Demolition, Civil Engineering and Hard Landscape Construction Work


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Portfolio of work for Randall Contracting Demolition, Civil Engineering and Hard Landscape Construction Work in London and the South East

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Demolition, Civil Engineering and Hard Landscape Construction Work

  1. 1. PROJECT PORTFOLIO Enabling redevelopment in the Construction Industry
  2. 2. Enabling redevelopment in the Construction Industry for over 50 years Randall Contracting have been operating in the Construction Industry for over 50 Years and have adapted to the changes within the Industry. Originally formed as a plant hire and site clearance company in 1956 Randall Contracting has expanded its services to include: • Enabling Packages - these include demolition of small and large scale buildings, partial demolition including staircase, lift shaft and roof removal, strip outs, ground clearance and exhumation. • Civil Engineering - excavation of pipes and drainage, concrete repair, piling, groundworks and construction work for roads, pathways, car parks, bund & blast walls. • Hard Landscaping - to create and refurbish urban and leisure areas, public realm, playgrounds and play areas including installation of play equipment and soft play surfaces. • Plant Hire - we have a wide range of heavy plant and attachments for hire including excavators, tippers, screeners, crushers and roll on roll off skips. We can provide a full range of equipment for on site reuse of aggregate materials. • Waste Management - for on site removal of waste materials to licensed recycling or disposal centres, removal of fly tipping waste, asbestos sheeting and hazardous materials. Clients We work with a wide variety of clients in both the public and private sectors including: local authorities, charities, property management companies, housing trusts, main contractors, architects, project managers, structural engineers and surveyors. Added Value With the development especially in the public sector with regard to procurement it is now more important than ever to give ‘added value’ to any project we undertake. We have maintained a consistent client base over the years by providing a quality service at competitive prices. Building long term relationships is important to us and can be only achieved by giving a high degree of customer service. At Randall Contracting we ensure that we communicate with our clients at all stages of a project and are proactive rather than reactive. We are happy to advise on work at pre tender stage when it comes to complex projects at no extra cost. Investment in Personnel Randall Contracting have invested heavily in training of staff to carry out the diverse range of projects that we are involved with. Most of our staff have been with the company for over 5 years and are local to our headquarters in Barking. Having a consistent workforce allows us to maintain control and quality of work.
  3. 3. Quality and performance - our priority Quality and performance in everything we do is of great importance to Randall Contracting. We have a policy of continuous improvement to ensure that every member of our team operates in line with current legislation and works with quality and performance as their number one priority. Copies of our Health and Safety policy are available on request or available to download from our main website at Industry Accreditations With all projects we undertake ensuring we interact with the people affected by our work and for this purpose we assign our Community Liaison Officer to every project. This ensures we explain our working approach and take on board any concerns they may have and where practicable make provision for these in our work programmes. In addition to our own quality audits we have been accredited by Achilles, CHAS, Exor, NFDC, Constructionline, Considerate Constructors Scheme and BALI as well as achieving ISO 9001 and 14001 quality assurances. All our staff have appropriate CSCS and CPCS qualifications and Health and Safety Randall Contracting have always taken Health and Safety very seriously and have invested heavily for the ongoing support of our employees, sub contractors and clients. We employ a Health and Safety Advisor called John Deane who carries out Site Audits and Checks as well as advising us on key health and safety issues that may arise during our day to day work. John has over 20 years in the business and holds NEBOSH and CMIOSH qualifications. Our Health and Safety Policy is prepared by the ‘Health and Safety People’ on a yearly basis. They carry out regular audits on our working methods and environments. We are in constant contact with them regarding new legislations which in turn is communicated to our staff. Community Liaison
