Self-Service Analytics: Enabling Transformational Change: Ford Motor Company, Inspire 2016


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Ford Motor Company was no different when it came to experiencing the challenge of combining myriad legacy technologies with the power of new analytic tools to solve company's data and analytic problems. Join this session to hear how Ford changed the conversation to create an analytic ecosystem to enable transformational change across the enterprise. Alan Jacobson, Director of Global Data Insight & Analytics, and Patricia Small, Descriptive Analytics Supervisor will discuss: the need for raising data and analytic literacy; building ecosystems that can integrate tools, technologies and talent; the ability to visualize the data to drive action in the business.

To watch a recording of this session from Inspire 2016, visit

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  • The ability of Ford to process petabytes of data and derive insights is increasing rapidly.
  • In a short period of time we have been able to bring together hundreds of analytics professionals, analyst, and data scientists from all areas of the business and all over the globe
  • There are still many tools available throughout the business across the globe, but creating a platform of common tools will help create synergies across groups and deliver better analytics faster
  • Our Efforts Will Be Focused On Building The Company’s Capabilities Versus Simply Passing Out IDs And Tools
  • Lets zoom in to the first container…
  • Drilling further into the inbound leg…
  • Self-Service Analytics: Enabling Transformational Change: Ford Motor Company, Inspire 2016

    1. 1. EnablingTransformational Change
    2. 2. #inspire16 Session Speakers
    3. 3. #inspire163 Agenda • History • Ecosystem IntegratingTools & Talent • Improving Data & Analytic Literacy • Business Results • Demonstrations #inspire16
    4. 4. #inspire16 To watch a recording of this session from Inspire 2016, visit
    5. 5. #inspire16 Some History, Ecosystem ofTools andTalent , Analytic Literacy Presented by Patricia Small
    6. 6. #inspire16 Evolving Landscape 1924 Chicago Assembly Plant starting production for the Ford ModelT 6 We are no longer an “old industrial company”
    7. 7. #inspire16 Old Industries AreTransforming 50,000 Searches/Second 0.5 - 2500 Petabytes/Day 23+ Petabytes/Day
    8. 8. #inspire16 Technology Evolution Lines of code (present) 100 million Boeing 787 14 million 60 million Moore’s Law
    9. 9. #inspire16 Building Ecosystems The Basic Business Questions Remain At The Center of The Journey But The Tools At Our Disposal Have Certainly Changed
    10. 10. #inspire16 NewVision In 2015 Ford embarked on a new journey by creating the first new skill team in decades
    11. 11. #inspire16 Global Data Insight & Analytics Bringing together hundreds of analytics professionals with diverse backgrounds & tool sets
    12. 12. #inspire16 NewTools 12 Best in Class tools that all integrate well together
    13. 13. #inspire16 Democratizing the Base of the Analytic Pyramid GDI&A provides tools, infrastructure and training across entire company. FOCUS OF DEMOCRATIZATION
    14. 14. #inspire16 Focus on Education andTraining • Not OnlyToolTraining, but Data ScienceTraining (VisualizationTechniques, Analysis Techniques, etc.) • Multiple training methods (online, classroom, and doing together) • Access to tools will follow education and training
    15. 15. #inspire16 BalancingAccess with Education Democratization doesn’t make someone a Data Scientist It is critical that people know when and where to get help • ImprovedAccess • ImprovedTools • ImprovedTraining • Access to Help (GDIA) • Minimize Duplication of Efforts • Right Data Sources • Right Governance • Right Methodology • RightTool for the Job
    16. 16. #inspire16 Business Results Presented by Adam Blacke
    17. 17. #inspire16 Visualize the Data to Drive Action in the Business Legacy analytics methods do not highlight actionable opportunities
    18. 18. #inspire16 Buyer Old Process Re-bidding freight lanes driven by contract expiration
    19. 19. #inspire16 Alteryx Flows – Rates & Routes High level process flow, merging multiple data sources 1 4 2 3 5
    20. 20. #inspire16 Alteryx Flows – Rates & Routes Detail 1 1.1
    21. 21. #inspire16 Alteryx Flows – Rates & Routes Drilling Further…1.1
    22. 22. #inspire16 Alteryx Flows – Rates & Routes Detail 2
    23. 23. #inspire16 Alteryx Flows – Rates & Routes Detail 3
    24. 24. #inspire16 Alteryx Flows – Rates & Routes Detail 4
    25. 25. #inspire16 Alteryx Flows – Rates & Routes Detail 5
    26. 26. #inspire16 Putting it all together… Before After
    27. 27. #inspire16 Demos Presented by Adam Blacke & Alan Jacobson
    28. 28. #inspire16 Patricia Small Adam Blacke Alan Jacobson
    29. 29. #inspire16 You can also achieve the incredible benefits described in this slide deck Download a FREETrial of Alteryx and experience self-service data analytics on your next data project