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  • 1. DAVID GUETTA Pablo Guillén Hernández Nº9 Álvaro Herrero de la Fuente Nº10 Alejandro Pérez Sánchez Nº13
  • 2. Index
    • Composory
    • Childhood
    • Youth
    • Before the fame
    • Fame
    • One Love
    • One More Love
    • 2011
    • Nothing But The Beat´s songs
    • Curiosities
  • 3. Composory
    • Playing CD’s: Pinchar discos
    • Narcissistic: Narcisista
    • Launch to the market: Sacar a la venta
    • Success: Éxito
    • Reissue: Reeditar
  • 4. Childhood
    • He was born in Paris in 1967.
    • His father was Arabian.
    • He started playing CD’s when he was thirteen years old.
  • 5. Youth
    • He studied Law
    • He had a lot of clubs in France but he sold all of them because he had a lot of problems with the fights.
    • He got married in 1992 with Cathy Lobé.
  • 6. Begginings
    • He became known with his first single “Love Don’t Let Me Go”
    • In his first CD, Just a Little More Love, he has a lot of songs with the singer Chris Willis.
    • This is the video of Love Don’t Let Me Go
    • video
  • 7. Before the fame
    • He created two CD’s after Just a Little More Love.
    • - Guetta Blaster
    • - Pop Life
    • The most known songs of this CD’s are Stay (featuring Chris Willis) and Love Is Gone (also featuring Chris Willis).
  • 8. Fame
    • His single When Love Takes Over made a boom in dance music.
    • It reached number one in the charts of a lot of countries.
  • 9. One Love
    • It beat CD’s sales records around the world.
    • His second number one was Sexy Bitch.
    • His video was a party who was prepared by his wife and he didn’t know that it was a video.
    • Other singles of One Love like Memories or Gettin Over You were also number one.
    • video
  • 10. One More Love
    • When he saw that the CD was a great success he decided to reissue One Love.
    • It was called One More Love.
    • It included One Love´s songs, collaborations with other singers and his first CD´s best songs.
  • 11. 2011
    • In March he remixed Sweat ft. Snoop Dogg.
    • One month later some hackers stole him the song Where Them Girls At of the disc Nothing But The Beat, that he hadn´t put in the market yet.
    • The version of the stolen song wasn´t finished so he had to launch it to the market.
    • video
  • 12. 2011
    • He launched to the market his second single Little Bad Girl.
    • Nothing But The Beat was his movie´s title too.
    • It is a documental about his life.
    • He put into the market Nothing But The Beat.
  • 13. Nothing But The Beat´s songs
    • Where Them Girls At
    • Little Bad Girl
    • Without U
    • Night of Your Life
    • Crank It Up
  • 14. Curiosities
    • He is narcissistic
    • He feel nervous when a camera is recording to him so he doesn´t know how to act
    • He is a great producer