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  • 1. © 2007 by Education World®. Education World grants users permission to reproduce this work sheet for educational purposes only. 1 Reading Information AR Books Your child will be reading AR books again. We will be setting personal reading goals for your student. I will focus on AR in class. Every night your child will be asked to read at home. This can read any material they choose. PLEASE - PLEASE encourage your young reader to read some each night. In the next few weeks, I will begin assessing students to have baseline data. I can use this data to help them build their targeted areas. The first week has been amazing! I am looking forward to a GREAT year in 5th grade. Science Information In Science we are beginning the year heavy on procedures. Students will have the opportunity to conduct scientific investigations this year and it is important that they know the classroom rules and procedures to maintain order during those fun, inquiry lessons. We are currently in search of donations for headphones for our leap pads in the classroom. Headphones should cover your ears completely (and not go inside the year). If you donate a pair, you will not be receiving them back. Our classroom information webpage is If you have the internet, check us out and find our science parent information page! **Subscribe to my class announcements by texting the message @9701 to (918) 860-7122. This is not my personal phone number. I cannot receive calls or texts at this phone number. Math Information Standard 2: Number Sense and Operation – The student will use numbers and number relationships to acquire basic facts. The student will estimate and compute with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. 1. Number Sense a. Apply the concept of place value of whole numbers through hundred millions (9 digits) and model, read, and write decimal numbers through the thousandths. b. Represent with models the connection between fractions and decimals, compare and order fractions and decimals, and be able to convert from one representation to the other to solve problems. (e.g., use 10x10 grids, base 10 blocks). c. Identify and compare integers using real world situations. (e.g., owing money, temperature, or measuring elevations above and below sea level). It is a must that your student has ALL their multiplication facts MASTERED. This means that they can tell you the answer IMMEDIATELY after they are asked the question. Ways to help your child: flash cards, computer math games, ipod math games, study island and drill them in the car! Social Studies Timeline In Social Studies we are starting the year off studying timelines. Each student will be creating their own timeline. I have asked for students to bring pictures into the classroom of themselves throughout their life. We will be putting our timelines together in class. These pictures need to be of your child by their self or with others. Please put an age and date on the back of each picture. Each student should bring 5 pictures in order to complete their timeline. Please contact me at (918)440-7164 if you have any questions. Thank You! –Ms. Fitz