The New Normal: Predictive Power on the Front Lines


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The Briefing Room with Mike Ferguson and Alteryx

Today's savvy organizations know that a streamlined approach to data and applications can put the power of predictive analytics right where it needs to be: in the hands of the user. A revolution is underway, designed to deliver capabilities in a more user-friendly fashion to any business analyst. Central to this overhaul of design is the concept of intelligent, simple workflow, which enables users to get things done in an orderly fashion.

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  • Purpose of presentation:Presentation is designed as overview of Alteryx Predictive Analytics capabilities and how Alteryx makes Predictive Analytics more accessible to more users.AudienceAll audiencesLevel of Content100 Level – introductory and overview
  • Image: takeaway: Predictive Analytics holds tremendous potential for business value, but historically has been more complex to implement than other styles of BI.Traditional BI platforms have done a good job giving organizations a deep understanding of the past – how did sales vary by product, time period, or geography.But organizations who use traditional BI are still using guesswork and gut-feel to understand the present and to predict the future.Because Predictive analytics offers the highest potential for competitive advantage, leading organizations like The Data Warehouse Institute have called it out as the highest value style of BI.But historically, it has also been considered the most complex style of BI, with even sophisticated organizations struggling to deliver successful predictive implications, due to the technological and analytical complexity of traditional offerings.
  • Key takeaway: The “old way” doesn’t work any more. The traditional process to get from business question to predictive insight is slow, complex, and expensive.Because of the huge potential business value of predictive analytics, many organizations have “put up with” processes that are really inefficient at delivering value.Time-consuming – Because multiple tools and individuals need to be involved at different steps – preparing and integrating the data, applying predictive techniques, analyzing and sharing results – the process can be extremely time-consuming. It’s not uncommon with traditional approaches for phase 1 predictive deployments to take 12-18 months to start to produce value.Specialized skills – Traditional approaches require someone with deep data access and modeling experience to tackle the problem of extracting and integrating data from disparate sources to support analysis. Beyond that, once the data is integrated, a data scientist or high-end statistician has had to look at the data and the business problem, and develop the right analytic techniques to predict results. Those skill sets can be costly, hard to find, or slow to respond given other demands.Expensive – beyond the expense of the people expertise, the traditional approach has involved multiple different software tools – ETL, Query and Reporting, Predictive/Stats, Information delivery – these all have their own license and maintenance costs, upgrade cycles, and dedicated hardware, making Predictive Analytics an expensive undertaking.Hard to iterate – In business, answers often lead to more questions, especially in Predictive Analytics. So a business user finally gets an answer predicting what first-year Sales will likely be for a new store. Then someone else says “What if we targeted a different location, and spent 40% more on Marketing?” That requires iteration, and in the traditional approach, that’s difficult because the same discrete individuals and systems need to be involved to produce the next answer.
  • Key takeaway: Alteryx dramatically changes the way organizations can harness the value of predictive analytics, faster and at a much lower cost.Faster time - By bringing historically disparate tools together into a single environment, Alteryx dramatically shrinks the time window from business question to predictive insight, which is critical in competitive markets where you’re trying to out-maneuver your competition.No specialized skills required - Alteryx empowers data artisans to integrate disparate, even complex data sources easily, and to apply sophisticated analytic techniques without a PhD in Statistics.Lower cost – Alteryx provides the same capabilities as a traditional predictive “stack”, but integrated into one environment. That way organizations don’t have to license, deploy, and maintain multiple separate tools, dramatically lowering both acquisition as well as ownership costs.Iteration-friendly – The integrated environment and ability for Data Artisans to “self serve” with Predictive Analytics makes it much easier to iterate as business questions change and evolve. They don’t have to pull in other personnel or manage data through a series of unintegrated software tools.
