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Get ready for a great CEO Online Tour by ALton RIchardson. Which he wants to showcase his business ideas for funding from others.

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Alton Richardson Online Ceo Tour – User Information

  1. 1. Alton Richardson Online CEO Tour – User Information Table of Content Slide 1 ------------------- Computer User Information Slide 2 -------------------- CEO Tour Ticket Slide 3 -------------------- CPU Requirements Slide 4 -------------------- Time Consuming Slide 5 -------------------- Ethics Slide 6 -------------------- Reinforcements and Rules Slide 7 -------------------- “Words From Alton: Page 1” Slide 8 -------------------- “Words from Alton: Page 2” Slide 9 -------------------- “Words from Alton: Page 3” Slide 10 -------------------- Alton Richardson’s Objective
  2. 2. Alton Richardson Online CEO Tour – User Information Computer User Information Alton Richardson’s’ CEO Online Tour is for New Business Associates is a tour giving online. If you have a good phone, Mac, or Notebook, you can view the Online Tour. You do not have to type, it’s just links and information. Have fun and don’t forget to donate a small gift to help with start-up. Thanks Alton Richardson
  3. 3. Alton Richardson Online CEO Tour – User Information CEO Tour Ticket You may have got a chance to meet CEO Alton, selling tickets to the his Online Tour. Alton wants to communicate to everyone that is interested in start-up funding. The ticket you received has two User Id’s and Passwords. One is for a Per Account and one is to log-in to the Online Tour. Aonline tour is a great way to communicate with new people
  4. 4. Alton Richardson Online CEO Tour – User Information CPU Requirements For you to view the Online Tour you will need: •Online Access / Wi-Fi or Home Connection Ram/Rom Memory Card Windows Explore or Safari Advanced Phone Please reframe from any Health Causing Issues or affects while viewing the Online Tour
  5. 5. Alton Richardson Online CEO Tour – User Information Time Consuming This is not the Online Tour… This is a way to show users the usage of the computer to communicate and to give users and new Associates a clue about what they are about to Fund. The CEO Online Tour for Alton Richardson is way to gaining funding and get responses from people while in their own comfort. This is a “data tour” written in computer programming, in English wording. Get a message across in the Business World
  6. 6. Alton Richardson Online CEO Tour – User Information Ethics Please note that, if you are new to corporate gift giving, please give at “your own risk” and take your time learning about the businesses, that CEO Alton Richardson offers.
  7. 7. Alton Richardson Online CEO Tour – User Information Reinforcements and Rules Those that are viewing the Online Tour should keep in mind this is a charity event for corporate funding. CEO Alton, is trying to get new Associates to donate their own gifts or donation.
  8. 8. Alton Richardson Online CEO Tour – User Information “Words From Alton: Page 1” Having access to the Internet for an Online Tour, is one of the tools I have to interact with others. Through the use of computer programming for internet web applications. I can communicate to almost any body. By using the internet for the Online Tour, my information can be found and viewed in minutes. Many people can see if they are interested in my services through text, and media. The internet will help me to email those that would like to know I have advanced in the world as a CEO or Owner of all my companies. Through data processing, mostly everyone will be able to save and tell others, information about mines.
  9. 9. Alton Richardson Online CEO Tour – User Information “Words from Alton: Page 2” I offer a wide range of opportunity services and products. The Online CEO Tour is being online is major key feature, I want to show as an interest to the public, how the internet can translate information. You will have to have an advanced phone and way to access the web page. While you where outside in the world, I found you buy selling tickets. The tickets have a password that will help to access the Online Tour. Feel free to view the Tour more than once and donate once you learn more about my businesses. This innovative technological way to communicate, gives everyone a chance to see “The Tour” the way the user wants to viewer chose too. Everyone can also view my full business information online.
  10. 10. Alton Richardson Online CEO Tour – User Information “Words from Alton: Page 3” The feedback and comments, helps to communicate with those of interest faster. Hopping to let everyone learn more at their own risk, even from home. There is no information of personal value given or used in the CEO Online Tour. Use your phone to log-in. Keep your password on file and stay in contact with me Alton Richardson, easier. My Online Tour is very user friendly. It uses links and button pushing, you can save some of the information. If you have an interest in Financial Statements, that to can be viewed by clicking the on links on the Livejournal, page. I want to provide he best Online Tour for money you invest. I worked very hard to make sure the information, I wanted you to view is viewable. The information on the scene was developed with the thought, I can show and tell what it is I would like to do for a career. Video, text, and information is for New Associates. I offer many different types of services and many are not online services but real world memberships to business or to get business done. I would like your feedback someday, after viewing, so comment or email questions.
  11. 11. Alton Richardson Online CEO Tour – User Information Alton Richardson’s Objective CEO Alton Richardson is very interested in raising venture funding, this is a business function, for viewing and research, while at the same time commenting back to CEO Alton and sharing CEO Alton’s business idea with others to help him in the venture business process to succeed