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Many Arab internet users stated that they depend on the internet as their main source of medical information.
The remarkable increase of Internet use among Arab countries has caused great changes in the behavior and habits of Arab users... the way users today interact with medical information and medical service providers is one example.

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Altibbi webinar

  1. 1. S Patient–Physician Relationship e-Healthcare and Arab Patient Behavior
  2. 2. Patient–Physician’s Relationship Doctors are: S An Idol S Patients' Psychological Adviser S Educated Professional Person Who Detains The Medical Knowledge
  3. 3. Patient–Physician’s Relationship Users/Patients are: S Young, Energetic and Pro-active S Well Informed S Knowledge Hungry The Arab Digital Generation
  4. 4. Patient–Physician’s Relationship Major Shift: S Patient-Physician Relationship Has Been Altered: > A New Decision Model Has Been Created in Which The “Informed Patient” Takes an Active Role in His/Her Healthcare.
  5. 5. S 35% of Users Say They Feel That Physicians Do Not Provide Enough Information S 34% of Users Feel That Physicians Don’t Listen Carefully to Their Complaints
  6. 6. Users/Patients e-Behavior S 3 out of 4 Internet Users Search For Medical Information, And Depend on Internet as Main Source of Information S 89% of Users Look-up Every Symptom They Feel And Every Medication They Get Prescribed Online Source: Altibbi survey – Quality of health care services in MENA region, 2012
  7. 7. Positive/Negative Influence of e-Health Constrains: S Physicians Resistance to e-Health Findings S Patients Lack Critical Appraisal Skills S Information Can Be Confusing And Misleading Advantages: S E-health Strengthen The Relationship Between Patients and Physicians S E-health Leads To Open Discussions About Healthcare Information S Well Informed Patients Leads To Better Compliance (more in control of their health)
  8. 8. Bridging The Gap S 53% of Users Believe That There Is a Need To Enhance The Medical/Health Information on The Net (3) S 50% Would Visit a Doctor Just From Reading His Profile on The Internet (1) S 65% of Patients Have Stated That They Are More Willing To Switch To a Physician Who Positively Interact With Them By Utilizing Online Communication Tools (1) Source: Altibbi survey – Quality of health care services in MENA region, 2012 (3) HON foundation. September 2007. (accessed 23 Jan 2009)
  9. 9. Bridging The Gap Studies Has Shown That Physicians Who Had Prior Online Interaction With Their Patients Reported: S 54% of Users Followed Physician Advice More Closely(1) S 54% Made Self-Directed Dietary Changes(1) S 67% of Physicians Report Having Patients Discussing Internet Information With Them (2) (1) Iverson SA, Impact of Internet Use on Health-Related Behaviors and the Patient-Physician Relationship: A Survey-Based Study and Review. The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association 2008; vol 108 (2) Jason Fleming. Health information on the Internet. The Journal of the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health 2003; 123; 10
  10. 10. e-Health Successful Stories Hear It From Altibbi’s Members
  11. 11. Open to Questions
  12. 12. How Altibbi Can Help Improve Patient – Physician’s Relationship S Altibbi is more than just a web and mobile web platform. Altibbi is a health and medical partner that not only connects patients to certified physicians but also connects physicians to physicians S It offers a free marketing channel for physician to build online presence and improve patient-physician relationship
  13. 13. Altibbi’s e-Patients Profile Where they’re coming from Gender Age Groups
  14. 14. Altibbi’s Users Medical and Health Concerns Top Concerns Social Media Interactions Education Preventive
  15. 15. Conclusion: Benefits of e-Healthcare S Improve Patient Self-Care And Health And Medical Knowledge S Improve Comprehension of Information Given by Physicians S Build Online Reputation And Reach More Patients S Increase Patient Satisfaction And Word-of-Mouth Referral
  16. 16. Open to Questions
  17. 17. Thank You! Please give us your feedback Join Altibbi Today on The Spread of Healthcare For All Share Your Knowledge