Learning From Listening - Utilizing Social Media Monitoring


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The emergence of digital channels and internet-based social media has created a new world of communications. In order to stay ahead of your competition understanding these conversations and engaging within them is key to marketing success. This presentation goes through how to utilize Social Media Monitoring as market research to further engage your prospects and customers.

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Learning From Listening - Utilizing Social Media Monitoring

  1. 1. Learning from Listening Online Bob Barker VP Corporate Marketing and Digital Engagement Alterian http://twitter.com/bob_barker
  2. 2. Who am I?
  3. 3. Marketing guy Brand & PR and Website/online Social Media Positioning Video SEO & PPC & Community Marketing Prod Mktg Exec’s Social Media HR & Sales Community Customer Strategy Prof Support Services Managed Services
  4. 4. Technology guy Technology Brands I have worked for:
  5. 5. Connectedness – the new MBA –Power of profile – Power of connection –Power of collaboration –Power of trust –Power of friendship –Power of Influence
  6. 6. Influence - Robert Scoble (Scobleizer) effect on shareprice Joins
  7. 7. Societal and business change 450 On Facebook 550 On Facebook Not On Facebook 1500 750 On Outlook On Facebook 50 on Facebook
  8. 8. Social media is changing the way the world communicates and it all starts with listening...
  9. 9. Listening tools – the 101 guide Social Media Monitoring Tool
  10. 10. How does it work? Collect Store Social Media Warehouse Analyse Engage
  11. 11. You are not required to Blog or Tweet to use an SMM tool
  12. 12. Instant Market Research
  13. 13. Marketers have never had it so good “Never before in the Marketing Holy grail = field of marketing understand what your was so much customers want known about so many by so few”
  14. 14. Is anyone actually talking about us then?
  15. 15. Volume of conversations
  16. 16. Drill into the actual conversations
  17. 17. Find your Customer’s expressing their Needs …beyond Twitter • Blogs • Flickr • Forums • Build WOM http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk • Organic SEO • Ward off crises
  18. 18. But what is the competition up to?
  19. 19. Compare with competitors Do we need to increase our SM activity?
  20. 20. Innovate with Industry & Competitive Insight Find what you don’t know • Identify new markets and trends • Competitive strengths & weaknesses • Sentiment around competition Create products that consumers want
  21. 21. Show me the money
  22. 22. Brand protection mechanism
  23. 23. Are they being nice?
  24. 24. Sentiment and Tone
  25. 25. Influence Public Relations Do opinions online matter? • Monitor volume, sentiment and trending topics • Customizable dictionary – to pin down real sentiment
  26. 26. Show me the money “We did not put the customer first” Toyoda, Sunday Times 28th March
  27. 27. Identify your influencers
  28. 28. Who are these people who have the time to talk about us online?
  29. 29. Demographics
  30. 30. And how influential are they?
  31. 31. Where do they hang out?
  32. 32. Auto Domains
  33. 33. The communities that advocate your products • Join communities that advocate your products • Join that of your competitors
  34. 34. Create community “We monitor in excess of 1,500 discussion threads a day on very specific topics where we think we can add value to the conversation. It’s not possible to participate in all of the threads, but there are ways to identify which conversations are the most influential, which ones have the greatest reach, and those are the one in which we’re most likely to participate. We've also created a consumer advocate community as well as a platform that we’ll be launching in a few weeks to support their activities.” Marty Collins, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Windows Live, Microsoft
  35. 35. What are the trends in what people are saying?
  36. 36. Author tags – Consumer’s perception of our brand
  37. 37. Increase your SEO Insight into consumers minds • Theme clouds – Brand – Competitors – Industry • Author tag clouds • Link building • PPC
  38. 38. Understand the geographic spread of conversations – find new markets
  39. 39. Show me the money Fortune 500 consumer products company discovered that over 75% of its marketing spend did not reach its most influential social channels Source: Social CRM – The New Rules of Engagement, Altimeter Group, March 2010
  40. 40. But do they actually want to buy something? Is it just talk?
  41. 41. Identify, allocate the conversation, speak to them and add value
  42. 42. Show me the money A Fortune 100 Financial services company used social sales insight to determine when they could be helpful in social channels and conversations as opposed to interrupting the conversation. Four months later, the social channel territory sales comprised 10% of all sales. Source: Social CRM – The New Rules of Engagement, Altimeter Group, March 2010
  43. 43. Conversations create transactions – people buy from people
  44. 44. 8 Stages of Listening • No objective at all • Tracking of brand mentions • Identifying market risks and opportunities • Improving Campaign Efficiency • Measuring Customer satisfaction • Responding to customer inquiry • Better understand customers • Being proactive and anticipating customers Source: Jeremiah Owyang http://www.web-strategist.com/blog/2009/11/10/evolution-the-eight- stages-of-listening/
  45. 45. Conversations Create transactions Influencer identification Brand Protection Instant brand research
  46. 46. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InrOvEE2v38
  47. 47. Once you have listened then its time to Engage
  48. 48. Impact of Social Media on Sales Funnel
  49. 49. A Community Based Approach
  50. 50. Write Once Publish many Tweet key takeaways Repackage as presentation Start a discussion Add voice for video Chop into episodic blog posts Deploy as formal release Repurposing content opens new points of distribution and has a compounding effect on reach
  51. 51. Asset deployment by SM channel
  52. 52. Twitter deployment Schedule Suggested Tweet Week 1 Why not sign up for the Social Media ROI series http://bit.ly/ROI its got great insight Week 2 Speaking at Internet world on Social Media Marketing http://bit.ly/IW/sm90 #Alterian Week 3 Check this out: 4 Ways To Take Your Search Marketing http://bit.ly/seoROI #AlterianSM2 Week 4 Today’s SEO Tip: RSS distribution is one of the easiest ways to give your content legs http://bit.ly/seoROI #AlterianSM2 Week 5 Seems Inbound linking is the most challenging. Use SM monitoriing guide your optimization – http://bit.ly/seoROI #AlterianSM2
  53. 53. Moving Towards a Holistic Web Presence 1. 2. 3. MicroBlog/Realtime Blog/Community Website/Surfers Coffee Shop Library Store Chat/Gossip/Tips/Links Reading/research/Education/Sharing Learning/watching/buying
  54. 54. Its requires engagement technology and engaging people
  55. 55. Your people need to get engaged on social media “Ask not what your company can do for you ask what you can do for your company (and yourself)”
  56. 56. X Personal Blogs
  57. 57. X Personal Blogs
  58. 58. Listening and engaging • Listening rota’s by geography, by product • Engaging in the conversation – Responding to blogs – Responding to tweets • Participation – In Linked in groups – In Tweet ups – At events
  59. 59. Next Steps Use the tool Drill into the detail Read the book Read the Report
  60. 60. Value and ROI through listening Use Case Value/ROI Brand Audit Identify opportunities in Social Media Social Media Campaigns Measure progress of Social Media efforts Corporate Marketing Increased sales & rate of return on ad spend Customer Service Increased satisfaction, brand loyalty, awareness Competitive Insight Identify differentiating features & innovate Public Relations Efficient use of time & identify influencers Sales – Lead Generation Increased sales & shortened sales cycle Search Engine Optimization More effective SEO & organic visibility Product Development Reduced market research costs HR Reduced hiring costs & less churn
  61. 61. And finally...