Alterians 7th Annual Survey Results


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Presented by Bob Barker, VP of Corporate Marketing and Digital Engagement, Alterian

Alterian’s 7th Annual Survey Results Webinar discovered just how ready marketers are to really engage their customers.

The marketing industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Set against a backdrop of tight budgets, increased demand for accountability, the explosion in social media and informed, active and connected consumers, marketing is moving from mass communication towards multichannel customer engagement. While consumers are driving this change, marketers also are expecting their service providers to keep up and streamline and connect the services they offer.

Bob Barker presented the survey findings including exclusive insight into the methods and investments that marketers are currently exploring and implementing.

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Alterians 7th Annual Survey Results

  1. 1. Alterian 7th Annual Survey Are You Ready to Engage? Presented by Bob Barker Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Digital Engagement
  2. 2. Alterian’s 7th Annual Survey 1,068 marketing professionals surveyed globally North America 62% Europe 36% Asia Pacific and Other 2%
  3. 3. Survey Respondents by Segment
  4. 4. Question 1 How many different providers of marketing services do you leverage to accommodate services such as digital marketing, database marketing, data hygiene, creative & brand, strategy & consultancy, web analytics, email marketing and statistical analysis?
  5. 5. Q1: Number of Providers of Marketing Services Leveraged?
  6. 6. Costs of Complexity • Cost of managing, analysing • Cost of data integration, cleansing • Cost of execution • Cost of a slow speed to react • Costs of not being effective • Cost of weak relationship
  7. 7. Increasing Demands on Agencies Agency pre 00’s Creative Agency 00’s Creative & Accountable Across Agency 10’s Creative & Accountable & Engaging & All Channels
  8. 8. Service Provider Evolution: Customer Engagement Agencies
  9. 9. What is the Customer Engagement Agency (CEA)? Customer Engagement Agencies take a multi dimensional approach to marketing across all channels combining three traditionally disparate skills and deliverables: • Creative capacity to develop persuasive content, • Technical and multi-channel data expertise to deliver messages via multiple channels • Data-driven Intelligence driving cross channel/segment dialog enabling positive financial impact through the proper selection of the right message for the right audience at the right time An Unwavering Commitment to RESULTS Across All Channels
  10. 10. “We’ve hinted before that agencies that can’t transition from pushing out messages to nurturing customer connections aren’t long for this world. Agency readers, heed our warning. Services firms that lack data management, analytics, listening , social media execution, and strategy expertise will dry up” Forrester US Interactive Marketing Forecast by Shar Van Boskirk, July 2009
  11. 11. Question 2 How difficult is it for you for coordinate resources across your digital agency and direct marketing agency?
  12. 12. Q2: How Difficult is it for You for Coordinate Resources?
  13. 13. Respondents Via Segment
  14. 14. Campaign Isolation Digital Agency Campaigns DM Agency Campaigns
  15. 15. Time to Coordinate Across All Channels Direct Email Web Mail • Right message • Right person • Right channel • Right time
  16. 16. Question 3 During the next 12 months, how much of your marketing budget do you see shifting from traditional direct marketing (direct mail/telemarketing) to digital/interactive/social channels?
  17. 17. Q3: How Much of Your Marketing Budget Do You See Shifting?
  18. 18. Percentage of Marketing Budget Shifting Towards Digital/Interactive/Social Channels (By segment)
  19. 19. We Are All Spending More Time Online Social Angry Informed In Touch
  20. 20. Marketing Becomes More Individual and Digital
  21. 21. Low Cost Set-Up, But Absorbed Into Current Roles
  22. 22. Pay Per Click is a Hyper Efficient Market Place
  23. 23. But You Have to Engage as Well HIGH HIGH Customer Engagement operational Search’s role excellence and value required Hyper- efficient marketplace LOW LOW UNKNOWN AWARE CONVERSATION CUSTOMER ADVOCATE CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT LIFE CYCLE
  24. 24. Question 4 Do you incorporate your click stream/web analytics data into your customer/email database?
  25. 25. Q4: Do You Incorporate Your Clickstream/Web Analytics Data?
  26. 26. Lost Opportunity Website Customer Click-stream Database data
  27. 27. 360º View of What? “There will be no such thing as an unknown customer”
