Alyssa Brewer                                 Write the Wrong Essay        As of the date May 9th, 2011, the world is a pl...
racial prejudice, white supremacy has always been in control of high positions, such asgovernment roles. In only 2005, the...
poll made in 2009 proved that only 71% of Americans would be willing to donate $15,$30 or $50. Populations have evolved ov...
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Write The Wrong Essay-Social Injustice


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Write The Wrong Essay-Social Injustice

  1. 1. Alyssa Brewer Write the Wrong Essay As of the date May 9th, 2011, the world is a place full of advanced technologies,sophisticated ways of thinking, systems of doing and precocious procedures for the restof time. However, the world we live in is also full of deleterious and repugnant tactics,adverse slanders, and dilemmas that affect the lives of all people living in the worldtoday. Poverty, destruction of lives and the environment, murder, and inequality as wellas copious other problems that cause hardships for many, if not all, of the citizens ofplanet Earth. Throughout history, there have always been acts that affect a group ofpeople, such as, families, races, religious groups, and those who are not perceived tobe the "standard". Between acts of murder, deceit, judgment, and abandonment, theworld, although the only place habitual for human life, is providing a complicated pathand life for the billions of people living in it. One of the main reasons for the hardshipsthat prevent billions of citizens of creating their idyllic life is the judgment that isproduced from inequality. Inequality has plagued Earth from the very beginning of the days of humanexistence. One of the earliest most recognized forms of inequality, and one that stillconsumes the lives of an estimated twenty seven million people, is slavery. Slavery hasbeen documented since 1800 BC. Over time, millions of people have been forced toforfeit their lives. They were not allowed to make personal life decisions, select theircareer paths, and be able to generate unique lives for the families that they wouldcreate. For generations, citizens were forced to live one life, and that life was decidedfor them and given to them by someone who was recognized as "normal" or abovethe "normal. The image of a normal or an above normal being has stayed withcivilization, and have not always been for the better. The most universal illustration ofslavery involves the higher control of the white population, and the laborers, or slaves,are typically noted as a black skinned person. Although that image of slavery was saidto have ended in 1865, the effects of this time are often evident. According to anEconomic News Release in 2011 about employment in the United States, theemployment rate of white individuals is an estimated 114 652 000, which is a 64.7%.The estimated number of the black and African American race, is 14 699 000 peoplewhile the participation rate is 61.5%. In Canada, although racism is distinguished as alittle less of an issue, possibly due to the fact that Canada has been labeled as apeaceful country and a refuge for those needing help, the idea of the white population isstill dominant, while the blacks are a little more of a less dignified community. One of themost recent tables done by Statistics Canada about the unemployment rates ofimmigrants and other minority races was done in 2006. According to this table, thesecond and third generations of minority groups, such as those of a different race thanthe Canadian “normal", that 66.9-69% of the employed minority groups have notobtained their high school diploma that are of the age of 25-54. According to anothertable done in 2006, only 7.1% of the black populations are found to be in managementpositions. And again, as Canada continues to call the country a relatively free place of
  2. 2. racial prejudice, white supremacy has always been in control of high positions, such asgovernment roles. In only 2005, the first black Govern General was announced. Theroles of the government are undeniably white. In schools today in Canada, blackgroups are still the minority. If society in Canada is the open nation it is said to be, thenwhy is black employment still so low? Do those of a darker race in need not travel toCanada? Or has the image of slavery stuck with humanity for generations. Thedefinition of slavery is, "the state or condition of being a slave; a civil relationshipwhereby one person has absolute power over another and controls his life, liberty, andfortune". Not only has the black population suffered from an image of social injustice,but so have others. For centuries people have struggled to achieve their ultimate life, whether isrequires a certain social status or career path. One of the largest groups of people whohave struggled in the past, and who are undoubtedly still under pressure to find acourse to make it to the top, is women. The 17th century was full of ideas, and thenatural law philosophers were influencing the idea that women were not meant to beequal, and it was universal, self-evident, and intuitive, that it was a law that could befound in nature. They believed that natural rights were self-evident to "civilized man"who lives "in the highest