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Crowning the King of Luxury Cars - Social Media and the Automotive Industry
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Crowning the King of Luxury Cars - Social Media and the Automotive Industry

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With the recession beginning to taper off, budget-conscious consumers are demanding a little taste of the good life. Now, entry-level luxury cars are one of the hottest growing segments in the U.S. automotive market, as evidenced by the number of luxury car advertisements during the holiday season and the Super Bowl.

The Luxury Automotive Hot Topic is a head-to-head comparison of some of the top, entry-level luxury car models like the Chrysler 200, BMW 3 Series and the Lexus IS.

Which entry-level luxury cars are making the biggest splash? Which luxury brand’s advertisements have the most impact on their audience?

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  • 1. Crowning the King of Luxury Cars Presented By: Jim Reynolds Strategic Account Manager – SM2 @jimmyrey
  • 2. Search Setup In Alterian SM2 Brands Monitored: Models Monitored: • Acura • Acura TL • Audi • Audi A4 • BMW • BMW 3 Series • Cadillac • Cadillac CTS • Chrysler • Chrysler 200 • Infiniti • Infiniti G37 • Lexus • Lexus IS • Lincoln • Lincoln MKZ • Mercedes-Benz • Mercedes-Benz C Class * Locations / Languages: All Countries & Languages for Brands & USA and English Only for Models
  • 3. Daily Volume – All Brands Analysis • Total of 233k social media mentions • Volume of conversation increases 10x during Super Bowl • 2nd Largest spike is day after Super Bowl
  • 4. Share of Voice Total – Brands Analysis • 35% Media Types - Other (Primarily mainstream media sites and publications) • 22% Microblogs (Twitter etc.) • 20% Message Boards (Automotive Centric forums & boards) • 13% Blogs (Key Auto Blogs)
  • 5. Daily Volume – Models Analysis • Total of 28k social media mentions that are specific to car model • Volume of conversation spikes during release of new models at auto shows & Super Bowl commercials
  • 6. Share of Voice Total – Models Analysis • 30% Media Types Other (Primarily mainstream media sites and publications) • 18 – 20% Microblogs & Blog & Message Board Forums • 5% Video/Photo Sharing & Social Networks
  • 7. Automaker Deep Dive
  • 8. Chrysler Deep DiveAnalysis• Conversation primarily focused around “Imported from Detroit”• Gender led by Males• 18 – 24 largest group discussing Chrysler
  • 9. Chrysler 200 Deep DiveAnalysis• Top sites discussing Chrysler 200 are primarily sales sites and dealers, with limited community discussions• Sentiment generally positive, driven mostly by “Imported from Detroit” Ad
  • 10. Cadillac Deep DiveAnalysis• Cadillac conversations are more lifestyle driven than other auto manufactures, with limited model discussion• Gender is majority male• 25-34 is largest age group followed by 35-49
  • 11. Cadillac CTS Deep DiveAnalysis• Multiple communities / forums active in Cadillac CTS chatter, with limited dealer conversations• Sentiment is mixed, though positive
  • 12. Lincoln Deep DiveAnalysis• Conversations about Lincoln discuss Advertising and Mercury (a retiring brand), chatter about models is very low• Gender is Majority Male• Over 50 is largest age group, followed by 25 to 34
  • 13. Lincoln MKZ Deep DiveAnalysis• Discussion around the MKZ is rather limited, mostly focused around dealer conversations, with limited green/eco chatter• Highest percentage of positive opinion of any model monitored
  • 14. BMW Deep DiveAnalysis• Conversations around BMW, are primarily focused around the brand as well as features with secondary chatter around advertising• Gender is primarily male• 18 – 24 is the largest age group
  • 15. BMW 3 Series Deep DiveAnalysis• Discussion around the 3-Series is driven by communities; of the top 10 sources, 5 are dedicated sites for BMW owners• Sentiment is mostly positive
  • 16. Audi Deep DiveAnalysis• Conversations around Audi are mostly about their Super Bowl commercial and direct comparisons to other models• Gender is primarily male• 25-34 is the largest age group, followed closely by 18-24
