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Directions Magazine webcast featuring Alteryx and customer Pat Garvey of VF, the world's largest apparel company, on using Alteryx for strategic analytics to deliver the right product at the right time to the right place -- across 10,000 retailer locations.

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  • Hello and Welcome to another Geospatial webinar, sponsored today by Alteryx! Hi, my name is Nora Parker, the senior webinar producer with Directions Magazine, and I’ll be your moderator for today’s webinar. And I’m assisted by my colleague, Barbaree Duke. If you have any problems with the GoToWebinar platform, one of us should be able to assist you via the questions interface. You can find the questions interface in the GoToWebinar menu area. If you don’t see that, you may need to click on the red arrow at the top right-hand side of your screen. Our focus today is VF Corporation’s decision support analytics and their use of Alteryx tools to support that. We’ll hear from Pat Garvey about some of his case studies and Paul Ross will give us some background about trends and business drivers he’s seeing, and if all goes well he’s also going to give us a demo.   We have a terrific webinar lined up, with some interesting case studies and a demo, and I want to honor your time by finishing within the hour, so I’d like to get started.Let’s start by taking a quick look at a map of registrants.
  • We have just about 300 registrants for today’s webinar, and as you can see it’s mostly concentrated in North America, but we have attendees tuning in from all around the world. We really appreciate you joining us today!
  • First, a few housekeeping details… We encourage you to ask questions, and will do our best to address as many of them as possible. I want to mention again that in your control panel, there is a section called QUESTIONS, click on the + and type in your question. You may do this at any time during the webinar and we’ll respond to as many of them during the Q and A at the end of the webinar as we can.  If you have any technical difficulties you can use the same interface that you use to ask questions to send us a message. We may be able to help you out.You can also send us a tweet @directionsmag, and include the hash tag #Alteryxwebinar. I’ll be monitoring the Twitter feed during the webinar.You can access a PDF copy of the slides, as well as a link to biographies for our speakers. The URLs for those two items are in your “questions” window on the GoToWebinar interface.We’ll be taking a few polls during today’s webinar, and we’ll walk you through those when we get to them. The number one question we get during webinars is whether it is being recorded. YES. Today’s webinar is being recorded and all registrants will receive an email with instructions on how to view the recording on demand – it’s also handy if you want to pass it on to your colleagues. We’ll get that out to you as quickly as we can, hopefully tomorrow.Finally there’ll be a quick survey as you exit the webinar, and we’d appreciate it if you’d take a minute to let us know how we did today.
  • So now, just a quick introduction to Directions Media, in case you’re not familiar with the full scope of what we do. We’re best known for our comprehensive online publication, Directions Magazine, and our e-mail newsletter and the many resources we offer to geospatial professionals.  We also offer our content organized into channels - these are our online resources with news, articles, videos and podcasts for professionals in State and Local Government, Remote Sensing, Location Intelligence and location-based services and many more… They’re a helpful way to navigate our content to drill in to your specific area of interest, and you’ll find them on our homepage,  We also have, of course, The All Points Blog, which keeps you abreast of breaking news. We also host webinars almost every week. We’ve also included a link here to learn about how to sponsor a webinar.In addition, we are involved in conferences, with the GeoHuntsville one coming up in November and the Location Intelligence one coming up in May. ….
  • Let’s take a quick look at the agenda (go through)…
  • But first, let’s level-set by getting a sense of the audience’s need to coordinate many data sources…
  • Paul Ross is Vice President of Product and Industry Marketing for Alteryx. Paul brings to Alteryx over 14 years of marketing leadership experience in enterprise and cloud software., and previously he worked with Microsoft’s Private Cloud and Virtualization business, and with Business Objects.
  • Pat Garvey is Director of Retail Floor Space Management services at VF Corporation and has been involved in retail management since 1969. He leads a business analytics team in VF Shared Services which supports the wholesale and direct to consumer  (e-commerce and owned retail) for VF's domestic brands as well as CRM databases.
  • Good morning, afternoon or evening depending on where you are located.
  • READ-Internally our group is known as Retail Floor Space Management or RFSM, but we really are about Decision Support Analytics.We are not part of VF’s technical infrastructure , but rather are on the business side of the organization. We report to a member of our Operating Committee who is responsible for Direct to consumer and wholesale account teams.Direct to consumer at VF is e commerce and our 800 retail doors. The primary tool that we use for our work is Alteryx. We have been using it for over seven years and it was selected because it met our need to process enormous data sets as well as answer many of our spatial needs.We originally bought stand alone copies but last year we migrated to server based Aleryx enterprise. We have gone from less than 5 users to 60 and will likely grow to 100 in the next year. Most of the initial development and wizard design are done by our group in Greensboro, with most of the other users using the reports for category managegement, or CRM initiatives.
