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Peaesineja teab ehk otsesemalt kui keegi teine, kuidas edukalt sotsiaalset müüki ellu viia ning juhtida – Frank Hattann, LinkedIn (Euroopa, Lähis-Ida ja Aafrika) müügidirektor. Frank on müügijuhina oma juhitud organisatsioonides saavutanud ka kuni 400% kasvu, töötanud rahvusvaheliste meeskondadega ning hetkel LinkedIn-is on tema ülesanne integreerida sotsiaalne/digitaalne müük ettevõtete igapäevaste funktsioonide (HR, marketing and sales) kasuks tööle. Franki esinemine on inglisekeelne, ent moderaatori vahendusel jõuavad põhiteesid kõigi osalejate mõtetesse kindlasti.

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  • Progression is way we use the web to and example of how we ingest content - In th 90’s – SHOULD you have a presence online?
  • Social media is only 5 years old, and has already demonstrated the revolution already happened in consumers’s life. Time magazine covers as a way to annotate history shows how much social media has impacted the world
  • Can your business stay away from Social Media?No – you will be pulled in.Your decision is to take part in the conversations, as other will talk about you, your brand, product and Service and potentially you as a professional as well.
  • Imagine the possibilities
  • For us, fundamentally changing the way the world works begins with our mission statement: To connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. This means not only helping people to find their dream jobs, but also enabling them to be great at the jobs they’re already in. We are able to do this in an unprecedented way due to the convergence of two unique trends:Scalable infrastructure that connects hundreds of millions of people in milliseconds, andExtraordinary shifts in online behavior related to the way people represent their identities, build their networks and share information and knowledge. This is fundamentally changing the world in the way we live, play, and, of course, work. And that’s where LinkedIn is focused: on fundamentally transforming the way the world works. Employees come to LinkedIn for a number of reasons:Maintaining their professional profile of recordNetworking with other professionalsFinding insights to get better at what they do
  • The world of work has changedThe Internet has transformed how information is created and accessed, and how people connect and collaborate.Buyers have changed, they are technology enabled and socially empowered.Professionals need to be more responsive and make faster and better informed decisions to perform in this accelerated business environment.  Enter LinkedIn. There is now a single, global community of professionals from which a magical new data asset emerges. With more than 175 million professional members representing companies in more than 200 countries and territories, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the Internet. These millions of professionals are adding information to their profiles, sharing important insights, and building their networks every day on LinkedIn.
  • And all of this data and activity starts with the professional profile. Profiles provide identity driving insights enabling brands to offer meaningful content to the right individuals.These profiles are cleanest procured available data set of professionals in the world.
  • LinkedIn advances relationships at the right time with the right individual and the right information.
  • Harvard Business Reviewhttp://www.hubspot.com/marketing-resources/marketing-statistics/http://www.customerthink.com/blog/b2b_sales_and_marketing_in_transition_whats_working?goback=.gde_4311285_member_176349737
  • Changing the game from serendipity
  • To science … as your network grows your ability to find, relate and engage is amplified and more accurate.Your network increases by 324xThe opportunity is for 324x leverage on the collective relationships across your firm
  • Challenger – Value Proposition – A new wayObjective – Introduce LinkedIn as the only source that can achieve this for a B2B sales teamWhat exactly does building strong pipeline entail?Since this is the top X priority for you to hit your number and you, not marketing, is not driving the majority of pipeline, let’s deconstruct together what exactly are the key activities in building pipeline so we can assess how well you’re doing with each and how LinkedIn may helpWho are the right people?   One of the most inefficient and difficult things in the selling process for both buyers and sellers is when a seller is chasing the totally wrong person.  What to talk about?   There’s nothing more annoying than when a sales person has no context about you or your business and leads with product before they know if you have any interest…basic rapport buildingHow do I get a warm intro?    Even if you’re the right person, we as buyers hate being cold called.   It is so much better if a seller came to me through a trusted source because I could immediately  tell the mutual connection I’m not interested. Since relationships matter, the seller couldn’t be too aggressive or would damage his/her relationship with the mutual connection.
  • MüügiLabor MÜÜK’14: Frank Hattann - Kuidas muuta maailma

    1. 1. LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights ReservedTransforming the way the world worksTallinn May 2013Frank HattannHead of Sales Solutions EMEA
    2. 2. Pre Web1990Web 1.01990-2000Web 2.02000 -2010The World of Communication is Changing!
    3. 3. 2006 2010 2011
    4. 4. Virality Network Effects User Generated Contend
    5. 5. Web 2.0 Enterprise
    6. 6. The Big Three Network Dynamics Who am I as aperson Ways of sharinglife experiencesand belonging to atribe Friends basedactivitiesSocial ProfessionalBroadcast Who I am as aprofessional Highlighting myexperiences andcareer aspirations Professionalactivities This is what I amthinking My voice to theworld Without anycontext other thanwhat I choose
    7. 7. Our Mission.Connect the world’s professionals to makethem more productive and successful
    8. 8. Members Worldwide+2 newMembers Per Second100M+Monthly Unique Visitors200M+
    9. 9. The profile to the world
    10. 10. Sell
    11. 11. Buying process hasfundamentally changed“ “
    12. 12. 13Buyers are tech-savvy, …
    13. 13. The world and buyers have changedWhat once worked, will not work anymoreLSS 14©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.97%75% 57%Of the time coldcalls do not work*7% worse every yearsince 2010B2B purchaserinfluencedby socialBuying decisionsare made beforesales rep involvementCorporate Executive Board 2012Connect & Sell 2012IBM Buyers Preference Study 2011
    14. 14. from Serendipity
    15. 15. to Science
    16. 16. HowHow do I geta warm intro?LSS 17©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.+200Mmembers+2Bmember updatesper weekBillionsconnectionsLinkedIn defines social sellingWhatWhat totalk about?WhoWho are theRight People? Leverage Pro Networks Expanded Company Network Target Decision-makers Focus on Real People Gather Intelligence Discover More Insight Leverage Warm Introductions Meaningful Conversations Collaborative Buying Process
    17. 17. Transforming the way the world works.