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Small business

  1. 1. Small Business
  2. 2. CORA’s SPECIAL BUDIN Owned by: Mr. Ronaldo Reyes
  4. 4. I. HISTORY During the time of Martial Law they already operated this kind of business. Mr.Ronaldo’s mother founded a pieces of cassava in their backyard and earned more from their neighbors .She putted up a business that might helped her to earned money in order to send her children to the school. Through the use of cassava and a capital of 50 Php she made few budin and started her business.
  5. 5. She sold it in to some teachers and students of Luzonian University Foundationfor 1.80 Php. Because of the great taste of her budin, it became popular and easily accepted by different kind of people. She made his children her inspiration to made more budin. Then, she expand her business by having permanent place at Emilio Jacinto Brgy.San Diego, Tayabas, Quezon where she can put her special budin. Her children finished their college through her perseverance and good communicating skill with her customer.
  6. 6. By this time, her son Mr. Ronaldo Reyes was the one who’s making the special budin, they also offer different products that was originally made by them. Mr. Ronaldo put the name Cora in their business as an honor for his mother.
  7. 7. II. COMPANY PROFILE CORA’s SPECIAL BUDIN was established in 1972 by the mother of Mr. Ronaldo Reyes. The business has grown successfully over the last 39 years and this is primary due to the excellent service offered to all customers. During the early years, CORA’s SPECIAL BUDIN produced simple kind of budin for its local customers in Tayabas, Quezon.
  8. 8. Soon, deliveries were being made to other parts of the country as the popularity of the budin grew. In the past few years, due to popular demand, it started producing other delicacies such as Nilupak, Pili Candies, Broas, and many more. CORA’s SPECIAL BUDIN complete customer satisfaction as its central aim. They ensure this by providing the highest standards of products and services. Their idea is to be supported by establishing and maintaining strong working relationship with their customer towards a common goal of mutual profitability, based upon trust and respect.
  9. 9. III. 10 QUESTIONS My mother was good in cooking and I think our earnings before was appropriate in this kind of business that’s why she started a business like this. 1. Why do you construct this kind of business?
  10. 10. III. 10 QUESTIONS Our business operates for 39 years. 2. How long does your business operate?
  11. 11. III. 10 QUESTIONS Way back 1972 the amount of small money now was enough to start a business. So my mother use an amount of 50 Php as a capital to start her business. 3. How much is your capital?
  12. 12. III. 10 QUESTIONS Together with my siblings, we conduct market strategy by asking what our customer wants to taste from our product. And whenever our competitors made some improvement or changes from their product that made it click to the consumer, we also provide changes to our product to make sure that ours was better than their product. 4. How do you conduct market strategy?
  13. 13. III. 10 QUESTIONS The quality of our product was based on the ingredients that we used. And we used trusted brand product to provide a high quality delicacies and to make sure that there will be no bad effects to their health. 5. How does your business used quality to promote its product?
  14. 14. III. 10 QUESTIONS Because we sell a budin that has a great taste and size, and suitable as a mirienda and not like the other store that sell a budin that was very sweet and already like a dessert . 6. Why is it advisable to visit your business rather than other?
  15. 15. III. 10 QUESTIONS Yes, because we used their comments to make some improvement to our business. 7. Is your business appropriate to the demand of your customer? Why?
  16. 16. III. 10 QUESTIONS Although my mother was not the first person who sell budin in our town, our business became wellknown because of our customer who keep on buying our product. It was also becausethe taste of our product was different from others. 8. How does your business become well-known in Tayabas?
  17. 17. III. 10 QUESTIONS The most challenging experience that our business encounters was when the news about food poisoning was exposed, especially the spread of food poisoning in Bohol that makes the people they’re sick because of eating cassava. Another was the arriving of storm that destroys our backyard where we planted our cassava. 9. What is the most challenging experience that your business encounter?
  18. 18. III. 10 QUESTIONS Since our business was not that big and hard to manage, we just make some discussion to resolve our business failure. 10. How does your business provide solution when there is a failure in your business?