  • Our challenge is a very common one: delivering the right products, at the right time, in the right quantities to the right stores. We do this for our wholesale partners as well as our own retail stores.READ Solution and Benefits.
  • Read slide
  • At a high level these are the main areas that we support. DIAGRAM explain the 3 areas.We show them working together this way because we use data from each to support the others. If we are having success with a product in a group of our owned retail stores, we determine why ( who is shopping there using demographic and lifestyle information ) and then look for similar store profiles in our wholesale accounts to modify assortments.We geocode every identified consumer and append their lifestyle segmentation and demographic information. I will talk about how we use this information a bit later.
  • Here is a list of the various capabilities our team has and does. On the wholesale side we have replaced Access and Excel reports used by category managers and replenishment analysts. Prior to developing the reports in Alteryx it was taking 2 ½ days to pull point of sale data at the store/style /SKU level so that the Category managers could not begin their analysis until Wednesday. By running them in Alteryx and scheduling the jobs they are available when they come in on Monday.For direct to consumer We use Experian Mosaic data at the HH level to develop target consumer segments by brand and then develop a list of appropriate markets and sites based on those segments and demographics.For customer relationship management we extract the data by brand for both our retail stores and our e commerce sites perform merging and purging and then send all new customers as well as any changes for existing customers to third party loyalty vendors.
  • As is typical of many companies IS budgets and resources can become an issue. My boss has accused me of taking on projects that should reside in our technical infrastructure and he is right. Alteryx is so flexible and easy to use that we have taken on projects to meet our users needs. In this example The North Face needed a sales forecasting tool for the sales reps. They had three people spending 3 weeks each season developing spreadsheets for our top ten accounts. Using Alteryx combined with some notes programming provided by a member of our team. We developed a forecasting tool that takes 1 person 1 ½ days per season. And is so user friendly that it is now being used for the top 100 accounts. This has enabled better supply chain decisions, reduced days of inventory and resulted in fewer markdowns.
  • Another report we developed is the fast sell report where category managers can quickly spot trends and react to them. Including the visual component has reduced the time it takes to identify trends such as colors, patterns and finishes
  • I have already talked about some of the enhancements we have made the key two were moving Alteryx to a server and moving to HH level data.Developing geodemographic based retail sales forecasting models by brand has improved the success rate for new store performance.
  • Here is an example of a potential Nautica retail site using drive times, target consumer density , e commerce customers, as well as current wholesale accounts. When VANS was considering whether to enter the New York market, they were initially skepticle until we showed them a map of their e commerce and existing retail customers. When they saw the map they decided to move forward and each of their 5 stores has met or exceeded projections This kind of information is required for all brands as part of their proposal packets.
  • This is an example of an Alteryx job used to extract data from CRM. The tool itself is very intuitive.When we roll Alteryx out to new users we have them review some of the on line training and then one of our power users spends a day training them. ½ day is spent on general training and ½ day deals with the specific reporting needs for their area of responsibility. After that they are up and running.
  • Paul Ross is Vice President of Product and Industry Marketing for Alteryx. Paul brings to Alteryx over 14 years of marketing leadership experience in enterprise and cloud software. Most recently, Paul was the Group Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft’s Private Cloud and Virtualization business.After cutting his teeth in marketing in the education sector he moved into business intelligence with Business Objects. Initially in their UK business driving local campaigns and sales support, he moved to their San Jose, CA headquarters where he eventually managed product marketing for what was then their core business intelligence platform. While there he drove launches that eclipsed anything Business Objects had achieved previously, including Business Objects XI Release 2, the most successful revenue generating launch in the company's history before their acquisition by SAP.Paul has a passion for leading teams to ensure that sales and marketing have everything they need to service customers and maximize revenue. He has successfully impacted industry perceptions at each of the businesses he has worked on, and brings deep experience in business intelligence, analytics, and the full range of cloud software models to the rapidly growing Alteryx business. Paul holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Marketing from the University of Stirling, UK.
  • Pat Garvey is director of retail floor space management services at VF Corporation and has been involved in retail management since 1969. VF Corporation is one of the world's largest apparel companies. For more than 100 years, the company has grown by offering consumer's high-quality and high value branded apparel building a portfolio of respected brand names that include: Lee, Wrangler, North Face, Vans, Reef and Vanity Fair. These leading brands span virtually every channel of distribution to stores like Wal-Mart, Nordstrom, Sears, Kohl's and many others. 
  • Hopefully I have shown you how versatile Apteryx is and how it has enabled us to meet our business users needs on a timely basis.This is an excel output file of CRM customers we have in our Alteryx database.