  4. 4. Environmental Policy Randall Contracting recognise that our operations have an effect on the local, regional and global environment. We ensure that all staff are trained in our environmental management policy and given guidance in its implementation As a consequence of this, the management are committed to continuous improvements in environmental performance and the prevention of pollution. Current environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice are regarded as setting the minimum standards of environmental performance The safe and efficient disposal of waste material has always been a priority within the company. We dispose of all waste in a responsible manner, ensuring that we always comply with the duty of Care Regulations for contaminated and non-contaminated waste. (Licensing Authority: London Waste Regulation Authority No. GTL/365462) The Company always supplies full and complete documentation in compliance with the Duty of Care legislation. Any services used for the storage or disposal of waste will be checked to ensure that appropriate licences are held. We try where possible, to use suppliers who are willing to take away packaging for re-use or recycling and consider the environmental impact of any purchases We try to reduce the energy and water consumption of the business and minimise CO2 emissions. We invest in the improved energy efficiency of products we use and investigate environmentally safe and sustainable energy sources All plant, machinery and lorries are regularly serviced by the company’s mechanics for safety and efficiency. High on our priorities is the restriction of both noise and air pollution. Vehicles and Plant are purchased with regard to the restriction of emissions. The company has invested in specialised attachments for it’s plant thus enabling demolition and excavation work to be carried out in such a way as to keep noise, vibration and dust to a minimum. We ensure that dust, noise and odour do not cause a nuisance to the community surrounding the place of business or site on which we are working. Most of the company vehicles are run on diesel. We are aware of the problems caused by diesel particulates and new vehicles have fuel injection which reduces particulate emissions by up to 50%, however the clearest advantage of diesel vehicles is still their relatively high fuel efficiency and smaller contribution to global warming. We try to reduce waste production and carry out re-use and recycling as much as possible and achieve 96% recycling of materials. Crushers have been introduced on many sites for this purpose. We ensure that no polluting matter enters surface waters or groundwater, will obtain permission before discharging any contaminated water, and before commencing any works we will check the area for endangered species, protected plant species, trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order and protected archaeology In the office environment, paper is used sensibly, with measures to re-use and recycle waste paper and increased use of electronic communication to reduce the need for paper use. Office staff are encouraged to conserve energy by switching off lights and turning heating down in rooms not in use and making optimum use of natural light and task lighting. We endeavour to use sub-contractors and suppliers who comply with the requirements of our environmental management policy and will help sub-contractors and suppliers to comply with environmental laws and regulations as much as possible
  5. 5. CASE STUDIES Enabling redevelopment in the Construction Industry
  6. 6. Enabling Works
  7. 7. Great Guildford St, deconstruction of an occupied office building Category - Enabling Works Client - Workspace PLC Value - £350,000 This enabling project was for the redevelopment of mult-tenanted office building in London close to the Tate Gallery. The proposed building works were designed to add two additional floors and create a central courtyard with a cafe/bar for the tenants. Randall Contracting were appointed to carry out the enabling works which included decommissioning and removing boilers from the basement, removal of lift shaft, removal of water tanks from roof, demolition of ground floor entrance and first floor offices. Working in occupied offices The building remained occupied whilst the work was carried out, therefore careful working programmes and methods were used to reduce the impact to tenants in order for them to carry out their day to day business. These included monoflex sheeting to reduce dust and visually shield the work. Designated noisy operations were restricted to set times during the day. Randall Contracting specialise in this type of project and other works have included removal of lift shafts, basement excavations, stairways of offices in London and the South East.
  8. 8. Seymour Street, demolition of a West End Hotel Category - Enabling Client - Blenheim House Construction Value - £500,000 An old formerly listed building owned by Portland Estates in Mayfair. The building subsided when a new development was built adjoining it. Consequently the building had been propped internally and had been left empty. Randall Contracting were awarded the project after Tendering for the work with the main contractors. The site had a number of constraints on it which included restricted parking to the front and rear of building and designated noisy working times during the day. Steel Frame Before the building could be demolished a steel frame had to be constructed and fixed internally to support the building while demolition took place. Once this had been done the existing props had to be removed. The building was stripped out first with original doors, skirtings, fire places put aside and stored to be used in the new build project. Demolition The Demolition was carried out using hand tools and a small excavator where possible. A conveyor belt leading to a platform to the front of building was used to remove waste materials to waiting roll on roll off lorries. Deliveries and collections had to be programmed due to waiting time restrictions. Groundworks Randall Contracting were also contracted to carry out the groundworks package for the new build.