  • Key takeaway: With Alteryx, it’s easy to integrate complex, non-traditional data sources and take advantage of emerging “Big Data” platforms.New data sources bring new complexity. Social media, sensor, and cloud application data not only create large data volumes, but the data structures are highly-variable and the data is being produced on a constant, high-velocity basis.New platforms have emerged that provide very cost-effective ways to manage these huge data volumes in a way that would have been technically difficult and extremely expensive with traditional database platforms.Alteryx makes it easy to integrate these new data formats, and integrates directly with all of the popular Big Data platforms like Hadoop, MongoDB, and Cassandra to provide analytic value on Big Data.
  • Key takeaway: There are many third-party data sources that can provide organizations with much deeper insight into local markets and customer segments.There are many third-party data sources that can provide much greater insight when incorporated into predictive analytics processes.Alteryx provides and integrates many different data sources to compliment a company’s internal data with external data on:Consumer demographics – education, age, incomeLocationsCompetitor revenues, employeesDrive times – including proprietary Alteryx algorithms for estimating drive times given known traffic patterns.
  • Key takeaway: Alteryx brings the value of Predictive Analytics out of the “ivory tower” and puts it in the hands of front-line employees.Alteryx brings the value of Predictive Analytics to front –line employees, so that they can use predictive insights like a customer’s estimated lifetime value to make decisions in real-time during customer interactions.Alteryx takes advantage of the power of the widely-adopted open source analytic language “R.” Alteryx packages the R techniques in a graphical, drag-and-drop environment, making sophisticated analytical power accessible to data artisans without 4GL coding.
  • Key takeaway: New data and business realities are forcing organizations to adapt to stay competitive. Alteryx has a unique approach that makes that faster, easier, and far less expensive than traditional approaches to Predictive Analytics.Competitive companies want to leverage predictive insights to out-flank their competition while maximizing results and minimizing risks of business investments.Unlike conventional approaches, Alteryx’s integrated environment makes the power and value of Predictive Analytics available to a much wider audience, at a far lower cost, and gives organizations the ability to drive deep business insights from Big Data, Third-party, and traditional data sources.
  • The New Normal: Predictive Power on the Front Lines

    1. 1. The New Normal: Predictive Power on the Front Lines Matt Madden- Sr. Product Marketing Manager© 2012 Alteryx, Inc. Confidential. 1
    2. 2. Decisions start with data • New sources creating huge volumes of “Big Data” • Social Media • Sensors • Radio Frequency ID (RFID) • Log files Big Data • More Data= More Questions= More Decisions Value • Predictive analytics provides tremendous potential for high-value analysis & decisions • Customer Analytics Predictive • Marketing Optimization • Market Basket Analysis • Inventory Analysis • Reducing Churn© 2012 Alteryx, Inc. Confidential. 2
    3. 3. Predictive Analytics: A Competitive Imperative • Traditional Business Intelligence (BI) platforms are backward-looking • Predictive Analytics represents the highest value • Historically, Predictive Analytics also been most complex to implement Prediction Monitoring Reporting- What happened? • Query, reporting tools Analysis Analysis- Why did it happen? • OLAP & visualization tools Reporting Monitoring- What’s happening now? • Dashboard, scorecards Prediction- What might happen? • Predictive analytics *Source: The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI)© 2012 Alteryx, Inc. Confidential. 3
    4. 4. The “Old Way” Doesn’t Work Any More • Time-consuming • Expensive • Requires specialized expertise • Hard to rapidly iterate© 2012 Alteryx, Inc. Confidential. 4
    5. 5. Alteryx Strategic Analytics: A New Approach • Faster time from question to insight • Lower cost • No specialized skills required • Iteration-friendly© 2012 Alteryx, Inc. Confidential. 5
