The client 2


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The client 2

  1. 1. The Clientby John Grisham Members: Santiago Bernabeu Lucia Irurueta Matías Colquhoun Nicolás Monetti
  2. 2. Mark Sway was 11years old and his brothercalled Ricky was 8 yearsold. They lived in atrailer with his mom. Sheleft their father, becausehe was always drunkand violent. Mark waslike Ricky s father. Afterschool, Mark wasteaching Ricky how tosmoke when suddenly acar with a man drinkingwhisky appeared.
  3. 3. This man was JeromeClifford. He was thelawyer of a leader of themafia, called Barry theBlade. He knew animportant secret. Barryhad killed a senator andhad hidden the body inClifford s house. Jeromewas frightened. He toldthe boys the secret andcommited suicide. Markcalled the police.
  4. 4. Ricky got shocked, so allthe family went to St.Peter s Hospital. A copasked Mark about thelawyer s body. Mark saidthat he saw him when hewas already dead. Hedidn t talk about thesecret because he wasscared.
  5. 5. Roy Foltrigg was a lawyerthat worked for thegovernment. He wasinvestigating about thesenator s murder. Heknew that it was relatedto the mafia and wantedto find the body. Hetalked with 2 FBI officers.They wanted to talk withMark because they knewthat he was lying.
  6. 6. Ricky was still inshock. Dr Greenwaysaid it was a difficultcase but he would beall right. Mark refusedto talk with the FBI.
  7. 7. Mark wanted to see alawyer before themeeting with theFBI, so he went to theoffice of a lawyercalled Gill Teal. It wasfull of people.Suddenly, a copappeared, so heentered another officeand met a lawyercalled Reggie Love.
  8. 8. Mark told all the truth to Reggie but hedidn t say where the body was hidden.Although Mark didn t have too muchmoney, Reggie accepted the case. Rickywoke up, but he didn t want to talk.
  9. 9. Mark met the FBI andthe officers started toask questions to him.He refused to talk.They couldn t ask himquestions when hewas alone.Suddenly, Reggie, that had recorded theconversation, appeared and defended him.
  10. 10. Johnny, Barry s uncle, who was head of the Mafia got angry because Barry told Clifford the location of the body. Mark talked with Slick Moeller, a reporter that was writing about the suicide. Mark told his mom the truth about what Ricky and him had seen.
  11. 11. Mark was worried afterseeing his face on thelocal newspaper. A mancalled Gronke, that waspart of themafia, threatened himinside the hospitals lift.After this, he met Reggiein a cafe and told herabout this. She wantedMark to talk to the FBI .Roy Foltrigg was angryand wanted the kid to befollowed.
  12. 12. The media waswaiting for Mark at thehospital when hearrived with Reggie.Doctor Greenwaytried to talk to Rickbut he wasnt able.Mark went to sleep toReggies house .Gronk was outsideReggies house,watching everything.
  13. 13. Marks picture was on the front page of thenewspaper again. When Mark and Reggiearrived at the hospital, Dianne was cryingbecause their trailer had been burnedapparently by The Mafia.Foltrigg kept on insisting Mark to talk, hemade the judge Harry Roosevelt sign anorder for Mark to stay in prison until the trialwhen he was supposed to talk.The police took Mark to prison by force.
  14. 14. Harry let Reggie talked toMark; The kid askedReggie what to say at the trial.Slick Moeller blackmailedthe courtroom guard andgot some informationabout what washappening in thecourtroom .
  15. 15. Slicks story about Marks courtroomappeared in the newspaper . Gronke wassure that Mark was not going to talk. Markstayed in prison, feeling terrified andfrightened because of the Mafia.
  16. 16. The judge agreed that Mark was in danger, so returned him to custody. Mark pretended to be in shock. They carried him to the hospital, where he escaped. He went with Reggie to New Orleans.
  17. 17. Mark and Reggie arrived at Clifford shouse. They saw Muldano and two menremoving the senator s body. Reggiethrew her shoe to the opposite house.Bells rang everywhere. Muldano and themen left the body and escaped. Mark andReggie confirmed that it was the senator sbody.
  18. 18. Mark, Ricky and their mom moved toPhoenix because of the witness protectionprogramme. After this, Reggie told the FBIthe location of the body.
  19. 19. The end