  9. 9. Demolition of three residential homes Category - Enabling Client - Eastbourne Homes Value - £350,000 A demolition project for Eastbourne Homes in conjunction with Eastbourne Council. It consisted of three residential homes built in the 1970’s which were to make way for new Social Housing. The homes were all located in a highly populated residential area of Eastbourne. Community Liaison Establishing close links with the community was very important before the work. There were a number of private homes were very close to the site and a number of schools. Our Community Liaison Officer ensured that all schools and residents were informed about the nature of the works and given the opportunity to express any concerns. This meant that clear lines of communications were established throughout the project. Asbestos Removal All the properties contained Asbestos in varying degrees so Randall Contracting used the services of a local licensed Asbestos removal company to carry out this work in stages before the demolition work. Phasing of Work Each home was demolished in sequence using grapples and munchers including the slab and foundations. All materials were sorted and 96% of materials were removed for recycling to local waste disposal centres.
  10. 10. Wordsworth Avenue, demolition of a Community Centre Category - Enabling Client - London Borough of Newham Value - £50,000 Randall Contracting have worked with a number of local authorities including the London Borough of Newham for many years on a variety of demolition projects. Redevelopment in Newham The London Borough of Newham is committed to providing more social housing for its growing diverse population. In order to do this the Council is redeveloping many sites throughout the Borough. One of these sites was Wordsworth Avenue Community Centre in East Ham. Randall Contracting were awarded the contract as an approved supplier of the Council. Demolition The centre was of brick construction with a considerable amount of rebar strengthening contained within it. Being in a residential area Randall Contracting had to ensure that the local residents were consulted before work was carried out. Provision was put in for noise monitoring and dust prevention. Because of its construction the demolition was carried out using a ‘cracker attachment’ which was ideal for cutting through the rebar with ease. All materials were removed and 96% of materials were recycled.
  11. 11. Exhumation Works Randall Contracting have worked on a number of exhumation projects in conjunction with a leading funeral director based in East London. This specialist work has including removing human remains from various sites earmarked for redevelopment. These sites are usually where a temporary development, car park or playground has been constructed over the site. In some cases it is where a Church is trying to raise additional funding by selling off land. Archeological Supervision The remains are found in various conditions and full archeological supervision is required on all projects. All sites are hoarded and 24 hour security is put in place. Work is carried out professionally and sympathetically. Arrangements can be made for a priest to attend sites before any work commences and on re internment to give a brief service or blessing if required. Building of Crossrail With the building of the Crossrail rail link a large number of human remains have been discovered in Central London because of the deep excavation work required on the project. Working with the main contractor Randall Contracting have carried out the exhumation work consistently for the last couple of years.
  12. 12. Demolition of School building Category - Enabling Works Client - Barking and Dagenham Council Value - £45,000 Randall Contracting work with a number of Local Authorities and some of the work is with local Schools and Colleges. This project was for the demolition of an old gym which had a roof made of asbestos sheeting and contained some internal asbestos. The School backed on to residential properties. Dust screens and sprays were used to protect the surrounding properties from dust. The work was carried out in School Holiday time. We appointed a licensed asbestos removal company to carry out removal of the asbestos. The building was demolished using grapples. All materials were sorted on site for recycling and removed to local recycling centres.
  13. 13. Demolition work in Epping High Street, Essex Category - Enabling Works Client - Stace Value - £100,000 This demolition project involved a mixture of buildings located in the main high street of Epping in Essex. The main building was once a listed building. The buildings stretched back from the high street and included a 1960’s brick built building with a flat roof. Next to the site was a busy public house so it was essential that the day to day life of the pub was not disturbed. Scaffolding was erected to protect the building and garden area. A noisy work programme was put in place to ensure there was minimum amount of disturbance. Dust sprays were used and noise monitored. There was a mixture of services to this building including cabling to adjoining properties running through the property. Close liaison with the services providers was essential. Grapples and munchers were used for the older part of the property and breakers, shears and crackers used on the newer part of the building.
  14. 14. Demolition of the Kingsbridge Care Home Category - Enabling Client - London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Value - £100,000 The Kingsbridge residential care home in Barking had become redundant and the local borough decided to demolish it and redevelop the site. The site was in a built up residential area and our experience in working at constrained sites was a major factor in us winning the work. Because of the closeness of residents to the site there was concern from both the council and residents about dust pollution. To counteract this a water spray system was introduced to minimise the dust levels. Close liaison was also kept with the local residents by our Community Liaison Officer. Whilst carrying out the work a foul water pipe was uncovered that was not marked on the services drawings. Our experience with groundworks and drainage projects meant that we could carry out a temporary repair until the Council could make a full repair.
