Pirates of the caribbean 2


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Pirates of the caribbean 2

  1. 1. The story started with Jack escaping from a prison. When he returned to hisship, the Black Pearl, he examined a piece of cloth with a drawing of a key on it.Then, he was visited by Bootstrap Bill, who told him that he has been cursed bythe evil Davy Jones. Jack quickly heads to shore. His friends, Elizabeth Swannand Will Turner, have been arrested.
  2. 2. Will agreed to get Jack’s compass for Lord Beckett in exchange for his andElizabeth’s freedom. Will found the Black Pearl lying on its side on a beachnear Tortuga, but suddenly he was captured. Elizabeth’s father helped herescaped, and she used a gun to force Lord Beckett to sign Will’s releasepapers.
  3. 3. Will was put in a bone cage with Gibbs and other sailors from the Black Pearl. Hefound out that the islanders have made Jack their chief, and that they were goingto eat him for dinner at sundown in order to free his soul from his body. Afterthat, Will, Gibbs, the sailors and Jack all escaped from the islandersand returned to the Black Pearl.
  4. 4. The pirates left Tia Dalma `s houses and sailed the Black Pearl to an island.Will woke up. He was still on the old ship. He was at the end of a line of sailorsall on their knees. Someone walked slowly toward them. It was Davy Jones.Jones was very ugly ,with blue eyes and a long beard. His left hand and one of hislegs were missing. He looked angrily down at the line of sailors in front of him.Davy jones said Jack Sparrow to give him 99 souls for his soul. Jack had 3 days
  5. 5. Later that night Bootstrap was on guard when he saw the sail of another ship, theEdinburgh trader. Their you don`t have exit.The sailors looked out toward the ocean. A large monster was holding the Capitanin its hand. It lifted Bellamy high into the air, and then pulled him down into thewater.The chest wasn`t safe. Bootstrap`s son had the key and he was working with JackSparrow. We were going to Isla Cruces
  6. 6. Jack sat in a corner of a crowded bar in Tortuga. His feet were on a table and hiscompass was in his hand. Gibbs was finding Jack`s ninety nine souls. He promisedan exciting life on the Black Pearl to a line of hopeful sailors. Because they were inTortuga, every man was old and sick. Gibbs gets 4 souls
  7. 7. Will sat on the Flying Dutchman. He was playing slow, sad music on a piano.His eyes filled with tears as he looked up at a picture of a woman with long,thick hair .The sailors were working very hard.Suddenly, old wyvern moved and pulled himself free from the side of the ship
  8. 8. Jack, Elizabeth and Norrington found the chest on the island, and then theymet up with Will. The three men argue about who should get the chest, andthen they begin to fight. Elizabeth started to run after them.
  9. 9. Will, Jack and Norrington continued fighting over the key to Jones’s chest.Finally, Jack got the key, opened the chest and saw Jones’s heart. He put theheart into the bottle with the sand that he received from Tia Dalma. ThenNorrington ran away from Jones’s men, and Jack, Elizabeth and Willescaped in a row boat.
  10. 10. Davy Jones attacked Jack and the Black Pearl, but Jack wasn´t afraid becausehe had Tia Dalma’s sand and Jones’s heart. The Kraken started to attack theBlack Pearl and he discovered that Jack had a Black Mark in his hand. Jackstarted to escape by the Kraken, but then he turned around and returned toship. Elizabeth kissed him and told that he was a good man. Will, Elizabethand Davy Jones pulled Jack and Black Pearl down into the ocean for eternity.