Blogging for search engines the Netmediauk way


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Blogging is the new search engine optimisation Companies are learning how to write effective articles and post to social media.

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Blogging for search engines the Netmediauk way

  1. 1. How to blog for Search engineoptimisation:Search for ‘Online marketing training Wirral’ on Google.See (This is my blog for my business).These are the keywords for my business.I have never paid a penny for advertising.I have been blogging for some time though!! Netmediauk Limited 0151 559 8573
  2. 2. You must own your own domain:Do you think Mr Zuckenberg has to ring his web designer to be able to log in to hiswebsite?!!You must own your own hosting /server to be able to add anything to your websitewhenever you want.Set up a Word Press blog and pay for a template.Use Yoast SEO plug in for the meta keywords.Check Keyword Adword tool’ at least once a month to check on the power of yourkeywords, they change often.Forget about keywords on your written piece (you can add later)WRITE FOR PEOPLE NOT ROBOTS!!!Think : will my reader learn something from my blog.Remember: People have two motivators:Fear of loss :what will they loose if they don’t read your blog.Greed: What will they gain from reading your blog. Netmediauk Limited 0151 559 8573
  3. 3. Headings are vital:Think about Magazine covers , what grabs peoples attention, like:Top tips for…….The 5 best………..How not to get burned………..The best free ways to…………….are all effective ways to capture the readersThink like a reporter.Just get people to your blog. Netmediauk Limited 0151 559 8573
  4. 4. Personalise your blog.Do not be afraid to add your flavour to your article.Blogs are about social media.People sharing pointers and tips with peopleITS NOT ABOUT SELLING!!Add your comments and your feelings and readers will empathise and or they may evenagree/disagree .Either way get an emotion. Netmediauk Limited 0151 559 8573
  5. 5. Call to action:This is the whole point of your work!Add a little:“For more info on this subject or to contact me directly” at the end of your blog.Then link the company name.For the love of all that is holy, do not link the words ‘contact me’The most SEO’d phrase on the internet is ‘contact me’ because so many people link‘contact me’.Either link to your contact us page or your main corporate site.For the best results create a separate blog website for your blogs. Netmediauk Limited 0151 559 8573
  6. 6. Why separate blog sites work so well:Think of a shopping mall:Let’s imagine you have a shoe shop (your main web site).Your blog is the effective sales-person who wanders the mall chatting to people aboutwhat shoes work well with what outfits, and what shoes are the most comfortable, etc.People see the sales person not so much as as a sales person, but as an impartial andgreat help.The sales person then tells people where to buy and takes them to your shop!If a person clicks your call to action at the bottom of your blog they have made thedecision to come to your shop, increasing the chance of a sale immensely.The second and other great reason is you will have more links back to your site whichGoogle rates really highly and you climb the search engines. Netmediauk Limited 0151 559 8573
  7. 7. Sharing your blog on Social media:Share on your Facebook page by adding the URL link of your blog on the ‘writesomething’ box.You should link Facebook to twitter then twitter to your linkedin so it shows there also.Then share on Bookmarking sites like•• Pinterest• Google plus• Digg.comAlways do each one manually, because the auto post sites will more often than not missout vital pieces of information like tags and comments .This will give you lots of link juice. Netmediauk Limited 0151 559 8573
  8. 8. Sharing your blog on Social media cont.Add your business to Google maps .Add your company to as many business directories as you can.Comment on other blogs in your industry.How long before I see MY keywords top of Searchengines?One good blog every week, shared on as much social media as you can will usually take4-6 weeks to start to see your keywords page one Google.Fortune favours the brave …Good writing and good luck.Alan Netmediauk Limited 0151 559 8573