  • This slide is not lage enough to show you what this report does. But we have done for each brand look at their average store demographics their bottom 20stores demographics as well as their to 20 stores. We also have the demographics for each individual store. When potential locations are identified we then load in the demographic information for those sites using 30 and 45 minute drive times as well as a 45 mile radius. Using this report enables them to see if the new site compares favorably with existing stores. If for example they are planning to open a resort store, they might pick one of their current resort stores to compare to. Our real estate people have found this report to be very helpful and has decreased the amount of ad hoc reporting we were having to do.
  • Let’s ask you guys another question…
  • Softballs: Pat: how many data sources are you typically integrating? What challenges have you faced dealing with all the different types of information?Paul: how does Alteryx deal with the spatial data involved in many of these applicationsWell, it looks like we’re at the top of the hour. I’d just like to thank everybody who attended, and also our speakers, Pat and Paul, and of course to Alteryx for sponsoring this session. Until next time, this is your moderator Nora Parker. Thanks for coming, and be sure to tell a friend about Directions Magazine.
  • Alteryx VF strategic analytics Directions Magazine Webcast

    1. 1. Approximately 300 registrants from around the world
    2. 2. Housekeeping Tips Links to bios and slides Polls An on-demand recording of today’s webinar will be made available How to ask a question … or send us a Tweet us at@directionsmag, and include Survey #Alteryxwebinar
    3. 3. Take advantage of all Directions Magazine has to offer Sign up to receive the Directions Magazine newsletter Visit the Channels Visit the All Points Blog Sign up for our webinars Participate in our conferences Geo Huntsville – Nov. 8-9 Location Intelligence – Date TBA
    4. 4. Agenda• A word from Directions Magazine – Nora Parker• Today’s business and data realities – Paul Ross• VF Corporation case studies – Pat Garvey• Alteryx capabilities / demo – Paul Ross• Q&A
    5. 5. Poll #1For your analytical purposes, how many datasources do you typically have to pull together? a. 1-5 b. 6-10 c. 11-20 d. 21-30 e. More than 30
    6. 6. Today’s business and data realities Paul Ross Vice President of Product and Industry Marketing Alteryx
    7. 7. Making These Strategic Decisions Is HardLots of internal sources Lots of external sources Sales Product Structured Data Un-Structured Marketing Content Geographic Data Buyingpatterns Social Financial Information Weather Patterns Customer feedback Engineering data
    8. 8. Traditional GIS Solutions Lack the Analytic Power and BI Solutions Do Not Understand Location Business Insight & Foresight Statistical analysis Calculation Engine Results Query Aggregates DataSlow Indexes, Data warehouse Data martsExpensive ETL OperationalInflexible Stores Copy Data sources Business Data & Context
    9. 9. VF Corporation case studies Pat Garvey Director Retail Floor Space Management Services VF Corporation
    10. 10. Decision Support Analytics
    11. 11. VF Corporation
    12. 12. Decision Support Analytics Fact-Based DecisionsThe Decision Support Analytics Team delivers enhanced BusinessIntelligence (BI) to enable better, fact-based decisions. BI integrates consumerinformation through CRM and their spatial relationships to enable optimizedproduct assortments, site selection and target marketing. This insures thatbest practices and knowledge are applied throughout VF and our retailpartners.
    13. 13. Success Summary VF Corporation partners with its retail customers to maximize theChallenge performance of VF products on the retail floor - delivering the right products, at the right time, at the right stores. With Alteryx, we can appropriately match products to consumers and to specific stores based on simultaneous analyses of POS data & demographic information. • Integrates easily with existing applicationsSolution • Imports store level POS data in minutes • Is accurate and consistent geocoding technology • Is very easy to use • Successful tracking of 10,000 retailer locations, more than 100,000 SKUs and 200 lifestyle variables for every storeBenefits • Increased number of empowered users from 5 to 60 • Saved more than 50% of marketing information costs from previous software provider
    14. 14. Audience / Business Users• Retail Presidents• Site Selection Directors• Marketing VPs• eCommerce Managers• Category Captains• Replenishment Managers
    15. 15. Fact-based Decision Relationships Direct to Consumer Spatial Research Real Estate Strategy Marketing Strategy Direct to Consumer Wholesale CRM Wholesale POS Processing Standardization Reporting & Analysis CRM RFSM Strategy Data Hygiene Data Synchronization Consumer Insight Market Insight Ongoing relationship building
