NRF 2013 - Drive Profitable Customers with Analytics -Alteryx & Southern States Cooperative


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Presentation from NRF 2013 by Alteryx and Southern States Coopertative.
Closing the Gap Between the Customer and the Profitable Customer with Analytics
By Paul Ross, VP of Industry and Product Marketing – Alteryx
& Greg Bucko, Manager of Customer Insights – Southern States Cooperative

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NRF 2013 - Drive Profitable Customers with Analytics -Alteryx & Southern States Cooperative

  1. 1. Closing the Gap Betweenthe Customer and theProfitable Customer withAnalyticsPaul Ross, VP of Industry and ProductMarketing – AlteryxGreg Bucko, Manager of CustomerInsights – Southern States Cooperative
  2. 2. Customer Analytics Are the Start of The Key Strategic Decisions In Retail Customer Marketing Insight Hyper Local Merchandizing Faster Site Selection
  3. 3. Traditional Customer Analytics Model Has Been Disrupted Data Sources Data SourcesOutbound Inbound Traditional NewAdvertisin Social Awareness & Decision Campaign Social g Content Influence Making Survey SEO PR Loyalty Compete ClickstreamPromotion SEO … … Social … … Data Sources Data Sources Use & PurchaseTraditional New Maintenance Traditional New CRM Social Promotion Golden Path Services Forums POS Click stream Survey Usage Location Cart … … … …
  4. 4. Traditional Customer Analytics Model Is Just Wrong Awareness & Influence Purchase Decision Use & Making Maintenance
  5. 5. Big Data is Great But Context is King
  6. 6. “I just want to understand what we should be doing…”CloudData
  7. 7. Solution Equation for the 360 Degree Customer ProjectLarge IT Data Multiple Tools A Lot of Time Project Fail
  8. 8. Who is solving theproblem without along IT project?
  9. 9. How Are They Solving this Challenge? Capabilities of Data Scientistthat Drive Largest Value Today Marketing or Customer Analyst Data Artisan
  10. 10. All Relevant Data Packaged Market & Customer Data Enrich App & Data Integrate Analyze Utilize & Rapid design of Consumerize Integrate any predictive analytics the use of data source with unique spatial sophisticated understanding analytics
  11. 11. Southern States – Who We Are Founded in 1923, ~$2 B in annual revenues from retail and wholesale operations Primary customers are farmers and rural Americans Provide products and services essential to raising crops and livestock as well as farm supplies, home heating, lawn, and garden care Multiple-channel distribution network with 1,234 storefronts across 23 states 12
  12. 12. Driving Profitable Loyalty CHALLENGE: Understand the drivers of PROFITABLE Loyalty and recommend strategies to increase PROFITABLE LoyaltyStep 1: Paint The Complete Customer Picture Experience Attitudes & Sales COMPLETE Beliefs History CUSTOMER Survey Data Survey Data Transactional Data
  13. 13. Driving Profitable Loyalty Step 2: Define and Measure LOYALTY Loyalty for Southern States Profitability Loyalty is measured by customer segment along a spectrumPreference Promotion Not one but several metrics are combined Like the legs of a stool, if LOYALTY one is missing Loyalty collapses
  14. 14. Driving Profitable Loyalty Step 3: Explore the Data and Identify the Drivers of Loyalty Combine, cleanse, explore, and analyze the data using Alteryx BASIC Combine transactional data with survey responses Cleanse data and calculate basic descriptive statistics Look for relationships (Association Analysis)EXPLORATORY Reduce variables / create consts. (Principal Components) Find unique segments (K-Means Clustering) PREDICTIVE Identify the Drivers of Loyalty and Quantify the Financial Impact of Improved Loyalty (Linear Regression)
  15. 15. Driving Profitable Loyalty Step 4: Turn the Drivers of Loyalty Into Strategic Imperatives CriticalImprovement Out of dozens of potentialOpportunities drivers, only a handful will Negative rise to the top Drivers Positive This exercise helps focus Drivers the corporate strategy on what is MOST Promote, Expand, & IMPORTANT! Maintain
  16. 16. Connecting and Cleansing the Data Running Basic Cross-Exploring the Data tabs and Other Calculations Using Predictive Macros to Identify Drivers and Quantify Impact
  17. 17. Driving Profitable LoyaltyStep 5:MEASURE! MEASURE! MEASURE!
  18. 18. Next Steps Ask Greg How HeDoes What He Does Get a Demo at Booth C242 Visit
  19. 19. Key Terms• Big Data • Alteryx• Big Data Analytics • Paul Ross• Big Data Analysis • Greg Bucko• Humanizing Big Data • Southern States Cooperative• Strategic Analytics • Customer Loyalty• Predictive Analytics • Retail Analytics• Data Scientist • Alteryx Analytics Gallery• Data Artisan• Data Analyst• Big Data Gap• Unstructured data• Analytics Platform• Unstructured Data