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25 ways-toget-conversion-ebook

  2. 2. THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 2 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS INCLUDED IN OUR INBOUND MARKETING PARTNERSHIP Blogging for Business Search Engine Optimization Lead Intelligence Email Marketing Inbound marketing is the cutting-edge and highly effective marketing method used to generate leads and customers online. By attracting visitors naturally through search engines, blog articles, and social media, inbound marketing allows you to market to potential customers that are actually interested in your products and services. GET YOUR FREE MARKETING ANALYSIS or Contact Us Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  3. 3. 3 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS by Bob Ruffolo (@bobruffolo) Bob is an inbound marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in online marketing and strategy development. Bob has always been on the cutting edge regarding all aspects of online marketing, including: web development, search engine optimization, social media marketing, blogging, analytics, and much more. Since founding IMPACT in 2009, Bob oversaw the company through an accelerated growth period and developed a reputation as one of the top small business marketing agencies in Connecticut. Bob is best known for his dedication to developing creative inbound marketing campaigns that produce measurable results. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  4. 4. THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 4 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS CONTENTS (1) IDENTIFY YOUR GOALS...................................................................................................................................6 . (2) ANALYZE YOUR WEBSITE ...............................................................................................................................8 . (3) KNOW WHO IS COMING TO YOUR WEBSITE................................................................................................10 (4) CHOOSE YOUR KEYWORDS..........................................................................................................................12 (5) OPTIMIZE YOUR WEBSITE.............................................................................................................................14 (6) CREATE CREDIBILITY.....................................................................................................................................16 . (7) BUILD LINKS....................................................................................................................................................18 (8) OPTIMIZE LOCALLY.......................................................................................................................................20 . (9) CREATE OFFERS............................................................................................................................................23 . (10) CREATE LANDING PAGES............................................................................................................................25 (11) CREATE CALLS TO ACTION..........................................................................................................................28 . (12) START A BLOG ..............................................................................................................................................30 . Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  5. 5. 5 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS (13) BLOG REGULARLY.......................................................................................................................................32 . (14) DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOG..................................................................................................................35 (15) USE SOCIAL MEDIA ......................................................................................................................................40 . (16) POST TO SOCIAL MEDIA REGULARLY........................................................................................................44 (17) ENGAGE IN SOCIAL MEDIA..........................................................................................................................46 (18) OPTIMIZE EVERYTHING................................................................................................................................48 . (19) INTEGRATE A CRM.........................................................................................................................................50 (20) USE E-MAIL MARKETING..............................................................................................................................52 (21) NURTURE LEADS UNTIL THEY ARE READY TO BUY.................................................................................54 (22) EFFECTIVELY CLOSE SALES ......................................................................................................................56 . (23) ANALYZE EVERYTHING................................................................................................................................58 (24) MAKE CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENTS........................................................................................................60 (25) SEEK THE NECESSARY HELP.....................................................................................................................62 Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  6. 6. 6 1 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS IDENTIFY YOUR GOALS WHY SET GOALS? Every path to success begins with a clear set of goals. Goals are what will give you and your business direction. Goals are what will keep you in check and ensure that you accomplish exactly what you need to be successful. Goals are what will light the fire under you and give you the drive and passion to complete the task that you have come to complete – which for you is to convert more of your visitors into customers. Learn more about online lead generation. Having a business without goals is somewhat like being on a ship in the middle of the ocean without a map. You have no idea where you’re going, so you don’t even know how you can plan to get to your final destination (if you even know what your final destination is!). Here are some more common mistakes executive managers make. ARE THEY REALISTIC? Here’s the thing about goals: they have to be realistic in order for them to be of any use to you. You need to: • Write your goals down • Set short term and achievable milestones (Set large objectives, and then branch off into smaller commitments) • Set goals that you actually want to achieve, not goals you think you should achieve • Be specific with your goals • Measure both your actions and your progress as you reach each goal • Don’t be overzealous; start with just one goal • Make sure that you make time to reach your goals Impactbnd.com Share this eBook:
  7. 7. THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 7 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS WHO IS YOUR CUSTOMER? If you want to get more customers, you have to know about your customer, or as marketing gurus would call them, your “target market”. Here are some key things to think about when trying to identify your target market: • • • • • • • Who is my product or service going to benefit? Who can afford the product or service? What sort of lifestyle do these people have? Is this product for men or women? Are they single or married? Is it for children, and if so, what age are the children? Where do your customers live? Who do these people currently go to for advice? Is there a company out there that currently sells something similar or complimentary to your product or service? Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  8. 8. 