  15. 15. 328 Barking Road, demolition of temporary building and remediation work Category - Enabling Client - London Borough of Newham Value - £240,000 A two storey temporary office complex had been built on the site of a substantial Victorian Methodist Church. The site was close to residential and commercial properties. The contract was in two phases, firstly the demolition and clearance of the office block which included Asbestos removal and the diversion of services. The demolition work was carried out using a hydraulic sorting grapple, this allowed safe and efficient segregation of the various structural materials for recycling. On site re-use of materials The second phase was the enabling works to remove the foundations of the old Methodist Church. It was found that the entire Victorian substructure was in place and that it would take between 450-500 lorry movements to remove the waste from site. Randall Contracting advised the client that a cheaper and more environmentally friendly solution would be to instal on site recycling. This was done and substantial savings were made for the client.
  16. 16. Exmouth House, enabling project for redevelopment of an office block Category - Enabling Works Client - Workspace PLC Value - £200,000 This enabling project involved the removal of a central staircase to facilitate a new lift shaft and conversion of a basement into a bike store with shower facilities. Working in occupied offices The building remained occupied whilst the work was carried out, therefore careful working programmes and methods were used to reduce the impact to tenants in order for them to carry out their day to day business. Designated noisy operations were restricted to set times during the day. Randall Contracting specialise in this type of project and other works have included removal of lift shafts, basement excavations and stairways in London and the South East.
  17. 17. Charles House, refurbishment of factory units Category - Enabling Client - Workspace PLC Value - £250,000 Randall Contracting have worked with Workspace PLC for a number of years. Workspace refurbish large existing industrial units by stripping them out and then dividing into small units. These units are rented out on short rentals at low cost. One of these projects was Charles House in Southall and Randall were asked to complete a second phase of units having previously worked on the first phase in 2010. The building was stripped out and then divided into separate units by building constructing dividing walls, fixing pre fabricated steel frames to create a mezzanine floor and stairway. Randall Contracting was the main Contractor and coordinated the steel, electrical and brick work. The redecoration work was carried out by our own workforce.
  18. 18. Hookers Road E17, refurbishment of burnt out factory units Category - Enabling Client - C&S Builders Merchant Value - £500,000 A refurbishment project in Walthamstow, East London to restore two burnt out steel framed factory units. The high temperatures of fire had caused extensive damage to the steel frame, brickwork and roofing. The power supply had been cut off to the units which had to be restored. Our work consisted of: • Replacing sections of the steel frame • New Roofing • New and replacement brickwork • Resurfacing • Refurbishment of fire damaged offices • New security shutters • Electrical rewiring The project was completed to programme.
  19. 19. Hard Landscaping
  20. 20. Lambeth High Street Recreation Ground, redevelopment of Park Category - Hard Landscaping Client - Lambeth Council Value - £200,000 Lambeth High Street Recreation Ground is an Historic Park in central London. The park is a central part of the local community life. Over recent years the park had become subject to anti social behaviour and local residents began to use the park less and less. The local residents were instrumental in obtaining funding for its redevelopment and Landscape Architect Adam Thomas was appointed to redesign the park. The designs were accepted and then due to government cut backs the project was put on hold. At the beginning of 2013 the go ahead was finally given and the project was Tendered by Lambeth Council. Randall Contracting were successful in winning the Tender and the emphasis to work with local residents and keep the park open was very important. The redevelopment work included: • A new main entrance with bespoke designed gates • Resurfacing work to all footpaths • Demolition of existing water feature and re-use of materials to create Landscaped mounds at back of park • New designed replacement water feature • Redevelopment of Play Area • Planting of new trees and shrubs • New Seating • Gabion Walls filled with reused materials Working with the local residents Randall Contracting sponsored an opening event which was attended by Kate Hoey MP. It was a great success.