    6. 6. Alteryx Big Data Architecture – App Design Analytic Apps 3rd Party Multiple Format Consumption Analytics Output Publish Output Statistical Predictive Spatial Analytics Understand and Drive foresight with Deep understanding of build models R based tools location intelligence Personal ETL Agile Database Data Quality Data Management access & large scale, rapid keep your data define and map Integration integrate any data processing clean and relationships data credible Output & between data Analytics Upload In DB Ingest Structured | Semi-structured | Unstructured Local & Data Big Data NoSQL Hadoop Productivity Warehouse Discovery IT / DWTeam (Coming soon) Inter Source Data Integration© 2012 Alteryx, Inc. Confidential. 6
    7. 7. Alteryx Analytic Workflow – Step 1 All Relevant Data Packaged Market & Customer Data Enrich App & Data Integrate Analyze Un-Structured Rapid design of Content Integrate any data predictive analytics source© 2012 Alteryx, Inc. Confidential. 7
    8. 8. Create & Share Analytic Apps in Cloud – Step 2 Assemble App Publish Private or Public Cloud Run© 2012 Alteryx, Inc. Confidential. 8
    9. 9. Integrate “Three-V” Data • Emerging data sources • High volume • High velocity • High variability • New data platforms • Hadoop • NoSQL • Alteryx advantage • Easily integrate non-traditional Un-Structured data Content • Leverage technology and cost advantages of next-gen platforms© 2012 Alteryx, Inc. Confidential. 9
    10. 10. Include Third-Party Data for a Complete Picture Harness third-party data sources provide data on: • Consumers • Age, income, education, etc. • Locations • i.e. Local business and residential spending projections • Competitors • Employees, revenue, locations, etc. • Drive times • Traffic patters, typical weather, road types, etc.© 2012 Alteryx, Inc. Confidential. 10
    11. 11. Move Predictive Analytics to the Front Lines • Take the value of Predictive Analytics beyond the “Ivory Tower” • Empower front-line employees • Clerks, customer service agents, field service personnel • Harness the power of the R Analytical language • Over 20 Prepackaged analytic techniques • No coding required • Drag-and-drop • Tightly integrated© 2012 Alteryx, Inc. Confidential. 11
    12. 12. Southern States Cooperative Continues Success With Increased Campaign Response and Revenue Key Requirements: • Unify customer data “My number one responsibility is to make sure across multiple sources we understand our customers’ needs and wants, • Improve direct mail campaign execution and I use Alteryx every single day to do just that ” results • Maximize revenue Greg Bucko, Manager of Customer Insights. generation from catalogue business • Enhance ROI from mailings • Customer focused analytics improve response rates by 63% • More targeted mailings improving gross margin for each campaign • Extending insights to full range of customer channels including retail© 2012 Alteryx, Inc. Confidential. 12
    13. 13. Conclusion • Organizations must adapt: • From backward-looking to forward-looking • Beyond traditional data sources “My number one responsibility is to • To deliver the value of make sure we understand our Predictive Analytics to the customers’ needs and wants, I use front line Alteryx every single day to do just • Alteryx’s unique approach that” delivers • Far broader accessibility for Predictive Analytics Greg Bucko, Manager of Customer • Much lower cost and Insights. complexity • Deeper insight into data (Social Media & Big Data, Third-party Data, Traditional sources)© 2012 Alteryx, Inc. Confidential. 13
    14. 14. Contact Info Contact us: 1-888-836-4274 Learn More or Get the 30-Day Trial: Visit the Analytics Gallery: @alteryx© 2012 Alteryx, Inc. Confidential. 14
    15. 15. Inspire 2013 Seize the Power of Strategic Analytics Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel March 5-7, 2013 Learn More! Follow Us on Twitter! @alteryx #Inspire13 “Overall the best single company sponsored conference Ive ever attended.” ─Antoinette Bowen, Sr. Marketing Manager, AT&T Mobility© 2012 Alteryx, Inc. Confidential. 15
    16. 16. Key Terms • Predictive Analytics • Alteryx • Strategic Analytics • Matt Madden • Big Data Analytics • Briefing room • Big Data Analysis • Alteryx Analytics Gallery • Humanizing Big Data • Inspire 2013 • Strategic Analytics • Alteryx Inspire • Data Scientist • Data Artisan • Data Analyst • Big Data Gap • Unstructured data • Analytics Platform • Unstructured Data© 2012 Alteryx, Inc. Confidential. 16