8 2 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS ANALYZE YOUR WEBSITE IS IT USER-FRIENDLY? Nothing is worse than visiting a site that is hard to navigate. The last thing that you want to do to your visitors is to frustrate them by not laying things out in an organized way. A common navigation issue we see often is websites with multiple navigation bars and it takes more than three clicks to get to the content you’re looking for. Has anyone ever told you that your site is hard to navigate? Not sure if your site is user friendly? Take a look at it yourself. Right after your page loads, can you quickly find the key elements to your site right where your eyes land? Users should not have to click, scroll, or have their eyes dart around your page to try and find the information they’re there for. Does this sound like you? 10 common mistakes on business websites. MAKE MODIFICATIONS OR COMPLETE REDESIGN? So you’ve decided that your site may benefit from some fine tuning. How do you know if you should modify it, or throw it all out and start from scratch? Consider these questions: • Do you know how to do web design? If not, do you have the money to pay someone for web design? • Is your site messy? Consider a complete redesign if you have a lot of content. • Do you want to add extra things to your website? If so, your site may need a redesign, such as if you are turning your site into an ecommerce site. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  9. 9. THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 9 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS • Want to give your site a fresh look for your visitors? Consider modifying color schemes and textures. • Want to strengthen your brand’s image online and have a site to reflect this brand? Considering that a recent Enquiro B2B survey revealed that over 85% of buyers go online to research purchases, it’s more important than ever to have a quality, branded site that showcases and informs people about your products and/or services. Still need more help? Consider reading our free e-Book: Website Redesign 101. ANALYTICS If you aren’t keeping track of your site’s success, then you’re doomed to fail. Without having reliable statistics available to you to show what works on your site and what doesn’t, you won’t be able to make modifications to your site and increase your earnings. A wide range of statistical software is available to you, from the price range from $0 to thousands of dollars a year. We’ll get you started with just a couple software programs worth checking out. Be use both of these programs on our websites: • Google Analytics (http://www.google.com/analytics) • HubSpot (http://www.hubspot.com) MOBILE FRIENDLY Smartphones and tablets are everywhere these days – and that means internet use is skyrocketing with these mobile devices. You may think you don’t need a mobile-friendly layout for your website, but it’s possible that it could make or break your conversions. When your website “isn’t showing up right” on mobile devices, chances are slim you’ll convert. Impactbnd.com Share this eBook:
  10. 10. 10 3 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS KNOW WHO IS COMING TO YOUR WEBSITE KEY METRICS TO MEASURE After reading the last segment, you may be wondering, “But what am I supposed to be analyzing?” The key metrics you need to be measuring include: • Visitor Count (total and unique visitors) • Visitors actions (how did they get to your site and where did they go afterwards?) • Visitor demographic information • The top referring websites • Your most popular pages • Most popular search terms people use to locate your site • Conversion rates • Whether the analytical software has real time tracking • Is the software easy to navigate? • Does it offer visualized data (this may be more important to some than others)? Here are 15 free tools to help you analyze your marketing. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  11. 11. 11 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS WHAT THESE METRICS MEAN TO YOU Remember when we were talking about “who is your customer”? These metrics will give you invaluable insight into exactly who is coming to your site, how they came to your site, and what they were doing there. With this information on hand, you will then ultimately be able to compile this data and tweak and change your site as necessary to increase your ROI (return on investment) and, of course, make more money. Business owners put themselves at a great disservice when they don’t bother to keep track of just how well their website is performing. It’s important to constantly review your metrics so that you can make sure that your site is up to date and operating at its fullest earning potential. WHERE IS MY TRAFFIC COMING FROM? Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  12. 12. 12 4 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS CHOOSE YOUR KEYWORDS WHAT IS A KEYWORD? Keywords play a very important role when it comes to SEO, or search engine optimization. Keywords or keyword phrases will tell a search engine what a particular piece of content on your site is about, which will help a search engine index you site and determine where it belongs on search results. While keywords aren’t the only factor when it comes to a search engine determining whether you’re on page 1 or page 40, it is critically important to use keywords to help define your page. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it – “stuffing” keywords is going to do the opposite of getting your page found. HOW TO USE KEYWORDS • Start by finding keywords relevant to your site. Make sure that you use a tool (like the Google Keyword tool or Hubspot’s Keyword Tool) to help you determine which keywords will bring your site the most traffic. Here is some information about picking keywords. • Use different keywords for each page of your site. • Make sure you have the keyword in the page title, page headers, images, and early in a page’s content! • When using keywords, make sure that your content flows naturally. Having an unnatural flow to your writing can be a detriment to your SEO efforts, and annoying for your readers! Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  14. 14. THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 14 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS ON-PAGE SEO On-Page SEO can best be described as the process one would take to truly optimize everything that they have on their page. This not only means optimizing your text, but it also means optimizing any links, images, or really anything that has been uploaded to your site’s domain. Without performing an on-page SEO check, you’re doing your business a huge disservice. By not checking just how well you have optimized your content, you are severely penalizing your online business and hindering your earning potential. Don’t take on-page SEO lightly. Though there are quite a few things to check, trust us. It’s well worth your time. WHAT TO CHECK? • Keyword density plays a huge part of on-page SEO. As mentioned previously, make sure that you’re using keywords you want to rank for, and avoid “stuffing” • In order to properly optimize your text, you will need to add appropriate tags to a page. Don’t forget to add ALT tags to your images too (ALT tags are a short description of the image. The description will show up any time anyone passes their mouse over the image). Look into including meta tags, like keywords, as well as page descriptions so spiders will be able to properly index your content in search engines • Being that it is one of the most important tags you can have, you have to make sure that the title tag contains keywords that are relevant to the description of a page. Great Read! The Must-Have Beginners Guide To On-Page SEO Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  15. 15. 15 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS ROBOTS.TXT AND SITEMAP.XML Robots.txt files and Sitemap.xml files are an important part to your site. A robots.txt file is a text file which tells web robots, like spiders, which parts of your website they are allowed to display, and which parts they aren’t. Without a robots.txt file, a web robot will assume that your site is completely open and they can show any part of your website. Sitemap.xml, on the other hand, is just a simple command that you can add to your site to tell web robots exactly where your sitemap is located, which can make it easier for visitors to navigate to your page. See IMPACT’s Sitemap and Robots.txt File. TIP: While you can exclude parts of your site with robots.txt, keep in mind that robot.txt files are accessible to everyone and that not all of them work 100% of the time. Don’t count on a robot.txt to be a good security measure for your site! Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  16. 16. 