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Robin hood 17

  1. 1. Teacher: Beatriz Vaccaro.Members: Micaela Villordo, MelinaFernandez, Johanna Baez, Luciana Lalanne y Bruno Castagnino. Course: 1º4ª. Subject: English. «2012»
  2. 2. George GamwellHe was Robin Hood’sgrandfather. He was a Saxonlord. In a figth with a Normanlord, Gamwell lost his wife andhis two sons. So he taught hisdaughter, Joanna, to fight witha bow, an arrow and a sword.Years later, she escaped with a Norman man to theforest and they had a baby. George didn’t like it, buthe accepted it when he looked at his grandson´sface.
  3. 3. Joanna GamwellShe was Robin Hood´s mother andGeorge’s daughter. She knew howto fight with a bow, an arrow and asword. One night, she eloped witha Norman man (WilliamFitzooth), left his father and livedin the forest with William.A year later, they had a baby, Robin Hood. She and herfamily lived near his father, but sometimes, shebrought Robin to the forest.
  4. 4. William FitzoothHe was Robin Hood’s father.He was a Norman. One day, heasked George for Joanna’shand, but he didn’t acceptedhim. So that night he andJoanna eloped and lived inthe forest. In this place, theyhad a baby, Robin Hood.Then they lived near George, but sometimesJoanna brought Robin to the forest.
  5. 5. Robin HoodHe was half-Saxon and half-Norman. He robbed richpeople and gave the moneyto poor people. Also he hatedthe sheriff of Nottingham.He loved Lady Marian Fitzwalter, but he had tolive in the forest because the Sheriff wanted tocatch him. His mother was Joanna and his fatherWilliam. All the villagers liked him.
  6. 6. Marian FitzwalterShe was Robin Hood’s girlfriend. His father was Lord Fitzwalter. She had to live in the forest with Robin because the Sheriff wanted to marry her and she loved Robin. In this place Friar Tuck married them.
  7. 7. The Sheriff of NottinghamHe was a bad person. All thevillagers hated him because hetook everything from them.He hated Robin Hood and KingRichard, but Prince John andthe Abbot were his friends.He appeared in St. Mary’sAbbey and stopped Robin andMarian’s marriage.
  8. 8. Prince JohnHe was a bad person. Allthe villagers hated himbecause he was a greedyman, but they also wereafraid from him.He was King Richard’sbrother.The Sheriff was his friend. He hated Robin Hoodand King Richard because he wanted to be theKing.
  9. 9. MuchHe was a forester. The Sheriffmen found him carrying a deaddeer(the Sheriff had to kill himif he cannot pay for it). So Muchtold him that he could tell himwhere Robin was, but escapesinto the forest and the Sheriff men killed him andburnt down his house. Then his son joined Robingroup.
  10. 10. Little JohnHe was a big and strongman. One day he met Robinand they fought. Little Johnwon and threw Robin intothe river. So he invited himto join his group.Then Little John had a lot of adventures withRobin and the rest of the men.
  11. 11. Will ScarletHe was one of RobinHood’s men. He tookMuch’s son to Robinand found Sir Richardof Lee.He was Robin’s friend and helped him inmany opportunities.
  12. 12. Sir Richard of LeeRobin Hood helped him topay 1,100 pounds to theAbbot to save his son´s life.So little John went with himto St. Mary’s Abbey to testthe Abbot.When they were there and gave the money tohim, he felt very angry, because he wanted SirRichard’s lands and house.
  13. 13. The AbbotHe was a churchman.The Sheriff was hisfriend. He was verygreedy . He hated RobinHood. He wanted tohave a lot of money. Helived in St. Mary’sAbbey.
  14. 14. Friar TuckHe was a churchman,he was very big and heloved the food. Hemarried Robin andMarian in the forest.
  15. 15. King RichardHe was the King ofEngland. Prince John washis brother. He was agood person. At the endof the history he die.