Inspire 2014 – McDonald’s: Optimizing Real Estate Development


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As avid users of Alteryx for the last five years, McDonald's Corporation’s Worldwide Development department has been able to increase development productivity and efficiencies. This session will highlight McDonald's real estate, the workflows and products of the real estate development department, and how Alteryx has allowed them to do things within their business that they were never able to do before. Learn how data blending and spatial analysis in Alteryx has empowered them to quickly and easily work with disparate data sources and explore gap trade areas, reducing their time to insight from days and weeks to hours.

Jay Burke, Analytics Manager, Worldwide Development, McDonald’s Corporation

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Inspire 2014 – McDonald’s: Optimizing Real Estate Development

  1. 1. #inspire14 Optimizing Real Estate Development Jay Burke Analytics Manager, Worldwide Development McDonald’s Corporation
  2. 2. #inspire14#inspire14 Agenda • Grounding in McDonald’s Business • Fundamentals of Development • Challenges before Alteryx • How Alteryx has helped
  3. 3. #inspire14#inspire14 70 million 119 35,500+ 80%
  4. 4. #inspire14#inspire14 Our people
  5. 5. #inspire14#inspire14 Our Supplier Partners
  6. 6. #inspire14#inspire14 McDonald’s is also a Real Estate Company
  7. 7. #inspire14#inspire14 Global Real Estate Dept. • Sales Estimation • Forecasting techniques Turning locations of potential new land buys into sales estimates • Trade Areas • Home, Work, Shop Our Department’s Role at McDonald’s
  8. 8. #inspire14#inspire14 Spatial Analytics before Alteryx… • MapPoint & Excel • Took days and weeks to complete ad hoc projects supporting our field personnel
  9. 9. #inspire14#inspire14 Spatial Analytics AFTER Alteryx… • Turn Days into hours • A few simple clicks to create trade areas and find the population sizes
  10. 10. #inspire14#inspire14 Data Blending Deal with multiple sources of data • SQL Servers, • Oracle tables • Spatial • Oracle • Flat files, XML, HTML We can utilize Alteryx to seamlessly and efficiently blend these together.
  11. 11. #inspire14#inspire14 Gap Trade Areas-Something we never could have done Use Alteryx to scour the entire US for sites with good census demographics and few or no stores within a short distance
  12. 12. #inspire14#inspire14 Recap & Next Steps With Alteryx: • Reduce the time it took for ad hoc projects • From days to hours • Do things that were never possible- trade areas What’s Next: • Most of the modeling is still done in SAS • We are confident that Alteryx is already fully capable or fast approaching being able to handle our analytics • Our medium-term plan is to produce more time, ease and cost efficiencies by doing our modeling and analytics in Alteryx as well
  13. 13. #inspire14#inspire14 Optimizing Real Estate Development
  14. 14. #inspire14 THANK YOU!