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Matthew Wukasch and Kevin McGrew, pre­sent­ing clin­i­cal uses of Inter­ac­tive Metronome.

This session took place at the 2013 SharpBrains Virtual Summit:

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  • CHC abilities as parameters of information processing
  • CHC abilities as parameters of information processing
  • This needs to be more on the IM Home portion of the PresiLet’s take a look at what’s included with the New IM-Home v2.0 equipment:You can still add speakers to the box if your client is headphone or sound sensitive.One of the best features of the new equipment is that the “hand trigger” and “foot pad” are “not just that!” We all use them for so much more that they are soon to be renamed as The “Button Trigger” and “Tap Pad” The Foot Pad (or Tap Pad) is now touch sensitive and can be used in a whole new way. There are not trigger sensors within the rubber mat anymore and it is a much more versatile product. 1. Think about using it while the client holds a pencil to tap on different pictures that may be over laid as transparencies over the padThink about a client using just a tip-toe to respond to the beat – etc.-The method of acquiring the equipment is now different as well. The client will buy directly from IM, taking the provider out of the retail loop. The client MUST have a provider to sponsor him to purchase the equipment, and the provider also must be IM certified and own/lease the equipment. Once the client purchases the equipment the provider takes it from there! There are unlimited minutes for the client, however, as the provider you have to set the client up and monitor the use. We will continue this discussion further on in this presentation.
  • Interactive Metronome