  21. 21. Tile Kiln Lane Community Area construction Category - Landscaping Client - Enfield Council Value - £50,000 A lottery funded Community project through Enfield Council on an area of waste land in Edmonton, North London. The project was designed by Landscape Architect Rachel Moody. The concept was to create a community area where children could come and study wildlife which will be allowed to flourish by allowing it to grow wild. There was already a pond area which was home to dragonflies and butterflies. Work included construction of: • Stile access • Fencing • Pathway Construction • Bird Hide • Planters • Picnic Area • Pergola
  22. 22. Ivybridge, play area refurbishment Category - Hard Landscaping Client - Hounslow Homes Value - £45,000 Randall Contracting working closely with a well known landscape architect were approached to do this project. The Ivybridge Estate is in Twickenham and has a very active tenants association. The residents wanted to improve the facilities at their existing play area by making it appealing to both parents and children. They only had a limited budget and working in close partnership with the architect Randall Contracting were able to provide a solution which met the budget. The playground had an existing slide which was kept. A climbing frame with a swing was introduced along with play boulders in two locations. A raised seating area was created with planting areas. This allows the parents to supervise their children in pleasant surroundings. The budget did not allow for re turfing and therefore the site was kept fenced off to allow grass seed to establish itself prior to an opening ceremony in March 2012. This is one of many types of Play Area schemes that Randall have worked on including creating multi-play areas.
  23. 23. West Ham Park, installation of disabled slide Category - Hard Landscaping Client - City of London Value - £50,000 West Ham Park which is run by the City of London and has a large Children’s Play Area. The playground caters for children with disabilities and has various play equipment for the disabled. The City of London decided to commission an architect to design a scheme for a disabled slide. Randall Contracting were selected for the work because of similar schemes that we have worked on. The work consisted of creating a 2m high mound from and constructing a gradual winding pathway for wheel chairs leading to the top of the slide. Steps were also constructed for children without disability. The pathway was finished with cobbles and sureset surfacing. The mound was original turfed but the architect changed this to synthetic grass. The reason being that the children using the slide also like to run up and down the mound.
  24. 24. Drainage and landscaping project for house redevelopment Category - Hard Landscaping Value: - £110,000 Client - Brickcrest A New build house project by a Property Developer in Chiswick West London involved external groundworks and landscaping of this prestigious new development. Work included fencing, pathway, drainage, lighting and soft landscaping.
  25. 25. Maintenance work at Winsor School Beckton Category - Maintenance/Hard Landscaping Client - London Borough of Newham Winsor School Beckton is one of numerous schools that Randall Contracting have worked for in our work with the local authorities that we work for. The ground that the school is built on is constantly moving having been built on old landfill site. This has resulted in the paved areas of the school moving and some of the drains cracking. Randall Contracting were brought in and carried out resurfacing work to the playground and car parking areas including relining, block paving repairs and new drainage. The work is ongoing here and Randall Contracting carry out repair work on a regular basis.
  26. 26. Civil Engineering
  27. 27. Battersea Dogs and Cats Home staff car parking and landscaping Category - Hard Landscaping Client - Battersea Dogs and Cats Home Value - £1,200,000 Randall began a long-standing relationship with Battersea Dogs and Cats Home with the redevelopment of the old car park and exercise pens. Our brief was to produce a secure and pleasing operational and recreational area for the staff and the dogs. The works incorporated 10,000 sq m of new concrete surfacing, new drainage, lighting and bespoke dog pens. The site had formerly been railway sidings and the underlying sub-base was particularly good. Because of this considerable savings were achieved for the client by reusing the track ballast as sub base for new slabs. Randall Contracting had contractor’s design responsibilty on the contract for the design of the dog pens and steel framed facias on protected railway arches. We exceeded all of the Client’s deliverables including 96% recycling on site, minimization of noise and timing of lorry movements so as not to disturb the daily life of the home. Because of the good work we were asked back to deliver an enabling package for the new cat facility which was opened by Camilla Parker Bowles.
  28. 28. New waste facility at 12 Tree Crescent Category - Civil Engineering Client - Bywaters Project Value - Over two phases £500,000 This Civil Engineering project was for long-standing client ‘Bywaters Waste Management’ at their new waste handling facility in Bow, East London. It involved the redevelopment of an existing warehouse to suit a new waste handling facility. The work was extensive and included • Alterations to existing roads • Construction of a new substation • Drainage alterations including forming a new petrol interceptor • New concrete slab to form a shunting area for incoming trailers • Foundations and ducts for new plant - Trommel Bailing Machine • Construction of two weighbridge pits • New fencing and repairs to existing • Ducts for new HV Switchboard • Refurbishment of offices
  29. 29. Kingsnorth Powerstation, gatehouse and car park Category - Civil Engineering Client - E.on Value - £840,000 As part of our ongoing work with E.on at Kingsnorth Powerstation Randall were asked to undertake a major redevelopment of the gatehouse and car parking. This was to allow one central security control point from one central station. The work involved the supply and installation of a sectional building, adjustment to the approach roads, creating a car parking area, security fencing and gates, provision of water and electric to the gate house and drainage.
