Humanizing big data with alteryx


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Solution storyboard on Humanizing Big Data from Alteryx.

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Humanizing big data with alteryx

  1. 1. THE BIG DATA01 B ig Data has the potential to provide incredible value for decision makers DILEMMA throughout organizations; however, two major problems exist in creating this value. First, Big Data is often looked at in isolation, without the context of other data. Only specialists currently have the ability to access Big Data and use the sophisticated analytics required to maximize its value. There must be a way to bridge the gap between the potential value of Big Data and making value real for the majority of decision makers.
  2. 2. HUMANIZING02 T hat is where Data Artisans come into play. These are the analysts who BIG DATA understand the business, as well as all the relevant data that drives the business. They can humanize Big Data in a way that makes sense to business decision makers. They provide the strategic analytics that will drive their organization’s performance. Alteryx has provided a platform for Data Artisans to take advantage of Big Data, blend it with other data, build sophisticated analytics, then package all this up as analytic applications for business decision makers. Let’s take a look at the Alteryx platform: How can it benefit companies through unleashing Big Data for strategic decision making?
  3. 3. THE FASTEST PLATFORM TO CREATE03 ANALYTIC APPLICATIONS THIS WORKFLOW CAN INCLUDE:D ata Artisans can use the Accessing data from any data source: Big Data, cloud, data Alteryx Designer warehouse, or even spreadsheets. Desktop to build andpublish analytic applications. Blending all this data together to create the right analyticThis simple platform is dataset, including packaged customer and marketing data.workflow-based, allowing forconnections to be built Creating predictive, statistical, or spatial analytics—all accessiblebetween information. for non-specialists. Publishing analytic applications.
  4. 4. CONSUMERIZING BIG DATA04 ANALYTICS IN THE CLOUD THE PUB LIC GALLERYO nce the Data Artisan has created an analytic app, it’s easily sharable with the business decision maker. With one click, it’s published to a secure cloudenvironment—in a studio for the Data Artisan—with nocorporate infrastructure or management resources required. Data Artisans can also make their apps public to all members of the Analytics Gallery. This allows their capabilities to The Data Artisan can share analytic apps with decision be showcased for the analytics makers such as real estate managers, marketing vice presidents, or sales executives. These decision makers application community and can get access to the specific Big Data-driven insight or provides inspiration for other foresight they need, using apps that are as easy to use app designers to work from. as those they use at home.
  5. 5. SOCIAL05 A nalytic Apps can be made accessible to select members or to the SHARING Analytics Gallery community in general. They can also be shared via email and social media, allowing others to join the analytics community. Data Artisans can control access to their apps, dictating whom the apps can be shared with, as well as what reports and data can be accessed. Access can even be provided to people outside the organization—for suppliers, partners, or customers—making Big Data part of every decision that drives the performance of the business, not just for specific purposes.
  6. 6. DELIVERING BIG06 B y providing decision makers from across and beyond the DATA BENEFITS organization access to analyticsTO BUSINESS that have blended Big Data with all theDECISION MAKERS other critical data in an organization, Alteryx delivers Big Data’s real value today, not in the future. Combining this with simple access to sophisticated analytics means consumerizing Big Data analytics can be a reality.
  7. 7. A lteryx provides a platform that allows Data Artisans to harness Big Data in a usable and understandable way, without having to be a specialist. It also allows additional relevant data to be integrated withBig Data to provide a more thorough analysis. W ITH IT, YOU GA I N : The ability to make Simple blending of The fastest platform for Big Data analytic apps Big Data with any creating and sharing accessible to all. other source. analytic apps.The Analytics Gallery takes the information that is stuck in specialist toolsor in the minds of specialist users and gets it into the hands of anydecision maker who needs to drive the strategic decisions that matter totheir organizations. By consumerizing Big Data analytics, Alteryx makesthe value of Big Data real.
  8. 8. To help your organization solve the Big Data dilemma,visit the Alteryx Analytics Gallery. HTTP://GALLERY.ALTERYX.COM