16 6 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS CREATE CREDIBILITY GENERATE TESTIMONIALS So you’ve got visitors coming to your page. Great! Now… how do you make yourself seem like a trustworthy, standup business that’s worthy of their hard earned cash? The easiest way to do this is to generate testimonials. Testimonials will undoubtedly boost your sales. It certainly helped Wikijobs, which saw a 34% increase in business after they added testimonials to the homepage! (1) While it’s true that you can sit at your computer and write up “fake” testimonials, the best way to use testimonials is to use real ones. For whatever reason, people seem to be able to tell when a testimonial is a fraud, no matter how legit you think it appears. Even if you only have one or two customers, ask them for a testimonial in exchange for something (like free shipping on their next purchase, or a free product) and put it on your homepage or landing page. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  17. 17. THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 17 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS PROMOTE ONLINE REVIEWS Another important part about making you and your company appear to be more trustworthy is to promote online reviews. (Feel free to leave us a review if you’ve done business with us!) Time and time again online reviews have been shown to not only increase sales, but to also increase the value of each order, boost a customer’s loyalty, and it can even help increase traffic. Let’s look at a real life example. Popular site AlpacaDiet.com decided to change up its marketing plan and hired PowerReviews to handle and place user reviews on their website. After doing so, they saw a huge 23% increase in their sales on items that had customer reviews (2). Why? Because people may not trust your faceless company, but they do place a lot of value in another human being’s opinion. BUILD CREDIBILITY Apart from including customer reviews and testimonials, you can also help build your credibility by: • Providing research that can back your claims • Include a picture of either yourself or your staff • Try to get your company endorsed by someone recognized as a leader in your industry • Writing either a book or an eBook about a subject related to your niche market (Like this one!) • Providing a lot of free help on your site, like tutorials and blog articles • Relating to the reader. Tell them about your own experiences so readers feel as if you have a common problem Impactbnd.com Share this eBook:
  18. 18. 18 7 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS BUILD LINKS WHY BUILD LINKS Keywords are important when it comes to SEO, but link building is even more important. As a matter of fact, some SEO experts will tell you that up to 90% of your search engine rankings depend on just your link building strategy alone! (3) It’s no wonder that a lot of beginner and novice web designers often become frustrated when they find that their keywords alone don’t seem to be getting them any higher in search rankings. Know how to build links and how NOT to build links! A simple way to look at it: Link building can be compared to getting a “vote” for your website. Each link or “vote” that you get tells search engines like Google and Bing that your site is credible. The more trustworthy a search engine perceives your site to be, the higher your site will be in search engine rankings. LINK BUILDING IDEAS To begin boosting your link building endeavors: • Directory Submission: You can either do this yourself or hire a SEO company to do so. SEO companies do charge quite a bit for this service, but they know exactly which directories to submit your links to. This is important, since not all directories are as helpful as the next when it comes to increasing your search ranking • Submit Articles: Hit up sites like About.com and eHow.com and submit quality articles about your subject matter. Include a link back to your website in the article. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  19. 19. 19 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS HOW TO BUILD MORE LINKS • Ultimately, the more often you post, the more chances of getting links back to your site. Do your research on when your target is online, and when they share, comment and interact. • Use tools like Open Site Explorer and Yahoo! Site Explorer to see how your competitors are getting links. Try sending a quick email to your competitors asking them to reference your site, and you’ll reference them in return. Spin your message to be about what’s in it for them and not what’s in it for you; they’ll be more likely to help you out if they see a benefit in it for themselves. • Get unique links that your competitors don’t have. You can do this by asking webmasters to guest post on your blog (and you can then guest post on theirs), leaving useful comments on blogs and forums (while including a link back to your site, of course), and putting a link to your website in all of your signatures. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  20. 20. 20 8 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS OPTIMIZE LOCALLY ON-PAGE LOCAL SEO We all know how important a top ranking on Google is. Have you ever stopped to consider just how much traffic coming to your website could be coming from local visitors? Or have you stopped to think about how you can increase the amount of local visitors you’re receiving and, as a result, increase your earning potential? Local SEO is easier to take control of and dominate for obvious reasons: there’s far less competition in your immediate physical area than there is across the globe. While it’s always worth focusing at least a bit of your efforts on SEO, when it comes to how much time you put into developing your local SEO presence, consider these points: • How many people are in your area? Are there enough to make local SEO worth it? • Does the population match your target market? • What’s the competition like? Is there space for your company to come in and become a local competitor? Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  21. 21. 21 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS SET UP A GOOGLE PLACE PAGE Google Places has become what some would call the new Yellow Pages of the Internet. Once you register with Google Places, your business will then show in the top list of search results when someone types in the matching search query. With more and more people using tools like portable laptops and smartphones to hunt down and find information about local businesses, you need to get a Google Place page NOW. There are other added benefits to having a Google Places page, like: • Your business will show to your targeted traffic • You can show updated photos and videos • Reviews about your company, product or service will appear on the page • You can add real-time updates and coupons to the site any time you want See IMPACT’s Google Place Page → Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  22. 22. 22 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS SET UP ALL LOCAL CITATIONS According to Google’s official blog, “more than 20% of all desktop searches on Google are related to location” (4). When it comes to using mobile devices, this percentage doubles to 40% (5) – and these numbers are only expected to continue to increase. Hopefully by now you can see just how important it is to have a local SEO presence on the web. But there’s more than just Google Places when it comes to local SEO. You should be listed on a number of directories or “aggregators”. We’ve provided a list below of places that we highly recommend: • YAHOO! LOCAL • TRIP ADVISOR • YELP • CITY SEARCH • URBAN SPOON (FOR ANYONE IN THE FOOD INDUSTRY) • • • • YELLOW PAGES INSIDER PAGES SUPERPAGES YELLOW BOT (FOR ANYONE IN THE FOOD INDUSTRY) Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  23. 23. 23 9 • • • • • • THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS CREATE OFFERS WHAT IS AN OFFER? An offer is just what it sounds like – something that you offer to someone to their benefit, which probably, in most cases, is also of mutual benefit to you. An offer is either a product or a service that you want to share, or offer, to your customers, like: A promotion A coupon A discount on a product or service An incentive An event Free trial offers The best offers are, of course, those that are related to your business and that you know your target market would be interested in. Creating attractive offers is one of the key components of any inbound marketing campaign. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  24. 24. THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 24 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS EXAMPLES OF OFFERS There are a number of different kinds of offers that we see both online and offline, but some are more effective than others. Here are some examples of offers that we all see every day: • • • • • • • Free Consultation First 6 Months Interest FREE! 0% APR Free 14 Day Trial! Free Newsletter! Free Shipping When You Buy 2 or More 2 for 1 VISITOR TO LEAD PROCESS You can create as many offers as you like, but if no one takes you up on the offer, then it’s useless. The trick here is to sell to somebody without them feeling sold. For example, say you are a web developer running a web design business. You may offer free consultations on your website, but no one seems to be taking you up on it. Why? They’re not ready to buy yet, and since they’re not ready to buy, they don’t want to contact you. However, they do want useful information. Appeal to “top of the funnel” website visitors, aka visitors that are not ready to buy. Rather than offer a free consultation, offer them a free information piece on the top 10 mistakes people make when building a website, or offer a free report on their current site. Have them provide their email address. Now they have gotten something valuable from you, and you have gotten something valuable from them – their email. You can now follow up with them and make offers, like that free consultation. It may take a bit longer, yes, but you will get more leads this way. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  25. 25. 25 10 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS CREATE LANDING PAGES WHAT IS A LANDING PAGE? A landing page is not only a page that any visitor of yours should “land” on, but it should be a page that is specifically tailored to delivering a sales pitch to your visitor. You may be thinking, “But people hate sales pitches! This won’t work!” Then you may be surprised to learn that any online advertising that uses landing pages will see at least a 25% boost to their conversion rate (6). Why you need landing pages. A well made landing page will almost always result in a higher conversion rate than if you were to simply direct people to your homepage. Landing pages give people direction. It gives them a purpose. Just handing them a link to your homepage forces them to do the searching for themselves and, well, most people just become bored or frustrated and will leave your site without taking any further action. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  26. 26. THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 26 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS COLLECT INFORMATION Something that a landing page may be even more beneficial for than selling something to a visitor is to use it to gather information about your visitors. That way, even if they don’t buy something from you today, you have enough information to contact them in the near future with deals and promotions. Some information you should get includes: • • • • Email address (this is the most important of them all) Name Address (optional and not necessary for initial form) Phone number But now here’s a question: How do you format a landing page in such a way that you can get this information? Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  27. 27. 27 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS PROPER LANDING PAGE FORMAT • Get rid of any navigational bars or extra links • Get rid of any flashing images or distractions • The description of the offer needs to be simple and clear (point form is best) • Keep your form above the fold of the page (meaning, keep it fully viewable without the visitor having to scroll). • Fewer fields in your form will result in more conversions. Just keep the most important ones in there. • List only the benefits of your product • Provide a couple of testimonies at the top fold of the page (optional) HOW MANY LANDING PAGES? You don’t have to stop at just one. As a matter of fact, having multiple landing pages can be incredibly beneficial to your business (this is especially true if your business has several different locations). Multiple landing pages can not only be slightly tweaked to reach out to different target markets, but having multiple landing pages means that you can track and measure the result of each and every single page. Every 2 weeks to a month you should check and chart the results of each of your landing pages so you can see which landing page(s) are performing the best, and then use the successful elements to work on improving pages with a poorer performance. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  28. 28. 28 11 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS CREATE CALLS TO ACTION WHAT IS A CALL TO ACTION? A “call to action” is a marketing term that is used to describe any words that are used to urge a potential customer to take action NOW. Some basic calls to action that we all see every day include “Call now!” or “Click here!” A good call to action almost always includes some sort of time limit, as in, “Call in the next 10 minutes and you’ll be able to take part of this special deal!” Most people in retail and advertising will tell you that all advertisements or attempts to sell are incomplete if you don’t have a call to action. Without the call, people probably will not feel compelled to ACT NOW. Why it is important for people to ACT NOW? Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  29. 29. 29 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS WHERE TO PLACE CALLS TO ACTION? • Place calls to action (CTA) on all of the most imporant pages of your website • Make sure the CTA is relevant to the content on the page. • The size of the text on your site helps tell visitors what’s important and what’s not. Make sure that you make your call to action text large in relation to the text and other image elements on the page so people understand its importance • Leave sufficient whitespace around the call to action. This will help draw a visitor’s eyes to it and allow it to stand out • Make sure the call to action is placed above the fold More on CTA Placement. • Consider the color of the call to action as well: GOOD EXAMPLES OF CALLS TO ACTION • “Enter your Email Address for FREE DIY Home Improvements Tips” (this is a good call to action because you aren’t selling anyone anything; they’re getting free information and you’re getting their email address to use for future promotions) • “Click Here to Reserve your Free Spa Package” (this is a great lead in to get people to either provide their email address or be led to your website for up selling) • “Subscribe to our weekly newsletter for tips on how to boost your income” (again, an effective way to gather email addresses and potentially other demographic information, if you ask for it) • “Are you too stressed? Take this 5 question test to find out.” Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  30. 30. 30 12 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS START A BLOG WHY DO YOU NEED A BLOG Let’s put it this way. If you don’t have a blog yet, then you’re way behind in your earning potential. Every business needs a blog, period. Blogs are a necessity for you and your business for so many reasons: • You prove that you are an expert in your field. • It gives your company a personal feel. • Having a more personal feel means that you’re more “real” and trustworthy. People like buying things from people they can trust. Need more proof: Here’s how successful companies generate leads by blogging. BLOGGING BLOGGING BLOGGING 55% MORE 88% MORE 100% MORE GETS YOU TRAFFIC GETS YOU LEADS GETS YOU AUTHORITY ONLINE Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  31. 31. THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 31 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS FACTS ABOUT BLOGS • Most people read blogs more than once a day. • Blog articles influence purchases. • Companies that blog have 55% more website visitors. • B2C companies that blog generate 88% more leads per month. • B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month. • It takes about 50 blog posts to experience a 77% lift in median monthly leads. • Bloggers are morning people. HOW TO START A BLOG Starting a blog is easy. There are a ton of free sites out there that you can use to start a blog, though our personal favorite is WordPress. When installing your blog, it is critical that the blog lives on your domain! That’s how you generate SEO authority and one of the main reasons your are blogging anyways! Good examples of this include blog.companyname. com or companyname.com/blog. Bad examples are companyname.blogspot.com or mycompanyblog.com. When you start a blog, it’s great to start off by introducing yourself rather than your company. What’s your name, where are you from, what do you like and what do you hate. Then you can talk about your company, and then briefly explain the purpose of your blog. Keep in mind that as you go forward, it’s a good idea to change up the type of media you post. It doesn’t always have to be text; it can be funny videos that you like or cool graphics and images too. This will keep your readers engaged. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  32. 32. 32 13 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS BLOG REGULARLY HOW TO WRITE A GOOD BLOG POST • • • • • Don’t use a formal tone. People come to your blog for a bit of personality and casual conversation. Write about what you feel passionate about. Edit your blog! Read it over and cut or add what is necessary. Don’t post the first thing that you type up. Clichés are boring. Don’t use them. Remember to use spell check and to make sure that you use proper text layout. This means adding one or two spaces after periods, using a break between paragraphs, and use subheadings and italics. • Creating lists is NEVER a bad thing. • Choose descriptive headlines over “clever” headlines. What you think is “clever” is often “confusing” to your reader. • Schedule your posts to publish early in the morning. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  33. 33. 33 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS WHAT TO BLOG ABOUT Why have you started a blog? To generate leads and grow sales, right? This is a very popular question I get asked when I tell client’s that they need to start blogging. And my answer is always the same. As we’ve identified in the very first step of this eBook, you should know your customer. If you know your customer, then you know what your customer wants to know. Blog about what your customers want to know. If one of yur goals is to attract qualified traffic to your website (and that should be EVERYONE’s goal), there is no better way to do that then blogging. Think about your own expierences with search. How many times have you asked Google a question and two clicks later you’re reading a blog post. That’s how we drive targeted traffic to your website! What are you’re customer’s asking and answer it in the form of a blog article. You’re the expert, right? Show off your knowledge and grow your business. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  34. 34. 34 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU BLOG? As often as you can! There is no set rule that says you can’t blog multiple times a day. However, here are some blogging rules and statistics you should know: • Blog as much as possible! The more you blog, the more indexed pages you are creating in the search engines. • Blogs create more traffic! Companies that blog average 434% more indexed pages than those that don’t. This means you’ll have more opportunities to get found through the search engines. • Blogs generate more leads! Companies that blog more than 51 times / month average 77% more leads than those that blog 24-50 times / month. • Be consistent when you blog. You’re readers like knowing when they can expect a new article. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  36. 36. THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 36 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS SUBMIT TO BLOG DIRECTORIES One way to increase traffic to your blog is to submit your blog to blog directories. As submitting to blog directories can be quite time consuming, a lot of bloggers skip this step all together – meaning that they are missing out on a lot of valuable traffic. Most blog directories will require the following: • A short description of your blog (approx 400-500 words) • Your blog’s homepage URL • If you are submitting to an RSS blog service, check your feed details and obtain the URL of your feed • Choose which email address you would like to use • Decide which keywords and keyword phrases are the most successful • Keep a list of directories you have submitted to • Submit your blog to as many directories as possible These are just some of the directories you can submit to. 45 More places to submit your blog! Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  37. 37. THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 37 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS PARTICIPATE IN OTHER BLOG CONVERSATIONS A great way to get exposure for your blog is to participate in conversations that are happening on other blogs. It’s important that you find other blogs that are of the same niche as you for several reasons, but partaking in ongoing conversations about your niche topics is one of the most important reasons as: • • • • Responding to blog comments on other blogs helps establish you as being an expert in your field Helps build up recognition of your name and blog Allows you to locate other potential visitors for your blog Allows you to provide a link to your blog to people who are interested in your niche Contact the blog’s webmaster and ask about things like link sharing and guest blog posts to further help boost your blog’s traffic. PARTICIPATE IN FORUMS One of the most forgotten places for meeting up with great people and obtaining invaluable information is forums. Forums are loaded with knowledgeable people – and you should be one of those knowledgeable people involved in forum posts. Participating in forums allows you to: • • • • • Share your own knowledge Connect with other people in your niche Share ideas Gather new and fresh ideas for future blog entries Post links to your blog/blog entries to help promote your blog Participating in a forum can bring you more traffic than you can ever imagine. You can hook up with other professionals in your niche and guest blog on one another’s posts. You can share links to help with link building. You can come up with collaborative efforts to gain more traffic for both of your sites. If you aren’t a member of a forum, then you need to become one now. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  38. 38. 38 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS BUILD SUBSCRIBERS Using a service like Feedburner, blog visitors can subscribe to your blog by email or RSS. Feedburner will also let you know how many people are subscribed. This is the best metric to use to measure the success of your blog. To build subscribers, make it easy for them subscribe by placing a “subscribe by email” form in your blog’s sidebar. You can view our blog subscription form on our blog - http://www.impactbnd.com/blog. Another great way is to set up a page off of your blog subscription page off of your blog. That way you can link to it in your blog articles. You can see ours here: http://www.impactbnd.com/subscribe-blog.html. While you’re they, you should register! :) Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  39. 39. THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 39 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS MAKE POSTS SHARABLE Some will tell you that there is an art to having your blog posts be share-worthy. But others will tell you that it’s completely random which ones will be shared and passed along. Here is our list of quick tips on how to make your posts more sharable: • Provide information in small snippets at a time. Keep your posts down to one idea. If you have more ideas, separate them for separate posts. Remember, people want information quickly so the more to-the-point you are, the better. • Provide quality content that is actually of value! Not only does your material need to be well written, but it should be backed by evidence like stats, case studies, and visual aids. • Write each post as if you are writing to only one person at a time. • Add “Like” buttons and Google “+1” buttons to your posts so that they can be easily shared on social media networks. GUEST BLOG Guest blogging has been mentioned quite a bit in this book, and for a good reason. Guest blogging gets you more visitors, and more subscribers to your blog. When you get accepted to write a post for another blog, you gain the audience of that blog. You also gain their trust, automatically. Guest blogging can be a very powerful way to increase your audience and traffic, while making relationships with other bloggers in your niche. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  40. 40. 