  30. 30. Box Park, retail village groundworks and construction Category - Civil Engineering Client - Box Park Limited Value - £275,000 Randall Contracting were contacted last year by a fashion entrepreneur with a vision to create a designer retail village on waste land adjacent to Shoreditch Station. The village was to be constructed from Containers. Initially Randall were asked to clear the site, install drainage, level the ground, construct a supporting wall and place railway sleepers for 60 containers to rest on at two levels. This was the first venture by the Client into this field of work and they had not factored in the magnitude of the works involved in getting the containers installed and ready for public use. Randall were then appointed as the main contractor and carried out additional works which included: placing of the containers, construction of upper platform with handrails, installation of stairways, provision of all utilities, coordination of shop fitting 60 Containers, disabled lift installation and tarmacing. The project was completed in time for an opening in December for Christmas. Box Park now has plans to open several more developments and Randall Contracting will act as the main Contractor. Work starts on a new development in the summer of 2012.
  31. 31. Silk Street, steam pipe excavation Category - Civil Engineering Client - Citigen Value - £120,000 Randall Contracting have worked with E.on for over 10 years at their Power stations at Kingsnorth in Kent and Enfield on a wide variety of work including: Hard Landscaping, Citigen who are part of E.on have a Powerstation at Farringdon and this provides hot steam a network of pipes to office buildings which run underground throughout the City of London. From time to time these pipes leak due to ground movement. Randall Contracting were asked to take over from another contractor to locate a leak in the pipes feeding a large office building in Silk St EC2. The work involved excavating a hole to a depth of 6 metres and could only be carried out at certain times of the day so as not to disturb the adjoining buildings. Operatives trained in confined spaces were required and the majority of the work was carried out using hand tools because of services which ran across the site. Added to this an old Victorian drain was located which ran near to the damaged pipes. The leak was found and repair work carried out. This type of work is ongoing.
  32. 32. Waste Management
  33. 33. Waste Removal from industrial unit Category - Waste Management Client - Workspace PLC Value - 70,000 Our client Workspace had taken over an Industrial Unit for redevelopment which had been badly fly tipped with a variety of rubbish. It was unknown wether it contained hazardous materials. Using our own Plant the warehouse was cleared and materials sorted for recycling. In amongst the rubbish were Fridges, Gas Bottles, Tyres and Syringes. These items were disposed of using the correct procedures. This is one of many projects we undertake using our Waste Management Services.
  34. 34. Bounds Green, car park remodelling Category - Hard Landscaping Client - Workspace PLC Value - £45,000 One of many similar projects that we have worked on for Workspace PLC who specialise in refurbishing industrial units for short term rentals. In the summer of 2010 Randall were given the task of remodelling the car park at a busy industrial estate Bounds Green, North London. The work included general improvements to the existing car park and included: Provision of disabled parking bays, cycle parking areas, realigning existing roadway, adapting and extending existing drainage, levelling sub base and laying new tarmac and providing new kerbs and road markings. This project involved traffic management whilst the works were being carried out.
  35. 35. Plant Hire
  36. 36. Randall Plant Hire Division Randall Contracting Plant Hire Division can provide a range of heavy plant and attachments on short or long term hire contracts. Operators are also available at competitive rates. PLANT • Tracked excavators 3-35 tonne • Crushers & screening equipment for wet and dry soils • Tipper lorries 8-6-4 wheel • Roll on/off lorries for rubbish or muck Containers ATTACHMENTS • Grapples • Breakers • Screening Buckets • Crackers • Shears • Pulverizors • Compactor Plates For a quote please called Richard Fitzwilliams.
  37. 37. Randall Contracting Unit 6, 110 River Road, Barking, Essex IG11 0DS Telephone: 020 8709 1870 Fax: 020 8507 7002
  38. 38. Contact Details