NCAA Bowl Games: Brand Sponsors Go head-to-head on the Social Web


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Once again it is NCAA college football bowl season and the competition for the coveted title of the best college team in the nation persists. Though the debate about whether the winner of the National Campionship Game is truely the best in the nation will continue every year, Alterian wanted an undisputed champion and decided to measure which brands received the most buzz as a result of their bowl sponsorship.

This year Tostitos had the advantage of sponsoring two bowl games including the national championship, but will it be enough to take down the likes of such powerhouse brands as Allstate, Discover, VIZIO, AT&T, GoDaddy, Capital One, Outback, Hyundai, Chick-Fil-A, Little Caesars, Sheraton, Autozone and Meineke? Join us as we take a peek into the online dialogue about some of the biggest brands sponsoring the Bowl Championship Series.

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NCAA Bowl Games: Brand Sponsors Go head-to-head on the Social Web

  1. 1. Alterian Hot TopicNCAA Bowl Games: Brand Sponsors Go Head-to-Head on the Social Web Presented by Scott Briggs
  2. 2. NCAA Bowl Games Monitored:
  3. 3. Search Setup In Alterian SM2Topic Focus: NCAA Bowl Game Brand SponsorshipsTwo Sets of Searches were run: • Searches for 5 BCS Bowl Games and 10 Non BCS Bowl Games • Searches for each BCS Bowl SponsorDate Range(s): 12/1/2010 – 1/12/2011Locations / Languages: All Countries & Languages
  4. 4. 2010 Daily Volume – All Topics Analysis • Total of over 272k social media mentions • The BCS Championship Bowl is the definitive conversation leader • BCS Bowls have 4 of the top 5 spots • Little Caesars Bowl ranks last with barely over 1000 mentions
  5. 5. 2010 Daily Volume – All Topics Analysis • There’s a large disparity in mentions for BCS vs. Non BCS games • Over 77% of all mentions were related to the 5 BCS Bowl Games • The BCS Bowls averaged over 41,000 mentions • The Non-BCS Bowls averaged 5,988 mentions
  6. 6. Share of Voice Total – All Topics Analysis • Microblogs (Twitter &clones) comprise an impressive 47.8% • Social Networks are a distant second with 28.5% of mentions • Blogs surprisingly amount to only 1.5%
  7. 7. DemographicsAnalysis• Male social media users dominate the conversation• Users aged 18 to 34 most likely to discuss NCAA Bowl Games
  8. 8. Comparative Analysis: TV Viewership Analysis: • The BCS Championship Game was the highest rated Cable Program ever. • In total 83 million people watched the 5 BCS Bowls Games. • In Social Media we found over 200,000 conversations about the BCS • Reach uses the popularity scoring in SM2 to measure the potential views of each social mention Note: TV Viewership figures are from • The potential reach of the social conversations are very similar to the estimated TV audience
  9. 9. Comparative Analysis: Brand Mention vs Bowl MentionAnalysis:• To examine the BCS Sponsors we first look at how many times the sponsor was mentioned in the BCS conversations.• In all cases the Sponsors were mentioned infrequently• Tostitos had the highest number of mentions with their Fiesta Bowl sponsorship (8.15%)• Vizio had the fewest mentions, only 1.92% of Rose Bowl conversations mentioned Vizio
  10. 10. Comparative Analysis: Analysis: • We can also evaluate the sponsorship based on individual Brand conversations • In this case we ran SM2 searches for each BCS Sponsor to see if the Sponsor saw increased Brand Conversations around the game • In the case of Tostitos we see significant Brand activity around both sponsorship activities • On the day of the BCS Championship, Tostitos had 10 times the average number of mentions for the month
  11. 11. Comparative Analysis: “This is for all the Tostitos” Analysis: • Tostitos benefited from Brent Musberger’s call during the game of, “This is for all the Tostitos.” • Brent Musberger’s name was mentioned 317 times in the Tostitos results • The Musberger line has gone viral for Tostitos • CNBC has estimated the line was worth $2.5 million in free advertising
  12. 12. Comparative Analysis: Analysis: • Vizio found success using the Rose Bowl to launch an ad campaign around its new Tablet Product • That was followed up with live demonstrations at the Consumer Electronics Show the following week. • This is a good example of a coordinated marketing campaign
  13. 13. Comparative Analysis: Analysis: • Allstate received almost 3 times the average number of daily mentions on the day of the Allstate Sugar Bowl • The number of mentions for the Sugar Bowl was very similar to the number of mentions on the day that it was announced Allstate was suing Bank of America (12/28/2010) • A large brand like Allstate has many news events. Social Media can give us a measurement technique to evaluate the impact of different events to the brand
  14. 14. Comparative Analysis: Analysis: • Similar to Allstate a large brand like Discover Card sees less of an impact from one event • On the day of the Orange Bowl Discover Card’s mentions were inline with the daily average for the month • Discover Card did receive positive sentiment for a complimentary hospitability event at the game for all Discover Card holders
  15. 15. THANK YOU! Please contact us with any questions: Scott Briggs: Kyle Henderick: Ivy Shtereva: ivy.shtereva@alterian.comUK/EU: +44 (0) 117 970 3200 | US: +1 312 704 1700 | Asia/Pac: +61 (2) 9968 2449 Web: | Blog: | Twitter: Alterian Slideshare: Alterian | YouTube: engagingtimeslive | Facebook: The Real Alterian