  28. 28. Question 5 In which of the following new marketing techniques are you currently investing or plan to invest?
  29. 29. Q5: In Which New Marketing Techniques Are You Investing?
  30. 30. Marketing Technology Enables Marketing Professionalism • Be of Value to Customers – through listening to what they actually want through social media and the internet • Be Engaging – through the website and digital channels • Be Consistent – with multi channel customer engagement • Be Relevant – through individualized email • Be Accountable – with customer analysis and reporting
  31. 31. Brands as Publishers and Broadcasters = Low Cost Distribution Tweet key takeaways Repackage as presentation Start a discussion Add voice for video Chop into episodic blog posts Deploy as formal release Repurposing content opens new points of distribution and has a Compounding Effect on Reach
  32. 32. Investment in Social Media Marketing vs Monitoring
  33. 33. Listen to What People Have Been Saying About You for Years Collect Store Understand SM2 indexes the entire social Alterian’s Social Media An incredibly powerful and media universe, across the WarehouseSM, created in 2007, intuitive tool, the SM2 User globe and across all contains over 3 billion social Interface enables clients to platforms. media mentions, blogs, tweets, visualize, analyze, communicate posts, images and and share findings. Turn content conversations. into actionable insight. Over 3 Billion Results
  34. 34. 57% Investing in Engaging on the Website • When you have someone on your website, they have given their full consent for you to communicate with them or to market to them • It’s your chance to engage, to persuade or to educate • That chance might be brief - as the cursor hovers over the back button
  35. 35. Web Engagement Multiple Authors Multiple Engagement Opportunities Multiple Media types
  36. 36. Q5: In Which New Marketing Techniques Are You Investing?
  37. 37. Question 6 How much effort are you placing on integrating your communication strategies e.g. moving from campaign- centric direct marketing model towards multi-channel customer engagement?
  38. 38. Q6: How Much Effort Are You Placing on Integrating?
  39. 39. Build an Ability to Drive Customer Engagement Cycles Customer Engagement Life Cycle UNKNOWN AWARE CONVERSATION CUSTOMER ADVOCATE Multiple Customer Engagement Cycles
  40. 40. The Customer Engagement Cycle and Customer Engagement Personas
  41. 41. Question 7 How would you rank the importance of Social Media (such as social networking sites, user-generated content, blogs etc) to the overall marketing mix?
  42. 42. Q7: How Would You Rank the Importance of Social Media?
  43. 43. Importance of Social Media to the Overall Marketing Mix (By segment)
  44. 44. We all have a voice
  45. 45. Building Relationships One at a Time
  46. 46. 20 Best Marketing and Social Media Blogs by Women
  47. 47. Lets Talk Social Media ROI • For SEO • For lead generation • For Customer service and support • For New markets and product development • For industry and competitive insight • For social media campaigns • For corporate marketing and brand building • For Brand audits & general listening • For public relations and crisis management
  48. 48. Question 8 How prepared do you feel you are to take advantage of the new techniques that digital and social media represent as part of your overall marketing/customer engagement strategy?
  49. 49. Q8: How Prepared Do You Feel?
  50. 50. Get Prepared • Form the Habit • Listening tool – Social Media Monitoring - Freemium • Build a Social Media Practice • Get the Little Book – 1. Plan – 2. Listen – 3. Engage – 4. Assess
  51. 51. Question 9 How many of your existing marketing staff have the necessary skills required to take advantage of new marketing or customer engagement strategies?
  52. 52. Q9: Does Your Existing Marketing Staff Have the Skills?
  53. 53. Website New Stove Pipes Email Social Media SEO & PPC Website Stove Pipe Dangers (IT) Old Stove Pipes Direct Mail Advertising
  54. 54. Conclusions – Get Ready to Engage • Marketing is transforming from Mass marketing to Engagement with the individual • Social media is fuelling the transformation of marketing the internet begun – 67% say its increasingly important • Marketers are getting ready to... – Engage online –make the website engaging – 57% investing – Engage in Social media marketing – 66% investing • Marketers need to... – Integrate internally and externally – integration is required to operate effectively and to save costs – 42% don’t even incorporate web click stream, they have multiple costly agency relationships – Train their Staff – 40% don’t feel staff are prepared • Customer Engagement Agencies are emerging to help marketers
  55. 55. Questions? Presented by Bob Barker Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Digital Engagement