Inspire 2013 - Combining Sophisticated Analytics with big data using Hadoop and Hortonworks - alteryx


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Alteryx brings sophisticated analytics within reach of the business, including spatial analytics and data. Now it’s easy to take the next step into the world of Big Data Analytics. In this session you’ll learn how you can take what you already know and extend that by using Alteryx Strategic Analytics in conjunction with the Hortonworks Sandbox - a comprehensive, easy-to-use, hands-on learning environment that provides the fastest onramp for anyone interested in learning, evaluating or using Apache Hadoop in the enterprise. Come learn how you can explore the world of Big Data Analytics from within the comfort of the Alteryx Strategic Analytics platform.

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Inspire 2013 - Combining Sophisticated Analytics with big data using Hadoop and Hortonworks - alteryx

  1. 1. Crossing the ChasmCombining Sophisticated Analytics with Big DataUsing Hadoop and HortonworksDamian Austin – Alteryx Sales Engineer – Team LeadThursday, March 7th 2013
  2. 2. Crossing the ChasmHow can a Quick Serve Restaurant chain increaseits Yelp ratings for low scoring stores whilegaining new customers? By promoting the low scoring stores with a coupon in the hope that increase in traffic, having a positive experience, yields positive yelp commentsBut which potential customers do we target? We can analyze the key attributes of existing customers who visit the high Yelp ranking locations to target people with similar qualities around the low Yelp ranking locations
  3. 3. Crossing the ChasmData Access & AnalyticsA combination of data integration: • Live Yelp Data • Spatial Information • HortonWorks Hadoop (Customer information) • Experian Household AttributesVariety of Sophisticated Analytics • Store Ranking Un-Structured Content • Decision Tree Analytics • Prospect Scoring
  4. 4. Crossing the ChasmYelp Store AnalysisMarket Selection• Store ratings for each market are downloaded live from Yelp using upcoming Social Media connectorsRank Locations • All locations with a ‘High Ranking’ are passed to subsequent application as customers to extract for decision tree analysis • Locations with a ‘Low Ranking’ are made available in the next application as a dropdown for prospect analysis
  5. 5. Crossing the ChasmHortonworks SandboxA virtualized single-node implementation of theenterprise-ready Hortonworks Data Platform • Provides demos, videos and step-by-step hands-on tutorialsThe Sandbox dramatically accelerates the process oflearning Apache Hadoop • See It - Demos and videos to illustrate use cases • Learn It - Multi level step by step tutorials • Do It - Hands on exercises for faster skills development
  6. 6. Crossing the ChasmPredictive Analytics & ScoringData Inputs • Dynamically select the customers from the Hortonworks sandbox which visit the ‘High Ranking’ locationsPredictive Analytics • Use the Experian enriched customer data to build a decision tree to predict attributes of customers • Score prospects at the selected ‘Low Ranking’ location for targeting with a coupon; to increase traffic and hopefully increase positive Yelp reviews
  7. 7. Thank You!Demonstration
  8. 8. Crossing the ChasmEvolution – whats next? Alteryx Analytics GalleryMarketing Team • Publish the full analysis so marketing / franchise operation team members can run the application themselvesFranchise Owners / Operations Team • The published first application would identify the low-performing stores at any given point in time so that the Operations team could swing into action • The ensures that any additional traffic we drive to each store has an optimal experience
  9. 9. Thank You!