Windows 8.1 Start Screen Features


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Windows 8.1 has new look to the Start Screen. Explore more new features here

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Windows 8.1 Start Screen Features

  1. 1. WINDOWS 8.1 START SCREEN New Start Screen
  2. 2. FEATURES The new start screen now has the below features • • • • Multiple selection of tiles to resize, uninstall and move Personalise option to set desktop background as start screen background New All Apps feature Start button on the desktop mode
  3. 3. PERSONALISE OPTION Use the Charm setting menu to personalise the Start Screen. Now it is possible to use the desktop screen background to the Start Screen
  4. 4. TILES OPTION From Charm settings menu there is a new option for Tiles. We can now show more tiles on the Start Screen.
  5. 5. MORE TILES OPTION Before After
  6. 6. MULTIPLE SELECTION Now can select multiple Tiles With multiple tiles selection w can do • • • • • Uninstall Unpin Resize Turn off Live Move Can also change the Group Text on top easily
  7. 7. RESIZE TILES Now can resize the tiles • • • • Small Medium Wide Large
  8. 8. MULTIPLE TILE MOVE Just select the tile by right click on tile. With touch hold on to the tile for a while to enter into customise mode. Once you select multiple tiles you can drag and drop anywhere to move
  9. 9. APPS PAGE All apps page for easy navigation
  10. 10. To see all apps installed just swipe up in the Start screen If you using the mouse you would see a small down arrow at the left bottom of the start screen. APPS
  11. 11. APPS FEATURES 1. Shows all apps installed with search box on the right 2. Can arrange the apps by name, date installed, most used and category 3. Use the right search option to search specific app.
  12. 12. SHORTCUT KEYS Win Key + C Opens the Charm Win Key + F File Search Win Key + I Settings Bar Win Key + Q or S Search bar to search Everywhere Win Key + W Search within Settings Win Key + X Menu to have more options. Shutdown and restart included Win Key + Print Screen Screenshot saved in pictures Screen Shots folder