40 15 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS USE SOCIAL MEDIA FACEBOOK Facebook is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to building brand recognition and customers. Here are some things you have got to do for your business on Facebook: • Create a Facebook Page. Keep your personal profile about you, but make sure that the fan page reflects your company. From there you can invite family and friends to join, and encourage them to share the link with their family and friends on Facebook • Update your Facebook Page by creating quality posts that keep people engaged. You ideally want to come up with things that will be shared, like posts full of quality information. • Don’t forget to Share! It’s a good idea to share media that isn’t all about your business. If you do happen upon a funny video or picture (related to your niche, of course), post it on your wall asking for your fans’ thoughts. • Build Facebook Likes - Here are 10 ways you can do it. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  41. 41. THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 41 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS TWITTER With 53% of people on Twitter recommending either companies or products(10), Twitter is arguably the best social media outlet for getting exposure for your business – especially if you have a small business. The 2011 Inbound Marketing Industry Report by Hubspot revealed that 67% of self-employed persons and 66% of small business owners “strongly agreed” that social media played an important role to their business(11). So how can Twitter help? • Twitter allows you to “listen in” on customer conversations about you • You can find potential customers with an interest in your niche through Twitter • Twitter is a great way to broadcast information about your brand, and to have it shared through “retweeting” to more and more people Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  42. 42. THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 42 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS LINKEDIN When it comes to social media, LinkedIn is a bit different from the rest of them. Why? Because LinkedIn is more about businesses meeting up with other businesses, rather than businesses coming in contact with prospective customers. This isn’t in any way to say that you should not create a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is a great tool for you to use to come in contact with other professionals in your industry, and even in your local community. With LinkedIn, you can create “groups” that will help you keep the online community in the loop about new products and what’s new with your company. You can create events now too, which is neat if you want to connect with people to set up, say, a trade show or conference. Best of all, it’s free. Take advantage of it! Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  43. 43. THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 43 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS GOOGLE+ Since Google+ came out there hasn’t been a whole lot of noise surrounding it lately, but that doesn’t mean that you should discount it was being a powerful marketing tool. As a matter of fact, Google+’s total monthly visits in the United States has increased drastically in late 2011. The point: Google+ is still growing, and will continue to grow. Google+ makes it particularly easy to separate different people into different “circles”, so you can better choose what information to share with some groups and what information not to share with other groups. Avoid Social Media Marketing Mistakes! 10 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes (and how to avoid them) Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  44. 44. 44 16 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS POST TO SOCIAL MEDIA REGULARLY SHARE YOUR BLOG POSTS This is where social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can be combined with your blog posts. When sharing your blog posts on sites like Facebook and Google+, make sure that you give a good 1-2 sentence description of what the post is about, and how it can benefit the reader. The focus should be more about the customer. Twitter is a bit different since you only have 140 characters to throw something out there. Use services like Ow.ly to shrink your blog’s original URL, and make sure that you engage your readers by having an exciting headline. LinkedIn is more business-focused, so spin any content you write to be potential benefits to those who are in a similar business niche as you (i.e. “Check out the 3 step process that increased my traffic by 18%!”). Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  45. 45. THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 45 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS WHAT TO POST / SHARE / UPDATE Your social media post desn’t have to be all about you and your company. Like I mentioned earlier with blog posts, if you find great articles that are related to your niche and that you think others will be interested in, by all means share them! Social media is all about acting like a community, so sharing something for the benefit of you and other people in your niche will result in them sharing information that is also a benefit to you. POSTING IDEAS When you post ideas to your profiles, you’re trying to accomplish two things: 1) Share your wisdom with the public; and 2) Generate buzz You’ll quickly find that some ideas generate a whole lot more interest and conversation than others. Some of the types of posts that seem to get a lot of people talking include: • Links to great content you found • Pictures and videos • Contests and promos • Links to your offers (landing pages of course) • Polls and surveys • Funny content that’s industry related Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  46. 46. 46 17 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS ENGAGE IN SOCIAL MEDIA LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS Social media is a fantastic way to really listen to your customers. Your customers can now contact you almost effortlessly through social media to post comments and questions about you, your company, and your products and services. You then have the ability to answer them immediately so you can put any concerns at ease. But that’s not all. You can also use keyword searches through Twitter search and Google Alerts to find out what people are saying about you and your company on social media. It may also be a good idea to throw together a survey and post it to your social media sites, awarding a prize to one of the many who fill it out (you can use things like Gravity Forms for WordPress and Google Docs). Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  47. 47. THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 47 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS STAY ENGAGED It’s great to have a social media for your business, but if you aren’t actively participating in them, then no one’s going to bother stopping by any more. It’s up to you to stay in touch with each of your social media channels, review them, and to make sure that you stay in the loop with current conversations and questions being asked on each of your sites. Here are some other interesting facts about social media and small businesses: • 75% of small businesses are engaging in some sort of activity on social media networks. 65% of businesses say that it helps them stay in touch with their customers(12) • 61% of businesses said that they gained new customers. This isn’t too surprising since 51% of Facebook users and 64% of Twitter users have stated that they are more likely to buy things from a brand that they follow or are a fan of(13) PARTICIPATE IN SOCIAL MEDIA GROUPS With more than 2/3 of Americans spending as much of their online time on social media networks, it’s more important than ever to make sure that you and your company are participating in social media groups. Participating in social media groups will give your company more social media presence that will also increase the amounts of purchases made from your site. Being an active member of social media groups again will allow you to stand out as a credible expert in your field, which will make more people all the more willing to be influenced by your suggestions and recommendations. And here’s another great benefit: you can actually help control your brand’s image. You can put out any fires instantly and resolve problems and conflicts faster than you have ever been able to before. We all know that bad news travels quickly, so the faster you can put out any bad news or negative experiences a customer has had with your company, the better. Here are some more tips on how to improve your social media reach. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  48. 48. 48 18 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS OPTIMIZE EVERYTHING KEEP SOCIAL MEDIA WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES Optimizing engagement is always a good idea, no matter what type of business you’re running. Replying to a Facebook comment or thanking someone on Twitter for their brief testimonial will set you apart from the others – and with just a few words. Knowing how to communicate with your audience will come instinctively as time goes by. You’ll see that your fans have tendencies which will provide you awesome feedback for your product or service. (Not to mention what to post more of on your blog or social networks!) If you have a large following, a lot of people to engage with, and not enough time to do it all, you may have to hire someone to take care of this for you. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  49. 49. 49 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS IMPROVE YOUR EMAIL SIGNATURE • Ensure that you’ve provided all opportunities for email recipriants to contact you. • Include links to your blog, social media profiles, and offers. • Use simple text. Different symbols, fonts and colors can really take away from the email that you send out, and it can even make you appear to be unprofessional. • Provide URLs instead of hyperlinks. Depending on someone’s email format, the hyperlink may not work. • Always add your email address in your signature. Most email clienst will let you do this automatically. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  50. 50. 50 19 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS INTEGRATE A CRM According to Ross Kramer, the CEO of email marketing firm Listrak, combining CRM software (customer relationship management software) that is related to your email marketing program can help increase both relevance and conversion. As Kramer says, “Anyone who is serious about moving the needle within their lead nurturing program should be tying events happening in CRM to their [email service provider].” The bottom line is that having CRM means that you will be seeing an increase in sales. Integrating a CRM program into your sales process means improved lead and opportunity management, better follow-up, and an improved chance that you will close a sale. WHAT DOES A CRM DO? A CRM is used to manage your contacts, leads, and opportunities. You can quickly retreive and manage contact information, job status updates, notes from previous conversations, and just about everything else you need to close a sale. Most CRM’s are collaborative, meaning that when other members of your team need access to your sales database, its readily available. Lastly, most CRM’s will connect with your marketing automation software, such as Hubspot. This means seamless lead management and streamline marketing.... a recipe for success. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  51. 51. 51 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS WHAT ARE MY CRM OPTIONS? If you have any experience in shopping around for CRM software, then you are well aware that there are a number of options out there. We recommend the following options: • Salesforce.com (http://www.salesforce.com) • SugarCRM (http://www.sugarcrm.com) • ZoHo CRM (http://www.zoho.com/crm) It is important that you do your research and select the option that is right for you. It may be necessary for you to consult a professional to help you select and integrate the correct CRM for your company. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  52. 52. 52 20 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS USE E-MAIL MARKETING E-MAIL MARKETING TIPS • Make sure you get permission first. This is why offering free weekly newsletters and reports and coupons is important – by getting the visitor to sign up for this, the visitor is giving you permission to use their email address. No permission, and you may find that your emails become completely blacklisted by an ISP. • Integrate your email marketing with all social media marketing campaigns. This is particularly important as Forrester Research reported that 70% of adults spend their time reading blogs and tweets, and almost 60% maintain a profile on a social networking site(14). • Everyone’s using a smartphone, with a large chunk of smartphone users using their phone to browse the internet and help with shopping. It’s more important than ever to make sure your emails are mobile-friendly. Want more tips? We’ve got a bunch more! Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  53. 53. 53 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS RE-ENGAGE YOUR CURRENT LEADS As you can probably guess, not every email campaign is going to turn a subscriber into a buyer overnight. You can re-engage your subscribers and potentially turn them into a buyer. Here’s how: • Give away something free! Something like a quality made video, eBook, or free trial is a good give-away item. • Make your email feel more exclusive than stale. Write your emails so that those who are receiving it feel as if they are somehow being allowed to have top secret, valuable information that not everyone else knows. Invite people along to a webinar, or provide them with an early download of content that won’t be available to the public yet. • Stop talking about you. If you continue to send out emails that are just about what your company’s up to, then you’re going to get nowhere with your leads. Remind yourself that you’re here to solve their problems, so provide them with helpful information on how to do this. BUILD YOUR MAILING LIST Before you get stated on building a mailing list, you will need to create a solid privacy policy (See ours) to protect both yourself and your customer. Check out www.the-dma.org/privacy/creating.shtml for assistance in doing so. Once that’s done, here are some tips on how you can start gathering email addresses: • Post visible links on your website to your mailing list. Try adding some sort of free offer or free gift as a sort of incentive for them to sign up. • Provide a link to your email list when people complete a purchase on your site. Add a coupon or some sort of discount code that they can use if they sign up. • Have a pop-up window that will encourage people to sign up. Make sure that the window only pops up once during a customer’s visit – as constant pop-ups are an annoyance. • Don’t forget to make use of your landing pages! Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  54. 54. 54 54 21 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS NURTURE LEADS UNTIL THEY ARE READY TO BUY WHAT IS LEAD NURTURING? Once you have someone’s email address, you then have a “lead”. Lead nurturing is keeping in contact with every single person who provided you with their email address, but the contact that you keep with them is meaningful. The emails that you send out are geared towards solving their problems. You answer any of their questions in a timely manner. You’re human, genuine and aren’t just throwing sales pitch after sales pitch their way. In other words, you’re building trust. Building trust is important if you want people to buy from you. It’s not surprising that buyers are a lot more likely to purchase something from someone who is seen as a “trusted advisor”. If a lead sees you as being trustworthy, then later on down the road, when they’re ready, there’s a far grater chance that they’ll buy from you instead of your competition. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  55. 55. THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 55 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS RUN LEAD NURTURING CAMPAIGNS With up to 80% of leads being ignored by the majority of marketing sales teams due to frustration(15), one thing is extremely clear: lead nurturing is underused by companies, which means there’s plenty of space for you to swoop in and turn your leads, or “opportunities”, into buyers if you nurture them and give them time. Once you have a lead, you can offer a consultation, or some sort of freebie. If they take you up on the offer, fantastic. Then you have a new opportunity to turn a lead into a buyer NOW and can follow up on that as necessary. If a lead refuses to take you up on the offer at this time, however, don’t be afraid to send follow up emails. Make new offers, and really try to target what they may need while also continuing to provide free information, tutorials, or whatever would be appropriate and relevant to your business. TODAY TOMORROW NEXT WEEK NEXT MONTH VISITOR DOWNLOADS OFFER BRIEF EDUCATIONAL EMAIL IN-DEPTH EDUCATIONAL EMAIL PROMOTE NEW OFFER READY TO BUY Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  56. 