    16. 16. Decision Support Analytics Wholesale POS Direct to Consumer CRM Spatial Research Data HygieneProcessing •Customer Mapping • POS Validation • Schedule-enabled •Trade Area Delineation • Input non-CRM generated customer compilation & hygiene •Market Infill informationStandardization •Market void identification • Address Standardization • Metrics •Better site selection • Appending/Segmentation/Householding • Product Definitions •Cannibalization impact • EPICOR CRM Loading/Maintenance • Multiple Account •Understanding of Data Synchronization Aggregation wholesale, retail and eCom • Daily transmission of “Opt-in, Opt-out”Reporting & Analysis relationship Status between VF Brands and Their • Greater flexibility Real Estate Strategy Marketing Vendors • Increased Speed •Fact-based Strategy • Scheduled Flow of New/Changed • Increased capacity Development Customers and Attributes between VF • Segmentation •Multi-channel Planning Brands and Their Marketing Vendors Geography •Quantitative ranking of Consumer Insight Segment expansion markets • Behavior Analysis Season •Market Optimization • Product PreferenceRFSM Strategy •Total Brand Capacity by Market • Channel Preference Store and Cluster-driven Marketing Strategy • Regency, Frequency and Monetary (RFM) • Assortments Plans •CRM-driven Target Marketing Market Insight • Load-in Calendars Aligned with Retail Strategy • Understanding of wholesale, retail and • Seasonal Adjustments •Publications eCom relationship • New Store Load-ins •Direct Mail Strategy •Email • Ongoing relationship building •Billboard
    17. 17. Spring & Fall Assortment Planning
    18. 18. Fast Sell Report
    19. 19. Decision Support Enhancements Moved to Experian’s US individual household database allowing for: • Geocoding • HH level segmentationCRM • Telephone reverse appending • Complete database appending • Demographics appending • Allows for international integration Moved to daily automated CRM appending and loading of newly acquired customer households allowing for synchronized data between VF brands and their marketing partners CRM POS validation, loading, extraction, and analytics (RFM) to determine best customers based on reach, frequency, & monetization Moved to server-based mapping tool for each retail brand: • Store locations with performance • Customer mapping (retail and eCom) • Trade area depiction • Wholesale overlay with volume • ID & mall co-tenants database • Target areas highlighted Development of geodemographic-based retail sales forecasting model by brand
    20. 20. Alteryx Job
    21. 21. The Alteryx Solution Paul Ross Vice President of Product and Industry Marketing Alteryx
    22. 22. Building Analytic Applications toAnswer Strategic Business Questions Create & Share
    23. 23. One Solution & Workflow For Spatial Business ValueFull Spectrum of Packaged MarketEnterprise Data & Customer Data Enrich Integrate Analyze Share Cloud Data Integrate any data Rapid development of Strategic Analytic application Un-Structured source sophisticated analytics with unique spatial Content understanding Enhance 3rd Party Tools
    24. 24. Alteryx Strategic Analytics: A complete desktop- to-cloud solution built for data artisans. Designers Desktop Analytic Apps Cloud ServicesIngest, cleanse, manage, and overlay Build your own strategic apps and Share your findings, reveal newany shape of data from any source. do iterative analysis -- as many analytic apps, all in the way scenarios as you want! that fits your business. • Expand your business with confidence • Drive more revenue from your existing business • Become a more agile company
    25. 25. DemonstrationAlteryx Strategic Analytics
    26. 26. Pat GarveyDirectorRetail Floor Space Management ServicesVF Corporation
    27. 27. File in Excel
    28. 28. Comparison by Stores
    29. 29. Success Summary VF Corporation partners with its retail customers to maximize theChallenge performance of VF products on the retail floor - delivering the right products, at the right time, at the right stores. With Alteryx, we can appropriately match products to consumers and to specific stores based on simultaneous analyses of POS data & demographic information. • Integrates easily with existing applicationsSolution • Imports store level POS data in minutes • Is accurate and consistent geocoding technology • Is very easy to use • Successful tracking of 10,000 retailer locations, more than 100,000 SKUs and 200 lifestyle variables for every storeBenefits • Increased number of empowered users from 5 to 60 • Saved more than 50% of marketing information costs from previous software provider
    30. 30. Conclusion: The Alteryx Difference Business Insight & Foresight With Alteryx complex business questions can be answered without expensive, specialist help in a fraction of the time of other solutions Fast With Alteryx the right data to make a decision is available right now – including Flexible critical 3rd party, prepackaged data Cost Effective With Alteryx you know where and why an event occurs through unique spatial capabilities built directly into the solution Business Data & Context
    31. 31. Poll #2With how many departments do you commonly share analytical capabilities? a. Just one or two other people within your department b. The entire department c. 2 or 3 other departments d. Enterprise-wide e. Shared with internal and external users
    32. 32. For more information…Learn more and download a free trial of Alteryxwww.alteryx.comGet the Definitive Guide to Strategic us @alteryx