  • 17. Audi A4 Deep DiveAnalysis• Discussions around Audi are very similar, except for the Dupont Registry Chatter not seen with any other model• Sentiment is the highest of any German automaker
  • 18. Mercedes-Benz Deep DiveAnalysis• Conversations around Mercedes-Benz were primarily focused on their Super Bowl Ad, with next to no mentions of models• Gender is predominately male• 25-35 is the largest age group
  • 19. Mercedes-Benz C Class Deep DiveAnalysis• Unlike other German Auto Makers, conversations are dealer driven• Sentiment is mostly positive, but Mercedes Benz had the most negative of all German Auto Makers due to feedback on Super Bowl advertising
  • 20. Acura Deep DiveAnalysis• Unlike nearly all other manufactures the conversations about Acura were focused on their models & technology vs. advertising efforts• Gender is primarily Male• Largest age group is 25 -34, followed by 35- 49, making Acura the 2nd most mature audience
  • 21. Acura TL Deep DiveAnalysis• Discussions are equally balanced for Acura across forums, dealers and blogs• Sentiment is nearly split due to social media feedback on their recent update to the 2012 TL
  • 22. Lexus Deep DiveAnalysis• Conversations about Lexus are about commercials and Christmas advertising, with secondary chatter about technology• Lexus is the only manufacturer that has more women discussing than males• 25 – 34 is the largest age group, followed by 18-24
  • 23. Lexus IS Deep DiveAnalysis• Surprisingly, discussions around Lexus don’t have more community involvement and are mostly dealer driven• Sentiment about Lexus is mostly positive and highest amongst Japanese models by .1%
  • 24. Infiniti Deep DiveAnalysis• Conversations around Infiniti are interesting. They are the only auto maker to have their previous models discussed (G35 & i35), followed by their back up warning system• Gender is primarily Male• Age is nearly equal across all groups, with smallest percentage identified amongst all auto makers
  • 25. Infiniti G37 Deep DiveAnalysis• Discussions are primarily dealer driven with overlapping BMW discussions• Sentiment is mostly positive
  • 26. Automaker & Model Rankings
  • 27. Ranking the Brands - Totals Analysis • Chrysler - 19% • BMW - 17.03% • Mercedes-Benz - 17% • Audi - 15% • Lincoln - 12% • Lexus - 8% • Cadillac - 5% • Acura - 2.9% • Infiniti - 2.7%
  • 28. Ranking The Brands - Trend Analysis • European manufacturers were discussed the most - by a large margin - pre-Super Bowl • The Domestics get a huge push from Chrysler and continue to challenge Europeans post Super Bowl • Asian Manufacture chatter is consistent and flat
  • 29. Ranking the Models - Totals Analysis • Chrysler 200 - 34% • Cadillac CTS - 21% • Audi A4 - 10.3% • BMW 3 Series - 10.2% • Acura TL - 8.4% • Mercedes-Benz C-Class 8% • Lincoln MKZ - 3% • Lexus IS - 2% • Infiniti G37 - 1.7%
  • 30. Ranking The Models - Trend Analysis • The Chrysler 200 has had consistent peaks higher than other Luxury Cars • The Cadillac CTS has had a similar pattern due the auto show circuit and very active community members • 2nd largest spike in the data set was focused around the TL redesign at the Chicago Auto Show
  • 31. Summary• Like most we were shocked and impressed by Chrysler. Initially we questioned whether the 200 could hold its own against more traditional Luxury car manufactures; they proved us wrong. Hopefully, they can transition this momentum into community growth like BMW or Cadillac• As shown by the demographics the majority of the audience is male and other than Lexus a minority are discussing these manufactures or models publically. This could be an opportunity.• Feel free to view the Social Analytics dashboards for yourselfAcura: Chrysler: Cadillac: Lincoln: BMW: Benz:
  • 32. THANK YOU! Please contact us with any questions: Jim Reynolds: jim.reynolds@alterian.comUK/EU: +44 (0) 117 970 3200 | US: +1 312 704 1700 | Asia/Pac: +61 (2) 9968 2449 Web: | Blog: | Twitter: @Alterian Slideshare: Alterian | YouTube: engagingtimeslive | Facebook: The Real Alterian