Easy Submitting, Intelligent Scheduling and Monitoring Results of Finite Element Jobs with PBS Works


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Easy Submitting, Intelligent Scheduling and Monitoring Results of Finite Element Jobs with PBS Works

  1. 1. KIRCHHOFF GRUPPEEasy Submitting, Intelligent Scheduling and MonitoringResults of Finite Element Jobs with PBS WorksAuthor: Dirk JunglasCompany: KIRCHHOFF Automotive Deutschland GmbHAm Eckenbach 3057439 AttendornGermanyPhone +492722696554d.junglas@kirchhoff-gruppe.deAbstractIntroduction:PBS Works offers with PBS Professional (a workload management system), Compute Manager and Result Viewer, a smart solutionto submit, monitor and visualize the results of finite element (FE) analysis. With PBS Analytics, also a PBS Works product, it ispossible to analyze the degree of capacity utilization of existing resources. This presentation will show an example how the CAEDepartment of the automotive supplier KIRCHHOFF Automotive optimized workloads on its HPC-Cluster, reduced costs forsoftware and hardware, and increased the productivity of the FE Analyst.Problem Definition:The FE Department of KIRCHHOFF Automotive supports other company departments with finite element analysis. Since the needof computing capacity increased rapidly a HPC-Cluster was installed. The FE analysts are located in different offices at differentlocations and therefore spend a lot of time to organize their jobs on the cluster and idle times on the cluster couldn’t be usedefficiently.Problem Solution:PBS Professional enables the FE Analysts to start their jobs with predefined parameters. The system schedules the jobs on thecluster and gives feedback to the FE Analysts when the job has been finished. At the end of last year PBS Professional wasupgraded with Compute Manager and Result Viewer. Both tools are web based and platform independent and enable the FEAnalysts to submit their jobs, to monitor the state of the job and to visualize the finite element results in a web browser.22.04.2013 1
  2. 2. KIRCHHOFF GRUPPE222.04.2013
  3. 3. KIRCHHOFF GRUPPEProductsKirchhoff Automotive322.04.2013Reinforcement B pillarRear axle crossmemberFrame dash panelSide impact barInstrument panel beamBracket bumper (front)
  4. 4. KIRCHHOFF GRUPPEHistoryKirchhoff Automotive422.04.20131894foundationfirststampingplantIserlohn1785foundationWitteneedlecompany1984takeoverM. Kutsch,Attendorn1993beginning ofworldwideexpansion1999Joint VentureVRK Querétarotoday30 plantsin 11 countries onthree continentsfrom 2007foundation ofthree TecCenters inEurope, Asia,NorthAmerica2011takeovermajorityshares ofVan-Rob
  5. 5. KIRCHHOFF GRUPPEDevelopment of Human Resources, Hardware andSoftware at KIRCHHOFF Automotive FE Department522.04.201320052 FE EngineersLocal Workstations20075 FE EngineersOne office1 Linux Server6000 Jobs20106 FE EngineersDifferent offices4 Linux Servers12000 JobsPBS Pro was established20139 FE EngineersDifferent OfficesDifferent Countries5 Linux ServersAbout 20000 Jobs
  6. 6. KIRCHHOFF GRUPPEWhy a workload management system622.04.2013In 2009 5 FE Engineers share a HPC Cluster of 2 servers.A new problem arose:How to manage the jobs on the Cluster.Server1Server2
  7. 7. KIRCHHOFF GRUPPEOptimizing Workload with PBS Pro722.04.2013UsingPBSPlanned Workload Real Workload Optimized Workload
  8. 8. KIRCHHOFF GRUPPEOperation Mode of PBS Pro (Simplified)Users send request for simulation job.PBS/PAS ServerChecks Clusterfor freeresources.NAS or local disk.Provide Solver InputFiles andfree space for resultfiles.YesNoQueueExecution HostsServer1Server2Provideresources22.04.2013 8Compute Manager
  9. 9. KIRCHHOFF GRUPPESubmitting Jobs with the Compute Manager922.04.2013Area on the left hand side:Applications and Profiles.Choose the application to use.Load, save and share profiles.
  10. 10. KIRCHHOFF GRUPPESubmitting Jobs with the Compute Manager1022.04.2013Area on the center:Choose parameters.Number of CPUs, Memory….Add Solver input deck.
  11. 11. KIRCHHOFF GRUPPEArea on the right hand side:File explorer to choose solverinput decks and outputdirectories.Submitting Jobs with the Compute Manager1122.04.2013
  12. 12. KIRCHHOFF GRUPPESmart Job Management with Compute Manager1222.04.2013Drop Down Menu: QueuePrioritize jobs by choosingQueues.
  13. 13. KIRCHHOFF GRUPPEPriorizing Jobs with PBS Pro1322.04.2013At 4:00PM User 5 will run an urgentjob with min. 8 CPUs and uses thepanic queue.The job of User 1 in the standardqueue is suspended. Job of User 5starts.After finished the job of User 1 willbe resumed.
  14. 14. KIRCHHOFF GRUPPEMonitoring PBS Pro with the Compute Manager1422.04.2013Area at the right upper side:Show jobs on the cluster.
  15. 15. KIRCHHOFF GRUPPEMonitoring PBS Pro with the Compute Manager1522.04.2013Area on the left hand sidePossibility to filter the queueby software, user and state.
  16. 16. KIRCHHOFF GRUPPEMonitoring PBS Pro with the Compute Manager1622.04.2013Area on the right lower side:Shows more information of the jobs.Shows and provide access to the files.
  17. 17. KIRCHHOFF GRUPPEVisualize Results with the Compute Manager22.04.2013 17The Results managerallows to access theresult files during andafter the job runs andmakes it possible tovisualize the results inthe browser window.
  18. 18. KIRCHHOFF GRUPPEAnalyze the Workload with PBS Analytics1822.04.2013PBS Analytics will help toanalyze the degree ofcapacity utilization ofexisting resources.
  19. 19. KIRCHHOFF GRUPPEAnalyze the Workload with PBS Analytics1922.04.2013Analyzing wait timeshelps to decide ifadditional licenses orhardware are needed.Monitoring the use of hardwarehelps to optimize the cluster.
  20. 20. KIRCHHOFF GRUPPEConclusions2022.04.201316 Abaqus Tokens7000 Hyperworks GWU2 Dyna Licenses6(2) FE Engineers (Students)4 Execution Hosts24 Abaqus Tokens7000 Hyperworks GWU2 Dyna Licenses9(2) FE Engineers (Students)5 Execution Hosts
  21. 21. KIRCHHOFF GRUPPEConclusionsQeustions & AnswersLet Engineers be Engineers!2122.04.2013PBS Works …-is easy to use.-provides a send and forget technology.-is an open architecture.-allows to prioritize jobs.-use hardware and software efficiently.reduce cost for hardware and software.-offers with the Compute Manager an all inone solution for submitting, monitoring andvisualization FE jobs.FE Engineers…-can focus to their project work.-do not longer need IT expert knowledge.-save a lot of time.Thank you for your kind attention!