Tablets Invasion Social Metrics for this Years Hottest Devices
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Tablets Invasion Social Metrics for this Years Hottest Devices



Presented by Jim Reynolds, Strategic Accounts Manager, Alterian ...

Presented by Jim Reynolds, Strategic Accounts Manager, Alterian

We have officially entered the “Age of the Tablet”. With manufacturers from HTC to Dell releasing tablet devices, the tablet industry is expected to see explosive growth as more and more consumers adopt the devices.

So how do consumers feel about the tablets that will be released this year? Can Android Tablets overtake Apple iPad? How is the social web reacting to the launch announcement for Blackberry Playbook? How is the anticipation building around HP Touchpad?



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Tablets Invasion Social Metrics for this Years Hottest Devices Tablets Invasion Social Metrics for this Years Hottest Devices Presentation Transcript

  • Tablet InvasionSocial Metrics for this year’s hottest devices Presented By: Jim Reynolds Strategic Account Manager – SM2 @jimmyrey
  • Search Setup In Alterian SM2 • Tablet Types Monitored: Apple, Android (multiple manufacturers), Windows (multiple manufacturers), Other (WebOS & RIM) – Total of 47 devices monitored • Date Range(s): 2/14/2011 – 3/29/2011 • Locations / Languages: All Countries & Languages
  • Daily Volume – All Tablets Analysis • Total of 1.3mm  social media  mentions • Largest volume of  conversation is  during the iPad 2  launch event.  (3/2) • 2nd Largest spike is  the release of the  iPad 2 (3/22)
  • Share of Voice Total – All Tablets Analysis • Microblogs 67% • Media Types ‐ Other  14% (Mainstream  Media) • Message Boards 11%  (Developer Centric  forums & boards) • Blogs 4% (Key Mobile Blogs)
  • Share of Voice Trend – All Tablets Analysis • Major discussions around launch of devices (iPad 2, Xoom & Others) • Before iPad 2 launch much of the discussion is Android Focused. • Large secondary conversation around Playbook
  • Deep Dive
  • iPad 2 Deep Dive – CORE METRICS Analysis • By far, Apple has the largest volume of conversation, primarily driven by Twitter • 75% Male and pretty even distribution amongst age groups • Mostly Positive sentiment
  • iPad 2 Deep Dive – CORE METRICS Analysis • Mostly US based chatter followed by UK & Spain • English & European lead written languages • Community Conversation is lead by Apple centric sites
  • Deep Dive
  • Android TOTAL Deep Dive – CORE METRICS Analysis • Largest conversation around launch of Xoom followed by HTC Flyer – Driven by Twitter • Similar to iPad 2, chatter mostly male, but 35‐49 leads the conversation • General sentiment more positive that Apple (% of conversation)
  • Android Deep Dive – CORE METRICS Analysis • Primarily US based chatter, but Brazil is #3 • Languages match countries but again Portuguese ranks very highly • Great amount of Android Dev chatter globally amongst top sites
  • Motorola Xoom– CORE METRICS Analysis • 2nd largest device conversation again led by Twitter & Mainstream Chatter • Demographics are inline with other devices • Sentiment is mostly positive, but mixed due Xoom launching without Flash 
  • Motorola Xoom– CORE METRICS Analysis • Mostly US & English but highest Japanese coverage amongst all tablets  • Very active community conversations around Android development and YouTube
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab– CORE METRICS Analysis • Conversation volume spikes during product releases/announcements via twitter • Mostly Male and largest age group is 18‐24 • Mostly positive feedback on product thus far
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab– CORE METRICS Analysis • As noted on opening Android Slide, Brazil is a buzz about the Galaxy • With Portuguese being 2nd and Spanish being 5th we would suspect the Samsung is  popular in Latin & South America • Like other Android manufacturers, much of the conversation is community driven
  • Dell Streak – CORE METRICS Analysis • Dell’s conversation volume is the most steady of all manufacturers • Unlike any other maker, Message Board/Forum leads conversation • Highest positive ranking of any device manufacturer 
  • Dell Streak – CORE METRICS Analysis • Large amount of conversation occurring in Asia (Singapore, UAE, Japan) • As reflected by regions of convo languages match • Unlike other manufacturers there are many hardware based discussions
  • HTC Flyer– CORE METRICS Analysis • Largest spike was focused around announcement of Flyer, primary via twitter • Gender mostly male • Sentiment mostly positive
  • HTC Flyer– CORE METRICS Analysis • Location and Language in line with other Android makers • Conversations are mostly development driven
  • Other Deep Dive
  • BlackBerry Playbook– CORE METRICS Analysis • Playbook conversations driven by product information announcements • Audience mostly male and largest group 25‐34 • Sentiment is a strongly positive
  • BlackBerry Playbook– CORE METRICS Analysis • Country & languages similar to others, with the exception of Canada being #2 • Similar to Android there are dedicated communities focused on RIM
  • HP TouchPad– CORE METRICS Analysis • Conversations focused around leaks about final product release • Mostly male and majority of audience under 34 • Sentiment is nearly 50/50 split
  • HP TouchPad– CORE METRICS Analysis • Similar to other tablets conversation is US & European driven • Dedicated “Treo” audience awaiting devices
  • Deep Dive
  • Windows Tablets– CORE METRICS Analysis • Volume is inline with tablets, but as grouping smallest amongst tablet types  • Demographics inline with other tablet manufacturers • Sentiment inline with other tablet manufacturers
  • Windows Tablets – CORE METRICS Analysis • US & European coverage • Top sites are twitter users discussing devices
  • Tablet Rankings
  • Ranking the Tablets - Totals Analysis • Apple 75% • Android 19% • Other 17% • Windows .7%
  • Ranking the Tablets – TOP 15 coby kyros 0.13% toshiba folio 100 0.13% advent vega 0.15% hp slate 0.18% notion ink adam 0.19% asus eee slate 0.23% dell inspiron duo 0.28% htc evo view 0.30% hp touchpad 1.17% htc flyer 1.56% dell streak 1.82%blackberry playbook 3.97%samsung galaxy tab 5.01% motorola xoom 9.84% ipad 2 74.43% Analysis • As suspected Apple dominates the tablet market • Motorola Xoom is #2  • Samsung Galaxy is #3
  • Bonus Slide – What Network? Analysis • Verizon 48% • AT&T 22% • T‐Mobile 14.7% • Sprint 14.1%
  • Summary• This was a very interesting dataset to analyze. That being said, it’s pretty clear that Apple is the current market leader, but similar to the mobile market they need to be concerned about the Android.• Within the Android market, there are almost too many choices. Brands should take steps to prevent confusion amongst consumers.• The dark horse players will be RIM & HP, knowing that they’ve had a great amount of historical adoption of their devices in the enterprise.• Microsoft needs a story & a full tablet OS to increase their share within this segment.
  • THANK YOU! Please contact us with any questions Jim Reynolds: @jimmyreyUK/EU: +44 (0) 117 970 3200 | US: +1 312 704 1700 | Asia/Pac: +61 (2) 9968 2449 Web: | Blog: | Twitter: @Alterian Slideshare: Alterian | YouTube: engagingtimeslive | Facebook: The Real Alterian