    1. 1. Slide 1 Accelerate Outcomes. Exceed Expectations.
    2. 2. Presenters  Matthew Wukasch, CEO Interactive Metronome  Dr. Kevin S. McGrew Director of Scientific Advisory Board Interactive Metronome Slide 2
    3. 3. What is IM?  Assessment & treatment tool that targets & improves neural synchronization, communication, & reduces Neural Jitter.  Evidence-based, objective, flexible, & engaging.  Patented technology: around the globe in hospitals, therapy clinics, schools & homes. Slide 3
    4. 4. Interactive Metronome Today Over 20,000 Medical Rehabilitation, Mental Health and Education Professionals are Interactive Metronome Certified (IMC) in over 30 countries. Slide 4
    5. 5. Slide 5 IM’s Goals 1) To drive functional neuroplasticity 2) To improve mental/interval timing 3) To improve the brain’s efficiency and performance  Focus  Processing speed  Working memory  Visual and auditory processing  Coordination
    6. 6. Who Can Benefit?  ADHD  Apraxia/Dyspraxia  Autism Spectrum Disorders (including Asperger’s, PDD)  Brain Injury  Brain Tumor (following surgery or chemotherapy)  Auditory Processing Disorder  Cerebral Palsy  Concussion  Dyslexia and Other Reading Disorders  Language-Learning Disabled  Limb Amputation  Non-verbal Learning Disorder  Sensory Processing Disorder  Stuttering  Stroke  MS  Parkinson’s  Spinal Cord Injury Slide 6
    7. 7. How it works Slide 7
    8. 8. Slide 8 IM Equipment  Software  Hardware • Master Control Unit • Hand Trigger • Tap Mat • In-Motion Insole Triggers  Marketing • Brochure Starter Kit
    9. 9. IM Software  User friendly interface  11 animated games  28 wallpapers  Background music  Avatar builder  eClinic compatibility
    10. 10. Kevin McGrew Affiliations  Institute of Applied Psychometrics (IAP)-Director  Woodcock-Munoz Foundation – Research Director  Measurement Learning Consultants - Associate Director  University of Minnesota - Visiting Professor (Educ. Psych.)  Interactive Metronome - Director of Research and Science (External Consultant) * * Conflict of interest disclosure: Financial relationship and interest in IM Brief and select 10 minute overview of the science of Interactive Metronome Dr. Kevin S. McGrew
    11. 11. As recently as Sept 18, 2013…
    12. 12. Slide 12 Academic Correlation Study Timing in Child Development. High/Scope Educational Research Foundation Kuhlman, K. & Schweinhart, L.J. (1999) 585 students Significant correlation between IM timing and academic performance Reading, Mathematics Oral/written language Writing Attention Motor coordination and performance
    13. 13. Select IM Efficacy Research: Randomized Control Design Studies How can IM produce positive outcomes across such diverse behavior/cognitive domains?
    14. 14. Slide 14 ADHD Study Effect of Interactive Metronome Training on Children with ADHD. The American Journal Of Occupational Therapy Statistically significant improvement:  Attention  Motor control and coordination  Processing speed  Language processing  Reading  Decrease in impulsive behavior
    15. 15. Significant IM effects on reading fluency/rate and comprehension
    16. 16. (in press) Significant IM effects on math calculation and fluency
    17. 17. (Sept 23, 2013)
    18. 18. Sample info
    19. 19. •21 of 26 outcome measures favored IM group •Overall binomial probability =.00098 Measures and Results
    20. 20. Measures and Results Effect size
    21. 21. Positive IM effects on neuropsychological and EEG-ERPs in subjects with traumatic blast injuries
    22. 22. •There is a long-standing tradition within psychological research to search for general principles or cognitive mechanisms that can be used to address all aspects of behavior and cognition. •An underlying mechanism that can be applied to a wide range of novel problems and domains of performance •“Jack-of-all-trades” mechanisms (Chiappe & McDonald,2005) Working hypothesis: IM must be increasing the ability or efficiency of some domain general learning mechanism(s)
    23. 23. Focus of attention Controlled attention Key cognitive task demand of IM: Requires the ability to control attention (focus) by deflecting attentional capture via inhibiting responding to external and internal (mind wandering; default network) distractions
    24. 24. IM Effect hypothesis: Increases brain/neural efficiency or synchronization • Builds more brain network communication connections • Increases efficiency of existing brain network communication Hypothesis: Increased brain clock temporal resolution facilitates neural efficiency and synchronization which in turn increases efficiency of working memory and executive functions Central Executive (Executive functions or control? • Inhibit •Shift •Update Working Memory Focus of  attention
    25. 25. Report available at:
    26. 26. Clinical Limitations of IM Pro  Mechanism of action is Number of reps  Neuroplasticity does not come without cost  IM works best when combined with other interventions  Clinical time is a scarce resource  Travel time / clinical expense Slide 26
    27. 27. IM-Home v2.0  Clinically driven protocol  Coaching still largely the clinician’s role  Compliance  Gamification  eClinic For more information:
    28. 28. IM-HomeeClinic PREVIEW Slide 28
    29. 29. Home-Training Advantages  Reps can be performed at home with lower dosage / day  Home delivery frees up domain specific work to be performed in the clinic  Lower expense  Less travel/ time commitment Slide 29
    30. 30. BrainBeat First Consumer Initiative  Targeted to kids 6-12  Built on Game engine software  Game has built-in coach  Games has levels and Goals  Game provides real-time feedback  Auto difficulty  Game elements look and feel X-Box like adding sugar to the medicine. Slide 30
    31. 31. BrainBeat Cognitive Fitness Formula  Needs to be consumed like other consumables (web based, apps)  Coaching- educator and motivator  Compliance- engaging, fun, game like  Clear Metric relatable to the consumer (validated 3rd party?) Slide 31
    32. 32. Mission - To proliferate our technology and further commercialize Slide 32 In-Clinic  Higher pain Non-Clinical  ADHD kids not going to clinic  Wellness Aging  Athletics  Enrichment IM-Home  Still clinically oriented more population, less challenged Population
    33. 33. Future Efforts International Distributors  Good traction in Asia  Translation into Japanese / Korean Licensing / Partnerships  Supplement brain fitness platforms  Supplement traditional tutoring businesses  Supplement cognitive fitness focused centers Stand Alone Platform Based Consumer Offering  Wellness and baby boomer  Athletics  Game systems Slide 33
    34. 34. Questions Matthew Wukasch Slide 34
    35. 35. Q&A 10 minutes (Included in session recording)
    36. 36. Sponsors Partners Thank You for Joining Us!
    37. 37. To Learn More… Summit Recordings Book Market Report sharpbrains. com/book/ sharpbrains. com/summit/ /market-report/