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Introducing Anti-Gravity Therapy
Introducing Anti-Gravity Therapy
Introducing Anti-Gravity Therapy
Introducing Anti-Gravity Therapy
Introducing Anti-Gravity Therapy
Introducing Anti-Gravity Therapy
Introducing Anti-Gravity Therapy
Introducing Anti-Gravity Therapy
Introducing Anti-Gravity Therapy
Introducing Anti-Gravity Therapy
Introducing Anti-Gravity Therapy
Introducing Anti-Gravity Therapy
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Introducing Anti-Gravity Therapy


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A short presentation on the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

A short presentation on the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

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  • 1. Defy Gravity
    The revolutionary AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill:
    Great for your patients, great for your business.
  • 2. Finally, partial weight-bearing therapy that allows normal mechanics and full range of motion
  • 3. Superior technology invented by NASA, enabled by AlterG
    Uniform lifting force
    on lower body and
    at center of gravity =
    Comfort, normal gait
    and balance
    Full range of motion for
    upper and lower body =
    Balanced, natural movement
    Large windows =
    Monitoring and adjustment
    of therapy
    Height adjustment =
    Wide range of users,
    safety and ease of use
    Precise differential
    air pressure (DAP)
    control system with
    auto-calibration =
    Accurate and safe
    partial weight-bearing
    tailored to individual
    Professional quality treadmill
    AlterG’s technology is covered by
    several issued and pending patents.
  • 4. The AlterG offers precise partial weight-bearing over a wide range
  • 5. AlterG key benefits“The results with our patients have been fantastic”
    The ONLY rehabilitation modality that offers patients with a lower extremity injury, surgery or disability:
    Precise adjustable partial weight-bearing to as low as 20% of their body weight
    Natural gait mechanics and full range of motion
    Correct muscle and nerve development (proprioceptive retraining)
    Improved balance
    Gradual measured return to full weight bearing
    No or reduced pain
    A fall safe environment
  • 6. The M300 consoleAs easy as 1, 2, 3…
  • 7. Common indications for use
    Orthopedic & sports
    Neuro & other
    Any rehabilitation of the lower body after surgery, injury or disability, e.g.:
    ACL, Microfracture, fractures
    Total knee & total hip
    Arthritis (OA, RA)
    Achilles, Bunionectomy
    Conditioning during recovery
    Increase in training volume
    Parkinson’s disease
    Traumatic Brain Injury
    Fall prevention
    Cerebral palsy
    Multiple sclerosis
    Obesity (weight loss)
    Conditioning in elderly
  • 8. Nancy Byl
    PhD, PT
    Physical Therapy and
    Rehabilitation Science
    “My patients can't say enough about how good they feel to run again.”
    “The AlterG is a great way to maximize brain plasticity.”
    “Patients with chronic pain are running without pain.”
    “It gives elderly patients a chance to maintain their aerobic capacity.”
    “I love this machine.”
  • 9. Proven broad customer base
  • 10. The AlterG has been proven to generate revenue in three ways
    New referrals: Increase physician referrals from offering improved therapy options (~$1,000 per referral)
    Cash pay: Generate additional cash from patients continuing AlterG therapy once their prescription runs out (clinics typically charge $250 for 10 sessions)
    Extended prescription: Physicians often agree to extend a prescription to allow patients to continue AlterG therapy
  • 11. Two great reasons for acquiring an AlterG
    1) Proven patient benefits
    100% happy customers and patients, according to hundreds of surveys
    Excellent clinical results
    300+ clinics have been using the AlterG
    FDA cleared for orthopedic and neurologic rehab
    2) Good for your business
    Additional revenue
    Doctor referrals
    Cash paying patients
    Extended treatments
    Sets your clinic apart
    Patients love it
    Free up physical therapist capacity
  • 12. Rick Zivney, PT, OwnerGenesis Physical Therapy, Rockwall, TX
    “The Alter G has been a great addition to Genesis Physical Therapy.”  
    “The results with our orthopedic patients have been fantastic.” 
    “I now get referrals that simply say ‘AlterG’.” 
    “We are also using it to train athletes, and are now starting a whole new business for athletes and performance training.”
    “It is a difference-maker for my business.”