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Saving fred

Saving fred






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    Saving fred Saving fred Presentation Transcript

    • An Inquiry-Based Lesson
    • Fred has been spending his summer boating on Table Rock Lake. Poor Fred! He was sailing along on a boat (your plastic cup) when a strong wind blew it upside-down.
    • Fred (your gummy worm) ended up on top of the upside-down boat. Unfortunately for Fred, his life preserver (the gummy life saver) is still trapped under the boat.
    • Your job is to place the life preserver firmly around Fred’s body, but you must follow these three rules: 1. Fred may not fall into the “lake” (onto the table or floor). If he does, he “drowns.” 1. You may not injure him in any way. (No stabbing him with paper clips) 2. You may use only the paper clips to move Fred, the boat, and the life preserver. You may not touch anything with your fingers except the paper clips.
    • HOW TO GET STRIKES  Noise level too loud  Not working in groups  Groups fighting/ using mean language  Not responding to Mrs. Henley  Sharing what you did with other groups.  Not working on your lab (the paper you will turn in)  Touching the worm, cup, or lifesaver with anything other than the paperclips.  Anything that does not follow Rule #4, and Rule #5  3 STRIKES and you’re OUT!!!
    • On your paper  Each person hands in their own paper for their grade.  1. What is the Problem?  2. What could you do to research this problem? What topics would you research?  3. What would your hypothesis be…? Think about what you think will work.
    • Your assignment DURING the lab  You will work to “SAVE FRED”  IF YOU SAVE HIM… You will work writing down your procedure sharing with us how you did it… step by step. This is called a procedure. It should be written in short simple sentences…  1.  2.  3.  4.
    • What did you and your partners do to save Fred? People face problems in their lives every day. What did you learn from this activity that you can use to solve other problems?
    •  Describe How You Saved Fred!  Problems and/or Challenges your group encountered!  Rate the difficulty of this activity from 1-5 by shading in the stars below. (1 = easy, 5 = hard)  Rate your enjoyment of this activity from 1-5 by shading in the stars below. (1 = no fun, 5 = too much fun)
    • Bell work about Saving Fred  1. Which problem that you encountered was the most difficult for your group? What did you do or how did you act to solve the problem?  2. List one thing that you would do the same and one thing that you would change if you attempted this challenge again. Keep the Same Change  3. Rate the difficulty of this activity from 1-5 and explain why. (1 = easy, 5 = hard)  4. Rate your enjoyment of this activity from 1-5 and explain why (1 = no fun, 5 = too much fun)
    • You can solve problems in many different ways. In fact, you may use more than one way to solve a single problem. You can • develop a plan. • find a pattern. • draw a picture or a diagram. • act out the problem. • make a list. • guess and test. • work backward. • write an equation. • construct a table or graph. • simplify the problem. • use objects to model the problem.