What do you need in an earthquake kit


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What do you need in an earthquake kit

  1. 1. CHECKLIST - How to build an LDS 72 hour kitWhat do you need in an earthquake kit?Earthquakes are devestating and you need to be prepared withan earthquake survival kit. Remember what happened to people during the Loma Prieta earthquake which struck on October 17, 1989 at 5:04 p.m. during Game 3 of the World Series? People were trapped in their cars for days without food and water. Therefore, you never know where you might be during an earthquake.3 reasons why you need an earthquake kitIf you live where earthquakes happen, having well-stocked earthquakekits in your home, car and at your office is the best earthquakeinsurance you can have.1 - Performance First - The first thing toward staying completelyready for a disaster begins with possessing a 72 hour kit. Yoursurvival depends on your survival kit being put together with overallperformance as the primary goal to enable you to take it along if youever are required to vacate your house, work or youre stuck in yourcar. COPYRIGHT AlwaysBePrepard.com 2012 1
  2. 2. CHECKLIST - How to build an LDS 72 hour kit2 - Prepare Ahead of Time - You simply cant guess when the nextdelima or perhaps a serious event like a terrorist attack, naturaldisaster will occur. And, once it takes place, the time to prep ispassed...because of this, prepare now!It is extremely important to start preparing an earthquake kit foreveryone in your family who could possibly carry one.3 - Your earthquake kit is only a part of the solution...not thesolution - Dont be fooled into believing that just because youvepurchased or built your own earthquake kit that youre now done. Youneed to plan for bad weather, power outages, civil unrest, andtraveling to a safer location.We offer a variety of addtional products to help round out yourpreparedness plan which starts with a well-stocked earth quakesurvival kit.Purchase or build your own earthquake 72 hour kitYou either purchase one of our professionally designed earthquakesurvival kits or, custom build your own survival kit according to yourspecific needs. COPYRIGHT AlwaysBePrepard.com 2012 2
  3. 3. CHECKLIST - How to build an LDS 72 hour kitStep by Step Checklist - How to make an earthquakekitFollowing is a BASIC list of a variety of things to keep within a 72 hourkit which can help prepare you before the next earthquake or othernatural disaster affects your community.Recommendations: Print our helpful step-by-step. follow the easysteps, then check off the items while you build your earthquake kit. it}.Your earthquake kit if at all possible should really comprise of varioussmaller sized emergency survival kit sections. The following 72 hourkit check list provides many strategies for every section to aid you topick which meets your finances as well as capability.Emergency Water and foodEvery survival expert or tactical consultant will quickly tell you that youMUST have a minimum of a 3 days amount of drinking water alongwith 3 days of survival food for each and every individual...period. Youcan go weeks without food but only 3 days without water.Remember how long it took for FEMA to show up in New Orleans?Good water must be the main element of your personal your survivalprogram and will become your best friend and must consume everythought of preparedness as everyones survival depends on havingaccess to clean drinking water.Keep in mind that owning the coolest Bear Gryllis tactical knife is notgoing to mean much if youve died from dehydration (whichincidentally could happen fairly quickly). COPYRIGHT AlwaysBePrepard.com 2012 3
  4. 4. CHECKLIST - How to build an LDS 72 hour kitTHE IDEAL WATER AMOUNT - If possible, you need to have acouple of gallons of filtered water for each and every person, per day;however, this may prove tough to obtain. For this reason, eachemergency prepping plan must always begin with you ensuring thateveryone has immediate access to no less than 3 days amount ofwater and food supplies whilst keeping in mind that the powers goingto be completely out and youre not going to have any type ofrefrigeration and will most likely struggle to prepare food,subsequently, plan appropriately.3 Preparedness Questions: Everyone should askthemselves these simple questions:Question #1 - What is definitely the most critical thing I am ableto do pertaining to preparing myself and my family?Simple...GET STARTED NOW.Dont wait. You can afford to start somewhere, even with basicemergency preparedness. Believing that you cant start until youremarried, have that next promotion or, some other lie will shorten yourchances of survival when something happens; and, by then, itll be toolate.Question #2 - Where do I start?Get started with your individual or family prepping by simplypurchasing and adding to your food storage and prepping supplies asmall amount of storable things which you generally actually eat,storing drinking water, as well as setting aside and saving as muchextra money as you can without risk. Doing these simple things will,after awhile, increase these preliminary efforts-as personal conditions COPYRIGHT AlwaysBePrepard.com 2012 4
  5. 5. CHECKLIST - How to build an LDS 72 hour kitpermit and wherever permitted, planning for and creating a long-termsupply of survival basic food stocks such as wheat and other grains,legumes, beans, as well as other main food staples.Question #3 - Do we need a 72 hour kit for everyone?YES, everyone. Its critical that you either buy or start building a 72hour kit for everybody in your household; even little children.Remember, Mom and Dad wont be able to carry everything theirfamily will need.Question #4 - Is my 72 hour kit all I need?The answers obvious, but youd be surprised how many people thinkthat once they have the 72 hour survival kit that theyre done.If you’re smart, you’ll realize that your 72 hour kit is just one part of thetotal solution...not THE solution. You shouldnt be duped intosupposing that simple because you bought or built a personal 72 hourkit that you happen to be done. Far from it.As part of your overall emergency prepping, get ready now fordangerous weather conditions; electrical power black outs or outages,civil turmoil, as well as potential terrorist attacks which maynecessitate having to abandon our homes and travel.Emergency Preparedness: How we can helpWhen youre ready to move to the next level of family preparedness,we supply a wide range of additional products and solutions to assistand help you round out your current preparedness strategy which willbegin with a well-stocked 72 hour survival kit. COPYRIGHT AlwaysBePrepard.com 2012 5
  6. 6. CHECKLIST - How to build an LDS 72 hour kitWe offer a large variety of survival kits from single person baggie 72hour kits to 20 people, multiple day options. However, we also offeryou the option to build your very own 72 hour kitNOTE - Below is a list of 72 hour kit essentials. Please understandthat you dont need all of this; pick and choose what best suits yourindividual needs, circumstances and financial means. However,consider each item in this earthquake-focused 72 hour kit checklistagainst the specific types of disaster situations you will most likelyface within your area.Finally, understand that your earthquake 72 hour kit needs to be madeup of several more compact crisis-specific survival kit sections. Thebelow 72 hour supplies checklist offers several recommendations foralmost every section to help you decide which accommodates yourfinancial situation.What To Do NextStep 1 - Start with what you have already.Step 2 - Supplement your existing emergency preparedness suppliesby following the step-by-step checklistStep 3 - Check off each item as you build your survival kitStep 4 - Customize your survival kit to fit you...not us. Change thingsaccording to the potential situations you may face.Step 5 - Share this list with others. COPYRIGHT AlwaysBePrepard.com 2012 6
  7. 7. CHECKLIST - How to build an LDS 72 hour kitEARTHQUAKE 72 Hour Kit ChecklistSHELTER - FIRE - FOODAs you begin prepping, look at everything you buy and make sure itfits into one of the three words - shelter - fire - food. If it doesnt solveone of these three critical survival needs...you dont need it. First, youmust have shelter, then fire and finally, food and water. All yourplanning will come to naught if you freeze to death or, die of sunstroke. Build a shelter, get a fire going and then work on getting yourmeals.The Basics: Food and WaterEvery emergency professional will immediately inform you thateveryone needs a the minimum of 72 hours worth of good, cleandrinking water together with 3 days of emergency meals for everysingle person without exception. An individual might go a few weekswithout any food on the other hand, most people cant last more than3 days and nights without having drinking water.Dont Plan On The Calvary Showing UpThink back on what happened after Hurricane Katrina. Consider justhow long it took for FEMA to finally make it to New Orleans. Youremergency plans need to made with the single fact that the Calvarymay never come and youre going to be completely on your own.This single factor is why having good drinking water must absolutelybecome the most important factor of one’s personalized emergencystrategy. In fact, having a continual supply or access to clean drinking COPYRIGHT AlwaysBePrepard.com 2012 7
  8. 8. CHECKLIST - How to build an LDS 72 hour kitwater must absolutely consume virtually every thought of preparationand planning since literally everybodys personal survival will dependupon having and safeguarding your potable water stores.HOW MUCH WATER IS ENOUGH?Ideally, 2 gallons of water per person, per day; but, storing that muchwater may possibly turn out to be challenging. Therefore, start with thebasics and set aside at least enough water to last 72 hours, and thenplan for more using 55 Gallon Water Barrel Package.Emergency Water Your emergency water supplies need to be potable aswell as portable. Keep in mind that you may have to be on the moveand lugging a gallon jug of water will be a pain. Consider individuallypackaged water pouches.❏ 100% Pure Emergency Survival Water: 6 Pack❏ 2 Gallon Water Bag❏ Water filter - bring the instruction booklet❏ Ultra violet water purifier - UV light kills 99.999% of anythingliving in water you may need to filter❏ Germicidal Water Purification Tablets (50 Tablets) - great backup for your water filter and UV water purifier COPYRIGHT AlwaysBePrepard.com 2012 8
  9. 9. CHECKLIST - How to build an LDS 72 hour kit❏ Aqua Blox 3 Pack - pre-packaged boxes of waterEmergency Food Supplies Everyone reacts differently during a crisis situation. Someeat a lot, some not at all. However, to survive you must eat. Considerstoring high caloric survival food bars with long a long shelf life.❏ Survival food bars - 3600 Calories Emergency Mayday Food Barsfor disaster situations: Case of 20❏ Emergency Food Storage Package - Deluxe Survival Productand Food Kit❏ Portable Stove with 8 Fuel Tablets - Ideal for cooking. Warm foodequals comfort.❏ MRE: Meals Ready to Eat - MREs are ideal for 72 hour kits andGo Bags because you can eat the cold (see above), theyre sealedand are high in both calories and salt (good things during disasters)❏ 12 Assorted Hot Meals with Heater - MRE meals which comewith a heating device to warm up your MRE food if youre withoutpower or, on the move.❏ Protein bars - Needs to be high in protein but remember, peanutand other food allergies❏ Granola bars - individually packaged and sealed COPYRIGHT AlwaysBePrepard.com 2012 9
  10. 10. CHECKLIST - How to build an LDS 72 hour kit❏ Trail Mix/Dried Fruit - keep in original bag or vacuum seal❏ Crackers - keep in original bag or vacuum seal❏ Dried cereal - keep in original bag or vacuum seal in meal-sizedbags❏ Beef Jerky - remember to check the expiration date and vacuumseal in smaller bags❏ Canned Foods- Buy the pull tab opening varieties and also pack acan opener. Remember not to expose your can foods to hightemperatures.❏ Can opener❏ Snacks - Candy/GumEmergency ShelterShelter is the FIRST thing you need to worry about when creating yourfamily emergency plan...even before water! If your family is exposedto the elements, all your advanced planning, water storage and firstaid classes wont matter.❏ Tent - 5 or 6 Person Tent❏ Tube tent - Tube Tent 2 Person COPYRIGHT AlwaysBePrepard.com 2012 10
  11. 11. CHECKLIST - How to build an LDS 72 hour kit❏ Tent - 4 Person Dome Tent for Family Preparedness❏ Vinyl Tarp - 16 foot x 24 footEmergency Warmth and Clothing Remember, youre carrying a 72 hour kit on your back; therefore, pack as light as possible. If youve built your 72 hour kit in a large, expedition backpack then considerpurchasing -0 zero degree sleeping bags (always plan for the worst). Ifyou want to pack and stay light, purchase solar sleeping bags aretheyre made of the same reflective mylar used by NASA forastronauts and theyll reflect your body heat back at you and thus,keep you warm.Regarding the type of clothes you should pack: First, consider the typeof weather youll typically face but, use synthetic fabrics...NEVERCOTTON! Cotton acts like a sponge and holds water which makesyou cold. Second, always pack long sleeve shirts and pants, nevershort sleeves or shorts. The reason is simple - protection from bothheat and cold. Long sleeves keep you from becoming sunburned andwill keep you warm in cold temperatures.Make sure your rain suits or ponchos are 2 times larger than youdnormally wear. Youll want them larger because youll layer yourclothes underneath and, youll want the poncho to cover your 72 hourkit to keep it dry.❏ Mayday Solar Sleeping Bag❏ Mayday Solar Blanket COPYRIGHT AlwaysBePrepard.com 2012 11
  12. 12. CHECKLIST - How to build an LDS 72 hour kit❏ Wool Blanket - Always wool, never cotton❏ Change of Clothing - long and short sleeved shirts, pants, jackets,socks, and etcetera.❏ Undergarments - dry loft or nylon to wick sweat and moisture frombody NO COTTON❏ 2 Piece Rain Suit Heavy Duty PVC - Adult❏ Emergency Poncho Kids Heavy Duty - ChildrenEmergency Light Battery-powered flashlights are convenient but, batteries die or go bad. Therefore, our survival experts recommend purchasing a hand crank dynamo / solar powered flashlight which will always be charged upwithout relying on batteries. If you do take a battery-poweredflashlight, separately a tape both ends of each battery and then, placethem backwards in the flashlight so they wont accidently run downbefore you need them. Also, purchase road flares. Emergency roadflares are a MacGyver favorite; it will start fires, signal help and wardoff predators.❏ Solar / Dynamo Voyager Trek Radio Flashlight - Hand crankdynamo flashlight with AM/FM radio is the best option❏ Solar Light with Battery Back Up❏ Goal Zero Scout 150 Solar Explorer Kit COPYRIGHT AlwaysBePrepard.com 2012 12
  13. 13. CHECKLIST - How to build an LDS 72 hour kit❏ Flashlight - D cell battery type - Batteries go bad therefore, havethis flashlight as a backup to your hand crank flashlight❏ Additional Batteries❏ Flares - great for starting fires❏ Glow Light Stick - 30 Minute High Intensity Emergency LightingEmergency Fire The second most important part of surviving, fire is both essential to keeping warm, but it serves to keep predators at bay and offers comfort. You wont need a roaring fire, just a small cooking fire to boil water andwarm up food while youre making more permanent survival plans.❏ Waterproof Survival Matches - Storm Proof for Wind and Water❏ 120 Hour Candle❏ Lighters - at least 5❏ 6 In 1 Dynamo Fire Starter❏ Fuel tablets Pack of 8❏ Hand Warmer COPYRIGHT AlwaysBePrepard.com 2012 13
  14. 14. CHECKLIST - How to build an LDS 72 hour kitEmergency Communication Your first item to get with regard to emergency communication is an AM/FM NOAA shortwave radio thats both solar and dynamo-powered. Depending on the type of disaster youre facing, youll want to stay in contact with theoutside world and change your survival tactics based both on newsreports and upcoming weather. Finally, if possible, buy everyone inyour family a simple walkie-talkie, determine the familys specificemergency channel and then practice staying in touch.❏ 7 n 1 Survival Whistle❏ Orange Plactic Floating Whistle❏ Whistle with Compass and Thermometer❏ AM/FM NOAA Shortwave Solar / Dynamo Emergency Radio❏ Walkie Talkie Radios (Pair)❏ Emergency Contact Form❏ Lifeline Emergency Kit with Phone COPYRIGHT AlwaysBePrepard.com 2012 14
  15. 15. CHECKLIST - How to build an LDS 72 hour kitSurvival Tools and Equipment Of all the tools and gear you could purchase, having a great 10 Function Survival Tool. You dont need a worthless Rambo knife, a simple multi-function Leatherman will be of more value to you during a disasterthan some stupidly large knife that is both heavy and pointless.❏ Dishes/Utensils - basic plastic glass, fork, knife and spoon❏ 10 Function Survival Tool❏ 6-in-1 Survival Shovel❏ Pen and Paper - C.E.R.T. Emergency Field Reporting Notebook❏ Camp Axe Rubber Handle - smaller the better❏ Multi-tool / Pocket Knife - Swiss Army knife is perfect❏ Black and Orange Rope ½ X 50 feet❏ Duct Tape - everything from waterproofing to 1st aid uses! COPYRIGHT AlwaysBePrepard.com 2012 15
  16. 16. CHECKLIST - How to build an LDS 72 hour kitPersonal Hygiene and Toiletry Supplies Heres the interesting part of personal hygiene in a disaster situation; think multiple uses for each item. Womens tampons work amazing great for 1st aid, especially for puncture wounds. However, youll feel andthink better if youre cleaned up and not looking like Mad Max.❏ Biodegradable Toilet Paper 2 rolls-great for backpackers❏ Female Personal Hygiene Kit - tampons, pads, etc.❏ Tooth brushes❏ Hair brushesPersonal Medical ItemsHard laminate a copy of your prescriptions and all necessary medicalrecords. Each parent should have a carry a separate copy (CD, thumbdrive and hard laminate) of the familys medical records and needs aswell as those family members who have special medical needs.❏ Immunizations - Make sure everyones up-to date on their shots❏ Medications (Acetaminophen, Nuprin, your childrens medicationetc.)❏ Prescription Drugs - pack enough for a minimum of 72 hours COPYRIGHT AlwaysBePrepard.com 2012 16
  17. 17. CHECKLIST - How to build an LDS 72 hour kit❏ Vaccination Papers❏ Health Insurance PoliciesEmergency First Aid Kit and Items After a disaster strikes, youre on your own...please understand; that the cavalry’s NOT going to come. Therefore, do your family a life-saving favor and get CPR and 1st aid certified. Learn how to set a broken bone,suture a wound and deal with shock and snake bites. If youresquimish about blood, GET OVER IT. Remember, plan for the worst.Finally, first aid supplies make great bartering items during roughtimes; stock up.❏ Snake Bite Kit❏ Backpackers 1st Aid Kit❏ Superglue - for closing small cuts❏ 25 - Adhesive Bandages of various sizes❏ 1 - Butterfly Closure Bandage❏ 5 - Cotton Tip Applicators❏ 1 - First Aid Guide❏ 2 - Sterile Gauze Pads❏ 1 - Burn Ointment COPYRIGHT AlwaysBePrepard.com 2012 17
  18. 18. CHECKLIST - How to build an LDS 72 hour kit❏ 1 - Antibacterial Ointment❏ 6 - Alcohol Prep Pads❏ 6 - Extra Strength Pain Relievers❏ 2 - Pain Stoppers – 100❏ 2 - Antacid Tablets❏ 2 - Non-Aspirin – 50 / 2 Packs❏ 1 - Ace Bandage 4 inches x 4.5 Yards❏ Alcohol Wipes (Medium) – Box of 100❏ Bite Relief Pens❏ Blood Stopper Trauma Dressing❏ Fever Scan Thermometer❏ Fingertip Bandages - Woven - box of 100❏ Insect Repellant Spray 6 oz.❏ Keychain CPR Mouthpiece w Gloves❏ Latex Gloves – Medium 100 count❏ Antiseptic Towelettes – Box of 100❏ Bloodborne Pathogen & Bodily Fluid Disposal Kit COPYRIGHT AlwaysBePrepard.com 2012 18
  19. 19. CHECKLIST - How to build an LDS 72 hour kitHousecleaning Items❏ Small hand sanitizer❏ Soap❏ Shampoo and conditioner❏ Liquid dish soap - non-fragrant brands only as it will taint theflavor of your foodPersonal Items❏ Personal Records and Legal Documents - Hard laminate, copyto a thumb drive and burn a CD of all your personal records - car titles,medical records, prescriptions, birth / marriage certificates, wills,passports, contracts, etc)❏ Hard cash - each adult should carry small bills for buying things.Remember, if the powers out youre not going to be using your creditcards. However, just in case, include them.❏ Visa or MasterCard COPYRIGHT AlwaysBePrepard.com 2012 19
  20. 20. CHECKLIST - How to build an LDS 72 hour kitMiscellaneous Survival Items❏ Yard Trash Bags and Ziploc Bags - Put everything into Ziplocbags for added water protection.❏ Baby Necessities - consider using cloth diapers❏ Safety Vest with a Clear Insert COPYRIGHT AlwaysBePrepard.com 2012 20