form of society". In the 1900s, minorities, such as womenwere not allowed to vote. In 1914, a law was made in Saskatchewan to prohibit theemployment of white women under the power of Chinese men. In 1916, women foundvoting rights in three provinces in Canada. Women were permitted to get an equalamount of pay in only 1951. Women still did not have all the same legal rights, and in1964, married women were given full legal rights. In 1975, the Canadian Charter ofHuman Rights and Freedoms was established, and some may say that technically,women were equal to men. Saying that the image of slavery still affects the lives of theblack race, it may be safe to say that the inequality of women created an image that stillaffects the lives of women today, not only in Canada, but all over the world. 3 out of 4Canadian women above the age of 65 live in poverty. The controlling nature of menover women is still highly common. One in eight Canadian women have been beatenby men in their life and one in three girls have been molested by the age of sixteen.Abuse is universally known, but it has always been kept moderately hushed in Canada.In 1997, Canada was ranked as the top place in the world to live, but when genderinequality was taken into consideration, it dropped to seventh. Seventh out of onehundred and ninety six is still incredible, but not good enough when we are believed tobe in an era of equality and freedom. To say that 2011 is a year of equality and freedom is in fact a false statement.Dozens of countries around the world are suffering because of the state of poverty theyare in, but should there really be any countries in torment because of poverty? Or docountries of the world not acquire much money to do the fact that they are not“politically” or “socially” standard? In 2009, the Federal Bank was said to have had asupply stream of 908.6 billion dollars. The cost to destroy the control of poverty wouldcost only 1% of the global income. 0.5% of the annual global income, which is roughlyone billion dollars a year, would cover basic social services, those needed to save thelives of children, families, and the population in countries. Some may argue that it is acertain countries fault that they are in such debt and rough times, but is this the case? A
  3. 3. poll made in 2009 proved that only 71% of Americans would be willing to donate $15,$30 or $50. Populations have evolved over the generations, but were some not giventhe chance? In order for one person of one group of people to take such control of acertain resource and leave many without money, has to do with socio-political-economicfactors. These factors being social, political and economic factors such as wealth,resources, and perhaps colour. When the “New World” was being created, nearly 500years ago, a steady supply of African slaves were being captured to support both higherand lower classes. The elite, primarily the white population, had created such an imagethat a racial divide was created. New science experiments began that were completedto prove the superiority of the “white folks” and the inferiority of the “black folks”. Theneed for social stability has been such a worry for powerful countries, that for the lastten years in Venezuela, United States military advisers have been sent to over lookofficials to secure investment accounts. The same goes for Guatemala. Where elsehas low income been a target for war and death? In 2007, it was stated that in towns inIraq, where the capita income was below the national average, was where threequarters of death was recorded. All of these points have one thing in common. Thatpoint is that the colour of the people who are governing or living in these countries aregenerally that of a dark race. Poverty is experienced in every province, state, and eventown, but is it due to greed or an image that has been ruined sometime in history.Inequality and the power of money are linked. Once control is gained, it is the power ofthe controller to decide on where the money goes. This being said, is it just acoincidence that reducing heavily indebted countries would cost between 0.5 and 7.5billion dollars, which is less than the cost of a stealth bomber. Social injustice is by far one of the largest problems in today’s society.Discrimination has been a part of world’s history from the beginning of time, and it isvery unlikely it will ever be wiped out. Judgment is a component of everyone’s dailylives. It determines on whether you will share a cab with a certain person, if it is safe togive that stranger your number. Judgment determines whether you will trust that personto take care of your child, it will also determine the decision to leave that worker alone inyour nearly finished, remodeled house. Until people are trusted, until people do notneed to use others, inequality will never reach a conclusion. As the youth, as ageneration with the power to trust and change, it is our job to commit to that change,and to not decide on other’s choices and lives, but perhaps to aid someone who needsthat help because of the generations before us. If our generation cannot connectinternationally, if the fight for supremacy is more essential than the correlation of theworld’s nations, World War lll will be in our future. It is our job to prevent global suicide.