Science education


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Science education

  1. 1. Maria Cristina Carter 2025 Martin Ave McAllen, TX 78504 US Mobile: 9564514380 Evening Phone: 9564514380 Day Phone: 9564514380 Email: Work Experience: USDA APHIS Edinburg, TX US 06/2011 Present Salary: 24,900.00 USD Per Year Hours per week: 40 Series: 0421 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 03 Plant Protection Aid (This is a federal job) Supervisor: Jim Perkins (956-584-8767) Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes Inspects and re-inspects orchards, fields, groves, storage sites, nurseries, raid yards, industrial sites, etc., to determine the presence and degree of presence of harmful insects, plants and plant disease. Using standard procedures removes and destroys alternate host plants and diseased or infested plants and assists with the fumigation or treatment of equipment, plants, or soils. Maintains baits, installs and collects insect traps. Cleans and maintains motor vehicles and hand tool equipment, keeping all in good working order. Collects and records data and prepares simple reports. Develops rough maps showing control and eradication treatments. Valley View ISD 9701 South Jackson Road Pharr, TX 78577 US 08/2004 05/2005 Hours per week: 40 Physics Teacher Supervisor: Mrs. Kelly Van He (9568433025) Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes I taught Physics to High School Students. I helped increase their passing rate from 49% to 79% in their TAKS test results. I contacted parents, attended meetings and even visited a special student at home (at risk). I applied knowledge of natural and cultural resources to classroom and field experiences based on K-12 state educational standards.
  2. 2. Willacy County Correctional 1601 Buffalo Drive Raymondville, TX 78580 US 05/2000 12/2000 Salary: 37,500.00 USD Per Year Hours per week: 40 Life Skills Instructor/C.O. Supervisor: Mr. Julio Saldana (9566894900) Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes I was teaching life skills to an inmate population in a corrections facility. I also received training as a corrections officer at this facility. This state facility was previously named Wackenhut Corrections. This job required to handle human relations under stressful situations and to write clear, concise reports and evaluations by operating desk and laptop computers using various word processing - software. LULAC Council #346 McAllen, TX 78504 US 04/1999 07/1999 Salary: 7.50 USD Per Hour Hours per week: 40 Independent Contractor and Consultant Supervisor: Aguie Pena (9562793086) Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes I worked with a team of members in the promotion of the First LULAC's International Baby and Teen Pageant that took place in July of 1999 at the McAllen Convention Center. I contacted business, created flyers, sold tickets, and created a rough draft of the entire Pageant Project. Because the masters of ceremonies were late I was nominated a temporary master's of ceremonies. I presented to the audience the judges of this event until a master of ceremonies replacement showed up. This project had as a purpose to collect monies to help the council finance their literacy programs such as scholarships and monies for migrant education in the Rio Grande Valley. This job required the supervision of performance of the public speakers of the aforementioned event. University of Texas Pan American 1201 West University Drive Edinburg, TX 78539 US 10/1998 03/1999 Salary: 9.75 USD Per Hour Hours per week: 40 Research Technician I Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Murray (9563813537) Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes I performed independent research studies of the Physiology of E. Coli bacterium. I performed infection control, decontamination of biomedical complex instruments and autoclave sterilization with the assembling, cleaning and wrapping of molecular instrumentation. I was required to have extensive knowledge of bacterial controls, decontamination policies, procedural manuals,
  3. 3. and infection controls and the Joint Commission and Quality Assurance guidelines. Also I was required to have the knowledge of Ethylene Oxide, steam and sterilization operations, procedures and regulations sufficient to apply safely and correctly. Finally, I communicated technical information about the results of the research verbally and in writing to journalist at the University of Texas Pan American. I received training in HPLC (High Proficiency Liquid Chromatography).I supervised graduate students in laboratory policies, procedures and guidelines of the Bio-Medical Research conducted. Finally, I audited a course while at work in Molecular Biology. The research was under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Murray and Dr. Mohammed Farooqui. This position required knowledge of natural resource research where I presented global concepts to graduate students in a hands-on approach. Edinburg ISD Edinburg, TX US 08/1996 05/1997 Salary: 27,500.00 USD Per Year Hours per week: 40 Teacher Supervisor: Eugene Ruiz (956-289-2300) Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes I was hired to teach 7th grade Science. I also helped tutor the students enrolled in the GED program. Developed curriculum for Students of Middle school and High School grades 6 through 12 that included content for residential programs and field camps. I enhanced and modified curriculum to meet educational standards and individual school curriculum for special education students. As a teacher, I also presented balanced and comprehensive views of complex and controversial issues to student, teacher, and parent audiences of grades K12. I gained knowledge of educational assessment, evaluations and methodologies. Rio Grande CISD Rio Grande City, TX US 08/1993 05/1996 Salary: 23,500.00 USD Per Year Hours per week: 40 Teacher Supervisor: Mike Villarreal (956-716-6700) Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes I was hired to teach high school student in the subjects of Biology and Physical Science education. I also volunteered for after school football duty. I maintained clear and effective communications with students, staff and other agency personnel or subject matter experts when I team teach with other teachers and Regional Science Coordinator. I trained and supervised parent volunteers and educational interns whose assignments are related to curriculum based education. I was a liaison with educators, students, parents in the all the Natural Sciences fields. I used word processing software such as Access or Excel to develop effective and creative educational materials. I used video projectors, cameras, camcorders, and took photos to incorporate into educational materials as well as operating a VCR. Mission ISD Mission , TX US 08/1991 05/1993 Salary: 21,000.00 USD Per Year Hours
  4. 4. per week: 40 Teacher Supervisor: Fred Moreno (956--323-5500) Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes I was hired to teach alternative education students of grades 7 to 12 in the subject areas of Physical Science, Biology and Chemistry. I provided logistical arrangements and reservations for special education groups visiting "off campus" facilities and presented curriculum in a handson inquiry based manner. I synthesized complex natural or cultural stories into grade level appropriate materials. This job required me to relate specific, place based resources to broader concepts while serving as a primary leader in formal education programs. Education: UT Pan American Edinburg, TX US Bachelor's Degree 05/1990 GPA: 2.65 of a maximum 4.0 Credits Earned: 132 Semester hours Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Relevant Coursework, Licenses and Certifications: Texas Education Agency certified teacher in Secondary Biology 6-12. Texas Water Commission and Texas Engineering Extension Training in Waste Water Operations. Research in E. Coli bacterium. Fluent in both English and Spanish. Job Related Training: TWC Waste Water Operations Research in E. Coli Physiology. I received HPLC Chromatography training. I received audio visual equipment operation experience. I have a Master of Ceremonies and public speaking experience. I also have experience in social services and community work. I am fluent in both English and Spanish. I was trained to be noncommissioned officer at Willacy County corrections. I received ICS 100,200,700, 800 Certifications. I have successfully completed ASI ATV Rider Course on February 20, 2012 license #107171 Card #2419105 Language Skills: Language Spanish Affiliations: American Chemical Society - Secretary Additional Information: I have experience in Secondary Science Education and Social Services. I also have experience in Biomedical Research. I am a well experienced individual with academic, special education, social services and biomedical research skills. Spoken Advanced Written Advanced Read Advanced