in the end.
    • Therefore, they look for guys they know they can’ t have in order to avoid having a real relationship.
    • Bad boys are probably one of the only boys you can date with out getting close enough so he can hurt you, because he will never settle down with you.
    Brad Pitt (Troy)
  • 9. You always want what you can’t have
    • Everyone wants something they can’t have.
    • The forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest.
    • All girls know that bad boys will end up breaking your heart.
    • So since they can’t have a successful relationship with a bad boy and they know that, it makes us females want them even more.
    Daren Kagasoff (Ricky)
  • 10. The end
    • In the end, girls know that it is highly unlikely that they will get their bad boy to settle down.
    • Liking bad boys doesn’t get us anywhere.
    • Our lives would be a lot better if bad boys would stop being so attractive and let us have an opportunity to date a nice boy.
    • The world doesn’t work like that.
    Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean)