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Portafolio de ingles

  1. 1. Portfolio of Contents eNglish Teacher: Msc. Ivan Fuertes Name: Álvaro Fernando Trujillo Lima LEVEL: Firts Level ´ Tulcán 03/August/2013
  2. 2. ÍNDICE Pág. 1 Caratula. Pág. 2 Índice Pág. 3 Contenidos Pág. 4 Unidad I Day After Day Pág.5 Unidad II Lets Celebrate Pág. 6 Unidad III Caracters Larger Than Life Pág. 7 Unidad IV Unexplained Mysteries Pág. 8 Unidad V Our Planet Pág., 9 Exhibitions Pág. 10 Tasks
  3. 3. Contents Unidad I Day After Day
  4. 4. Unidad II Lets Celebrate
  5. 5. Unidad III Caracters Larger Than Life
  6. 6. Unidad IV Unexplained Mysteries
  7. 7. Aa
  8. 8. Unidad V Our Planet
  9. 9. Exhibitions
  10. 10. Tasks Task 1 Hi Bárbara All the time! I study in the University and I've got a new friend Katty. She’s lives in Callao and she is very funny. But when we have to study, Katty is serious. Katty is short and slim. She is sports and trains every day of the year. Katty has got long hair and black colour. She uses earrings of pucca and a ring with her name. Katty has got brown eyes, small nose and mouth. She has got three dogs with loving care. She is very funny and charismatic. 2.) Hello, My name is Sebastian and my surname are Rodriguez Panal. I'm forty years old. I was born in Ubrique. As for my height I can say that is normal, I am a person of medium height, I am thin. I have a round face, I have the nose and large eyes but my mouth is very small. My eyes are brown, like my hair, but I have little hair, that is, I’m a bit bald. Well leaving aside my physical description, I am going to talk about my tastes and I am going to explain a bit like me. I am a very nice person. I like to get along with everyone. I am also very extrovert, I enjoy with my family and my friends. I like playing football; I play football since I was little. Also when I was little I played basketball but now I don`t play basketball. I prefer football and sometimes I go to the gym with my friends. Relating to food, I have to say that I don`t like vegetables, I prefer meat and fish and chips, but I have to say that vegetables are very healthy. Weekend I like eating pizza with my family in the country. I love pizza, it is delicious. 3) Hello my name is leticia and i have 19 years old. i have brown eyes and black hair. My from is Uruguay in the city Montevideo. I live with my mother and two brother in a beautiful house. i study so much because i won to be a doctor. I like play with my brothers, watch tv. and I love go to the shopping and the cinema but I don´t like cook. My favourite place is my bedroom and my favourite colors is the red. In the night I like go danc whith my friends.
  11. 11. 4) My best friend is called Maria. She has 25 years old and she goes to the same school as me. She is tall and chubby. She has long straihgt brown hair and beautiful green eyes. I realy care about her because she is polite and sicere. She has is favorite food camarones apanados. she likes to play soccer. Task 2 Dear students do a task where you evidence the use of Subject pronouns, Object pronouns, Possessive adjectives and Possessive pronouns. Subject Pronouns I wanted to go to the party but he wouldn’t let me. You can go to the game, as long as you finish the dishes. He eats green cheese. She likes ice cream It bit John. We enjoy going to the movies. You are the best students. They are not happy Object Pronouns John kicked the ball to me. John wants to talk to you. Mary doesn't like him John kissed her. John smashed it. The politician lied to us. I wouldn't lie to you Mary didn't invite them. Possessive Abjetives
  12. 12. Paul and Jeannie are going to visit friends tomorrow. You received a letter from brothers. This is his telephone. It's his. Sheila is buying a present for her mother. The dog has its own place here. We are living in our new home. Monica and Sheila will meet their parents. Possessive Pronouns I have a dog. That dog is mine She has a cat. That cat is hers He has a key. That key is his We have a car. That car is ours They have a bike. That bike is theirs You have a hat. That hat is yours. Task 3 DESCRIBE THE PLACE YOU LIVE IN BY USING PREPOSITIONS OF PLACE My room is next of the room of my brother. It is located IN the best place of the house. By INSIDE is painted Pink Color, ON my bed there is a blanket of bright colors. ON the walls are paintings of landscapes and portraits of my family. ON my bedside table I have a nightstand and my school. BEFORE entering my room I demand what always knock on the door, FOR learn who is about to enter in the house The police station is between the bank and the store. The school is next to the restaurant. The tree is to the left of the house. The flowers are in the vase The ball is under the table. There is a basement beneath the house. There is a pay phone near that monument.
  13. 13. He is wearing a chain around his neck. They sat opposite each other and started arguing. There is a river beyond those mountains. The cook put the meal on the table. Task 4 WRITE AT LEAST 20 EXPRESSIONS WITH THE NEW WORDS YOU HAVE LEARNT. 1.- Study: I have to study hard if want tobe a good doctor. 2.- Lessons: She has to learn all these lessons. 3.- Small: Our house has a small yard and a garden. 4.- Clothes: They have some clothes and some shoes. 5.- Friends: My friends and I learn English. 6.- Tree: My father has an orange tree. 7.- Experience: They don't have enough experience. 8.- Applies: That applies to Turkey as well as to the Balkan countries. 9.- Pointed: The scientists have also pointed this out. 10.- Women: He only thinks about beautiful women. 11.- Often: They often come here. 12.- Will: If you cut all the trees, there will be no forest. 13.- Live: My name is Mary and I live in New York, 14.- Young: My mother looks young for her age. 15.- Yesterday: The old man who lived in the second floor died yesterday. 16.- Metin.- Peter and Jenny are friends since they met in 1995. 17.- Economic: Pure cow milk is very rich and economic. 18.- Plays: He plays football in the park. 19.- Sleeps: The dog sleeps all the day. 20.- Building: The fire burned the building.
  14. 14. Task 5 1.- My name is Katy, I am (13) years old, I live in (Chile), with my parents, (Marìa) and (Pablo), they are (Doctors), My sister (Luciana) is a very good (student), and my brother (Nahuel) is very (funny). I have a (dog) too, his name is (Bruno), he always play with (me). 2.- My family is formed by brothers Yair and Yamil, and my dad called Martin and me. We all get along great, we try to have communication with every problem that comes our way, we practice a lot of sport at the weekend all the family. And I play in a Sunday football team as my brothers. Sergeant Pedraza is high a little brown has black hair and brown eyes, Mr. spok is thin light brown and has black hair brown eyes, my dad is of medium height, has dark black hair and brown eyes, and I as long pet rabbit breed gray Netherlands, small ears, and consider it part of my family. 3.- I am Alvaro study upec university i live in tulcan. I am From Ecuador, I have got two brothers and one siste. I have got a big family. We all live together in the same house. All my brothers and sisters are very out going. My sister is slim and fair. Ilike sister play basketball. 4.- My familiy is very nice my mum is called .... and my father is..... we are Tom,Sam,Emily and Sarah .Tom is 20,Sam is 28, Emily is 15 and Iam 13. My father is engineer, he is very intelligent he likes his job very much and my mother is a teacher she loves it and works during all the day. My brothers works as clerks in a big company. Emily studies secondary school and I study too. We have 2 pets a cat calles Mili and a dog called Rain .We live in an old house with a beautiful garden,a garage,three bedrooms,2 bathrooms,a living room, a big kitchen. On Sunday we like cycling together with my parents,then we have lunch in a restaurant and go shopping. We enjoy our family. 5.- My best friend is called Laura. She has brown eyes and she is pretty tall. She likes playing sports and everything to do with having healthy lifestyle. She is also very fond of animals. She has several pets, inculding a dog, a parrot and a hamster. Her goal is becoming a veterinarian in the future.
  15. 15. Task 6
  16. 16. Task 7 Hello my name is Alvaro and i have 26 years old. i have brown eyes and black hair. My from is Ecuador in the city Tulcan. I live with my mother and two brothers in a beautiful house. i study so much because i won to be a business administration. I like play with my brothers, watch t.v. and I love go to the shopping and the cinema but I don´t like cook. My favourite place is my bedroom and my favorite color is the red. In the night I like go dance with my friends 1st:wake up and take a shower, 2nd:i eat something very light like a apple,3rd:my mother takes me to the school in her car, 4th:in the university l i spend almost all the time of the day,5th:when i go out of the university i walk with my best friend to my house ,6th:in my home i eat then i sleep like 1 hour , 7th:when i wake up i go out with my friends a lot of time, 8th:then when i come to my house i do my homework, 9.and finally when i finish i sleep all the night. Task 8 FESTIVALS OR CELEBRATIONS IN YOUR COUNTRY BAÑOS One of the places visit in our country is “Baños de agua Santa” is located in the province of Tungurahua on the slopes of the volcano called Tungurahua. It`s a religious pilgrimage centre since the that springs are populary associate with miracle cures. This place invite us to rest in spas, adventure for all family or extreme sports as: rafting, escaladas, canyoning, canopy, trekking, mountain diking or bungee jumping. Ascend the volcano on the famous “chivas” in the evening admire the scerery and taste of a typical canelaso, here we can to find many people of different parts of the world, but also on option is to visit the zone of the bares and discotheques. You can to visit the different water falls hut I believe that more beautiful, we some is “cascada del rio Verde” or called Cascada pailón del Diablo too, isn’t located about 30 minutes of Baños. The name “Pailon del Diablo” comes from the way it has a rock of the waterfall witch from the suspension bridge show us tractions Ana the face recumbent of the prince of darkness. Task 9 WRITE A DESCRIPTION ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE HERO OR HEROINE Spider-Man is the quintessential Marvel character. Although a super hero, he is spared none of the slings and arrows of ordinary life; he experiences difficulties with friends, family, sweethearts and employers. His powers enable him to do good, but not to improve his own lot in life, and it is his simple humanity, rather than his exotic talent, that has won him millions of enthusiastic fans. He is one super-hero who has not lost
  17. 17. the common touch, and in fact he is frequently described as "your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man." In his 1962 debut, Spider-Man took to fighting crime for a reason commonplace in comc books: he was motivated by the murder of a father figure, his Uncle Ben. Yet Spidey's driving force is guilt, not revenge; he must live forever with the knowledge that he could have prevented the killing if he had not been so self absorbed. Perhaps he suffers from a classic Oedipus complex; in any case he is certainly neurotic, forever agonizing over the choices that confront him when he attempts to do the right thing. Despite his best efforts, he is viewed with a touch of suspicion by those in authority, and is sometimes considered little more than a criminal himself. Although nobody seems to understand him, Spider-Man has the spirit to be a joker as well as a tragic figure. He is quick with a quip, appreciates the irony of his endless predicaments, and relishes the chance to play tricks on people who never suspect that he and Peter Parker are one and the same. as originally depicted by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko, Peter Parker was just a bit of a wimp. Bright, imaginative, but nonetheless an alienated adolescent, he might well have been a typical comic book reader. Although he has matured and gained in confidence over the years. Spidey is still all to human. He misses appointments, catches the flu when he needs to fight, forgets to put film in his camera and has trouble paying the rent. In short Spider-Man remains Everyman, "the super hero who could be you." Task 10 Present: I am playing the violin. you aren´t playing the violin are you playing the violin? Past: She was in London She wasn´t in London was she in London? Carla has flown an airplane (present) Carla flew an airplane (past) Carla will have flow an airplane (Future) Ambar has worked in the library (present)
  18. 18. Ambar worked in the library (past) Ambar will have worked in the library (future perfect) Luis has read the newspaper (present) Luis read the newspaper (past) Luis will have read the newspaper (future perfect) Junior has listened music (present) Junior listened music (past) Junion will have listened music (future perfect) Gabriela has slept in the school (present) Gabriela slept in the school (past) Gabriela slept in the school (future perfect) Carlos has swum two time a week (present) Carlos swam two time a week (past) Carlos will have swum two time a week (future perfect) Present Play beisball Swim in the pool Eat in my room Sing in the shower Sweep the kitchen Past Played beisball Swam in the pool Ate in my room Sang in the shower Sweeps the kitchen Future
  19. 19. Will pay beisball Will swam in the pool Will ate in my room Will sing in the shower Will clean the kitchen Task 11 My Biography Hello my name is Alvaro Trujillo I have 26 years, I am the second of three brothers, the April 21, 1987 in the city of tulcan, my parents are Sandra Lima and Alfonso Trujillo.Study primary school Muguel Brother "La Salle" then I did my high school at Instituto Superior TECHNOLOGICAL Bolivar where I graduated in 2005, I am currently in the first semester studying ing. in Business Administration and Marketing My hobbies are sports Favorites particular TV a look also play soccer, play video games. My main objective is to finish my studies in order to create a company and thus have economic stability.
  20. 20. Task 12 Hello, Weekdays Every day I wake up at seven o’ clock at the morning, I wash my face.After that I prepare my breakfast and later I dress approximately at quarter past seven. Afterwards I brush my teeth. At half past seven I go out, Sometimes I go to work in bike, but almost always I go to work in the car with my fellow worker. My work starts at eight o' clock at the morning. In my work I work with the leather, because I am in a leather factory. I finish my classes at twelve. At half past ten I have breakfast, during the week I only have bread with butter for breakfast because I don’t have time for anything else. But on Saturday and Sunday I have orange juice, white coffee and bread with parma jam for breakfast because I have more time. At two o'clock I go to home in the car with my fellow worker or in my bike. At quarter past two I have lunch with my wife and my daugther. At quarter to three I go to work once again At six o'clock I come to my house. Always I have a shower and after I dress. At half past seven I go to the school At quarter past nine I have dinner. I sometimes watch TV. Finally, I often go to the bed At eleven o'clock approximately. Bye, see you son. Task 13 Julio Cortazar was born in Brussels on August 26, 1914, of Argentine parents. Arrived in Argentina after four years. Step childhood in Banfield, graduated as a school teacher and started studying at the University of Buenos Aires, that abandoned for economic reasons. He worked in several towns in the interior the country. He taught at the University of Cuyo and resigned from his disappointment with Peronism. The father abandons the family, and Julio Cortázar raised with his mother, his sister, his aunt and his grandmother. In 1923, the child Cortázar wrote his first novel, as well as poems. In 1932, he obtained the qualification of teachers, and in 1935, the Master of Arts Normal. He entered the Faculty of Arts. Julio Cortázar visited Argentina before reaching teaching for international renown for his writing. He was a professor at San Carlos in the city of Bolivar, 31 May 1937 to July 31, 1939, and in the Normal School of Chivilcoy as head of History, Geography and Civics, from 22 August 1939 to July 1944, when he was offered the chairs of Southern and Northern Literature at the University of Cuyo, which issued in 1944 and 1945. Julio Cortázar get a French government scholarship and traveled to Paris, where he began working with a distributor of books and radio announcer, a job he lost because of his accent. In 1951 he published "Bestiary," his first book of short stories, and in 1953 he married Aurora Bernardez, whom makes extensive tour of Italy. During his brief stay in Rome translates the prose of Edgar Allan Poe. For years, the livelihoods of Julio Cortazar came from his translations. First, in the press in Argentina, and thereafter at UNESCO, gave Cortázar's work with the same intensity as in the literature.
  21. 21. Task 14 My dreams are usually weird things, but there is a real dream that I can not forget. It was horrible. In my dream I went to a cemetery when evening fell, in the middle of it was a large dome. Then I was addressed to her and between. There was a very long and narrow hallway, full of rooms next to each other, were brightly lit, every room had a coffin on the floor with the dead in, I remember that I saw everything very clear. Down the hall was a very huge curtain of black velvet, was very thick and heavy, when I could run a little look at some mid illuminate a living room with many windows red and some coffins in the ground, and truth I can remember what was in those windows, then wanted to get out of that room and could not find the exit, and there I started to panic when he finally gets out to a long hallway and started to run. Then I realized that the cemetery had closed the door and I could not get out, and in my desperation I left running like crazy towards mount earth or something and this was too high to jump the great wall of the cemetery, on top Mount had a gazebo i or as little rusty iron construction and is there when I started to climb the little hill and this is to as mud and I began speaking to sink my arms and legs and so was already feeling the corpses that had there underground and could not find the way out of there and every time is to overnight and I scared each time more, until no where appeared a friend and helped me out of there and told me to take good care that this cemetery is very dangerous and then I woke up and it was a dream but very ugly, tense, felt so real but I finally woke up. Task 15 This story happened about 40 years ago when two 25 year-olds on their way back from college in a rural area of the Province of Carchi. Young people brought their books tied with rope and were rushing because they were late for their homes because they had delayed leaving the University. Missing about 20 minutes until the sun went down and just came to an old stone bridge that normally crossed a shallow river but which at that time was swollen due to a storm. They were walking normally when they noticed a strange light in the shadows of the water, zigzag hacienda was in the river and moving slowly toward them. When they reached the middle of the bridge could clearly see the figure of a ghost, a ghost that floated on the water, holding a trunk, a being without a face and long black hair. Young people fear paralyzed and do not remember anything else, just that appeared wet and books were gone. Just then came the father of one of them and could see the ghost away towards the river and disappear in the mist.
  22. 22. Task 16 My Family
  23. 23. Project Topic: My Family Objectives: - To describe each of the members of my family. - To develop all the skills I learned throughout the semester in the subject of English. Content Hi. My name is Alvaro. I was born on April 21st 1987. I´m from Tulcan and I live here. I am 26 years old. I study Business and Administration at UPEC and I am in first level. I like playing football and running. My favorite color is blue. I am a shy person. I like to go dancing to the disco. Below I'll introduce you to each of the members of my family. My father: He was born in Tufiño. He is tall and thin. He has brown eyes. He has black hair. His name is Alfonso Trujillo. He is 55 years old, his profession is typography. He is a very responsible and hardworking person. He likes listening to music and walking in the park. My Mother: Her name is Sandra. She is 48 years old. She studied at "Alejandro R Mera" school. She used to study Nursing, but she had to quit. She was educated at “Instituto Tecnologico Tulcan”. She is a very responsible mother. She is always with me. My mother taught me values that help me to improve my life. She is very loving and cheerful. My sister: She is my little sister. She is short and thin. She has light hair. Her eyes are green. My sister´s name is Juliana and she is 13 years old. She studies in the second level at “Instituto Tecnologico Tulcan”. Her hobby is listening to music and her favorite sport is swimming. She is playing basketball these days because she is on vacations. My older sister: She is short and thin. Her hair is black. She has brown eyes. Her name is Diana. She is 28 years old. She is married to Stalin and they have a daughter. She studies at “Sagrado Corazon de Jesus” high school. She works in the Supermaxi. She likes to be with her family and go out with them. Conclusions: I learned a lot about Simple Present, Present Progressive, Simple Past, Past Progressive that are useful grammar structures. I also learned how to use vocabulary in my life.
  24. 24. Bibliography: EVANS, Virginia. Access 2A. 2012. USA