56. 56 22 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS EFFECTIVELY CLOSE SALES SET SALES GOALS If you want to be successful, then you have to set reachable sales goals. Start off by making sure that you aren’t too vague. Having a goal of “I’ll increase sales this month” isn’t much of a goal. Setting a goal of “I will increase sales by 15% this month”, however, is quite specific. You have an aim: 15%. Your following goals after that are what will help you reach that 15%. A follow-up goal to that can be, “I will increase sales by 15% by offering 20% off all of my inventory” and “I will increase my pay per click (or whatever marketing strategy works for you) budget by 10%”. You can set as many different actions required for you to reach your specific goal, but the general goal formula will always be: “I will (insert specific goal) by (actions needed to accomplish goal).” Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  57. 57. 57 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS SALES BEST PRACTICES When it comes to best practices, every business has their own set. Here are some to get you started that have proven to be highly effective for businesses we’ve worked with: • Create and talk about your expectations when it comes to margin growth. If you have a sales team, speak with each one individually and work with them on how they can help meet those margins. • Train your sales force. While it’s fine to tell yourself and your sales force that you want to increase your margins, without proper training or techniques, you may not meet the mark. Continually learn and try new sales processes until you have a process that works. • Monitor your margin growth. • Check in with your competitors from time to time. See what their pricing is. Try to see what sort of pattern your competition is using when it comes to their prices. SEEK HELP IF YOU NEED IT Not everyone is born a natural salesperson. If sales is not your thing, there are plenty of resources available. I would recommend reading “Baseline Selling” by David Kurlan. If you like his concept but are still struggling with your confidence, I would contact his team at Kurlan Associates for their superior, yet affordable, training course. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  58. 58. 58 23 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS ANALYZE EVERYTHING WHO IS VISITING YOUR WEBSITE? There are a number of ways you can try to track just who is following your site. We’ll briefly go over some methods and the tools that will help you analyze your traffic: • Marketing Stats and Site Rankings: Compete, Hitwise or Alexa • Blog RSS Feed Analysis - Feedburner • Analytics Software: Google Analytics and HubSpot The type of software you use will likely come down to a matter of preference, but make sure you check out at least two in each category so that you know which will suit your needs best. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  59. 59. 59 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS IDENTIFY OPPORTUNITIES FOR IMPROVEMENT The most important part of having analytical and statistical information is so that you can improve your website and increase your sales. By looking at your stats, you will be able to see just who is coming to your site, how they arrived at your site, and other important information that will help you determine where your strong points are, and where your weak points are. When looking for ways to improve your site, first look to what you’re doing well, and try to implement those strategies on your site. Then, see what the top competitors in your niche are doing, and try to replicate their methods. They may have a great landing page or a fantastic website layout that’s driving up their sales numbers. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  60. 60. 60 24 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS MAKE CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENTS UPDATE YOUR WEBSITE There are three main reasons why updating your website is important: 1) Updating your website will keep your visitors interested. Adding fresh material will keep visitors coming back to see what’s new, and it will also help your website in SEO rankings 2) Take customer feedback into consideration, and then change up your website as necessary. If more than one customer complains that your website is hard to navigate, look at ways to change that. 3) Build more pages and content. The search engine love it, and so will your visitors. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  61. 61. 61 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS CREATE RELEVANT BLOG TOPICS The amount of blogs on the web is growing by the year. In May 2004 Technorati claimed it was tracking 2.4 million blogs, but just one year later (June 2005) they were tracking 11.7 million blogs. According to BlogPulse, as of the end of 2010, there were well over 152 million blogs(16). Now that’s a lot! In order to keep people coming to your blog, you need to continuously update your blog with relevant blog topics. This not only means showcasing new products and services, but it can also mean: Opening a discussion about something that’s in the news and topical. Try not to get too political and always be respectful. The news should be relevant to your business in some way. STAY UP TO DATE (WITH THE LATEST INBOUND MARKETING PRACTICES) You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor if you stay up to date with current inbound marketing practices. If you’ve been on sales and marketing for a while, you very well know that some marketing practices are only so effective for a certain period of time. There are always new ways to market items and new techniques that you should try to implement when your sales begin to lag or go stale. If you have staff, make sure you offer them paid training or seminars so that they are kept in the loop, too. The investment you make in training is well worth the boost in income you’ll make as a result. Don’t do it alone. If you need help, schedule a free consultation. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  62. 62. 62 25 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS SEEK THE NECESSARY HELP DEVELOP A PLAN In order to have a successful business, you need to have a solid plan. A business plan is also particularly important if you plan on going to any banks or investors and are trying to receive a loan or find an investment partner. The average business loan is around $13,000, but a quality proposal can get you $35,000 or more(17). The most important part of your plan is your vision. Where do you see your business going? How are you going to get there? Similar to goals–a good, well thought out plan will plot out the path on how you are going to turn your new business into a huge success. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  63. 63. 63 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS DELEGATE RESPONSIBILITIES This is especially important if you are not the only person employed in your business. It’s important that you look at each one of your employees’ strong points, and then decide who is going to do what duties, and in what time frame. Delegating responsibilities is important as it creates structure and organization within your business. That way you’ll be able to keep moving forward with your plan rather than constantly stumbling over who’s doing what and when. If you are the only person in your business, it’s still important that you delegate responsibilities to yourself on a daily basis, or look for outside help. For example, if you aren’t great with book keeping, it may be more profitable for you to hire on a part time bookkeeper rather than waste your own precious hours trying to figure out how to draw out a balance sheet. Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
  64. 64. 64 THE 2012 ONLINE MARKETING CHECKLIST: 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS FEELING INSPIRED? WE CAN HELP! OUR FREE CONSULTATIONS COME WITH NO OBLIGATION. GET YOUR FREE MARKETING ANALYSIS or Contact Us to get started. Learn, Follow, Connect: IMPACT Branding Design, LLC 43 Hall Avenue, 3rd Floor Suite 2 Wallingford CT, 06492 Share this eBook: Impactbnd.com
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