Inspire 2013 - Asing Alteryx to shepherd Internal Media Measurement for better internal and client results - Time Warner Cable

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Over the last four years, Time Warner Cable Media has been collecting millions of viewing transaction records daily in its top 13 markets. Although they had the infrastructure in place to collect, …

Over the last four years, Time Warner Cable Media has been collecting millions of viewing transaction records daily in its top 13 markets. Although they had the infrastructure in place to collect, process and mediate that data- unfortunately there was no real tool for handling the data and producing reports that would aid the company in important areas like sales, inventory management and programming negotiations. This session will discuss how Time Warner Cable Media’s use of Alteryx has grown from testing new procedures and steps, into their primary analytic tool for reviewing data and creating reports. They will also share tips and strategies for processing huge volumes of data and managing the wide variety of needs and requests from across the company – from learning who is watching what shows, where On Demand content fits and more.

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  • 1. Using Alteryx to Shepherd InternalMedia Measurement for BetterInternal and Client ResultsMarshall JacobowitzVP, ResearchTime Warner Cable Media@TWCBusiness Leadership trackMarch 6, 201311:00 – 11:45 am #
  • 2. Who Is Time Warner Cable MediaWe bring advertising and marketing solutions to local marketers 50 Markets / 12.5MM Subscribers Product Value Proposition: - Targeted Advertisers - Cross-Platform Linear Spots Online Solutions Video On Demand Interactive #
  • 3. TWCMedia surrounds consumers across platform #
  • 4. TWCM and Alteryx: Making Data Solutions EasierHow Good Companies, Good Tools and Good Timing Led to an IdealSolution to TWCM’s Emerging Data Needs• TWCM and Alteryx (then SRC) relationship dates back to 2008• Initial Need was for Mapping Tool after existing TWCM vendor dropped product• SRC had history with TWCM division Adlink for hardcopy maps #
  • 5. TWCM Begins to Collect and Analyze STB tuning dataIn 2009 TWC began collecting tuning information in one test market• Current audience measurement is geared to over the air stations and not local cable • No coverage of our sales areas in sample methodology • Sample sizes too small to accurately estimate audiences for most of our inventory• Collecting our own information will help us develop cross platform solutions• Collecting our own data will allow us to tailor better solutions for our clients• Consistent with Company privacy policy, we can be sure data is not stored or reported with personally identifiable information (PII) #
  • 6. Alteryx was the default tool for doing initial workWhile TWCM Tech Services Group built the data warehouse, we usedAlteryx to process, manage and scenario play with the data• What does the data look like ?• How do we match reference data (channel information, program names, ad placement data) ?• What rules to we apply to determine valid tuning events as opposed to similar looking events (DVR record, PIP, etc) ? #
  • 7. Schedule Delivery by Zip Code: Jeff Hall Dodge – Statesville NC MarketVisionExamples of Early STB Work Radius/GeoSelection Uplo MarketVision is brought to you byHaving Alteryx allowed us to look at how people watch our own LLC. © 2009 All Rights Reserved AGS Demographic data © 2009 Experian/Applied Geographic Solu Winston-Salem Winston-Salem Current year data is for the year 2programming, and how client schedules deliver year projected data is for the yea Scarborough data, collected fro High Point High Point February 2008 to March 2009, ha profiled and integrated into the MarketVision site. The profiles we Schedule Delivery by Zip Code: Jeff Hall Dodge – Statesville NC MarketVisi using MOSAIC clusters, and SRC segmentation technology. Even th questions may be asked at the Ho level, response is in terms of Adul Radius/GeoSelectio 40 MRI - 2008 Doublebase, collec March 2006 to April 2008. The pr created using MOSAIC clusters an segmentation technology. Even th MarketVision is brought t questions may be asked at the Ho LLC. © 2009 All Rights R level, response is in terms of Adul AGS Demographic data Experian/Applied Geogra Winston-Salem Winston-Salem Current year data is for t year projected data is for Scarborough data, coll High Point High Point February 2008 to March 2 profiled and integrated in MarketVision site. The pr Over 1380 HHs Concord Concord using MOSAIC clusters, a segmentation technology questions may be asked a 530-1380 level, response is in term HHs 40 MRI - 2008 Doublebase Gastonia Gastonia Under 530 HHs 2006 to April 2008 March 277 created using MOSAIC clu Charlotte Charlotte segmentation technology Out of Zone: No Delivery asked a questions may be level, response is in term 485 2 and 10 mile radius from Dealership Over 1380 HHs Rock Hill Rock Hill Concord Concord Jeff Hall Dodge, Statesville NC 530-1380 HHs Gastonia Gastonia Under 530 HHs 277 Charlotte Charlotte Out of Zone: No Delivery 485 2 and 10 mile radius from # Dealership Rock Hill Jeff Hall Dodge, Statesville NC
  • 8. Examples of Early STB WorkFor Interactive campaigns, we were able to map the locations ofresponding customers and plot against store locations #
  • 9. Alteryx enabled Cross Platform analysis to enhanceMovie On Demand SalesFor an action movie release, we were able to identify the networkspreferred by households that buy action movies• Clash of the Titans MOD launch in March 2010 • Found HHs that bought similar movies on release • Identify right networks to reach those homes (able to reduce # networks used) • Run test/control to identify if targeted campaign worked #
  • 10. Where are we todayCurrently we have over 15 markets and 7.9 million subscribinghouseholds providing tuning and other transactional data• Tech group has built the data warehouse so that we no longer use Alteryx for processing of raw data• Query capability allows us to build modules for network and program ratings, as well as advertiser campaigns• Sharing our modules allows us to design newer reports for others across the company as availability increases #
  • 11. State of the DataData Volume Continues to Grow• Daily processing volume is over 0.6 TB• Each STB generates, on average, 65-100 raw events per day • As per our editing rules, not all of these events translate into a tuning session• Each household averages close to 9 hours per day with a STB on (gross) • Multiple sets with concurrent viewing contributes to higher time spent estimates #
  • 12. Modules for Queries and Calculations #
  • 13. Current ProjectsRecent projects focus on enhanced analysis for new business• Political – How can we identify political advertising opportunities using our targeting capabilities with content and geography to take share from local broadcast • And how do we manage our limited cable news inventory• Data matching • How can we align our household data to external data to enable more customized targeting and reporting• Re-allocations #
  • 14. Current ProjectsTWC Departments outside of Media also benefit• Program Acquisition • Audience estimates for networks that are otherwise not measured are important • Tiering and packaging• TWC Consumer Marketing • Inventory allocation • Targeted TWC Marketing messages • Upsell to Triple play • Reduce Churn #
  • 15. Work on Modeling is beginningData modeling is the next major area of exploration• Network/Program audience estimates to do a better job of selling plans with audience guarantees • Includes Rate card optimization• Competitive Reporting – what is our dollar and ratings share in each market • Opportunity marketing – where do we see vulnerability of certain stations and/or dayparts in a given market #
  • 16. Goals for TWCM and the Media Buyer/Seller CommunityCommon Industry Standards and Metrics could create new and bettermedia usage data• Ground work has already been laid by various MVPDs (Multi-Video Platform Providers) with the Media Rating Council (MRC) to create data collection and measurement standards• Follow-up work on definitions and metrics are in the works #
  • 17. #Thank You! Marshall Jacobowitz VP, Research Time Warner Cable Media @TWC