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Alpha Zeta conducted a series of webinars to teach members how to use the AZ website to stay connected to Alpha Zeta members and Alumni.

Website 101 is geared towards chapter members, Officers and Advisors.

Learn about social media integration with Facebook, as well as share and chat features. Create blogs, events and photo albums for your chapter to use. Save time and money on printing costs with our new online forms. Don't have a website for your chapter? Learn how you can use the new AZ website to create one.

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  • Welcome to the first Website 101 Webinar. Thank you all for joining us. I hope this session will help you to better understand how to use the new AZ website for your chapters.
  • As you should know by now, we re-launched the new AZ website in February of this year. The new site allows us to integrate many different features that we weren’t able to before, such as our membership database. You can now login to the website to create/update your profile. So if you move or change your email address, you can simply update your profile and we’ll have your correct contact information. This will help us keep in touch better once you graduate.
    Other services are also housed on the new site, including event registrations and blogs. Now we don’t have to send you to external sites (i.e. blogger and regonline) to utilize these services. Everything can now be done through the new site.
    So let’s go explore some of those new features… If you have questions along the way, don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll also answer questions at the end of the webinar so if you think of one later, write it down.
  • One of the biggest changes is the incorporation of our member database. Each member now has their own profile which contains their contact information, school and work info. You can also create photo albums and make “connections” with other members. Think Facebook for Alpha Zeta. You can write on each others walls and even chat online.
    Let’s take a look at some of the profile features… [Go to website]
  • Now I’m going to walk you through how to register your new members. Your individual chapter will have decide how you want this process done from your end. You can either have your membership educator register each of the new members separately, or you can ask your new members to go to the website and register themselves. Either way the process is the same.
    Let’s walk through an example… [go to website]
  • One of the exciting new features is Groups. Every member is automatically entered into their respective chapter group when they are registered. Within your chapter group will be all members, past and present, of your chapter. This is a great way to contact all your current members or even find past chapter members and network.
    There are also other types of group like Officer groups (Chancellor, Censor, Treasurer, etc.), Advisors, and Alumni groups.
    Each group has their own group home page, where you can search the directory, post on the wall, write blogs, create events, and even post pictures. Your group has its own calendar, separate from the main AZ calendar. If your chapter does not already have a website through your school or otherwise, this is the perfect place to create one.
    Let’s take a look at a few things you can do in your group… [go to website]
    -show how to access groups from side-menu bar or from their profile.
  • Before the website re-launch, Alpha Zeta had an external blog that was through Now we can continue that blog and other news feeds on the website.
    You may have seen the “Latest News” box on the right-hand side of the website. It is more of a news feed than a blog. Only website administrators (Brian and I) can post to this Feed. But any member can make comments and share it with others. In this feed, there are 3 different groups – National Office News, Chapter News, and Obituaries. National Office News will be things that we receive or hear about that are important to all AZ members. It may be scholarship opportunities or _____. If we run across a news story about an event at one of our chapters, we might post this to the Chapter News feed with a tag to that chapter’s group, so you would see it show up on your chapter’s home page as well. And Obituaries are pretty self explanatory.
    There are a few different types of blogs that are on the website. The Community blogs allow member to post to the blog as well as comment and share on other posts. Two examples of our Community Blogs are the Chapter Activity Report Blog and the Share Your Story Blog. The Chapter Activity Report blog is to replace the paper activity report form that chapters send in to the national Office. This way you can submit your blog post about your chapter’s activities, include a photo or video, and any other members will be able to see it and gain new ideas for their chapter. The Share Your Story blog is a place to go and post some of your favorite AZ memories and stories to share with others. Again you can post photos and videos here too.
    Within the different groups that you are a member of (Chapter groups, etc.) you can create and post blogs as well.
    Let’s go take a look at some of these blogs… [go to website]
  • In an effort to make things easier for our members, we have integrated some of our paper forms into online forms. We already talked about and showed you the new Chapter Activity Report Blog which replaces the paper form.
    But you can now submit your entire Alpha Zeta Scholars application online. (You’ll still have to have your transcripts sent separately from your school). There is even a place for your professors and mentors to submit their letters of recommendation – whether they want to type it into the online form or upload a saved file.
    You can also submit your Officer and Advisor Report online now too when you hold new elections. This report is important for the National Office so we can get in contact with the appropriate chapter leaders if and when needed.
    Let’s go take a look at these forms… [go to website]
  • Event registrations is a great new feature on the website. You’ve already used this feature when you registered for this webinar and some of you may have used it to register for last year’s NALC in New Jersey. Having the registration capabilities in one place and not through an external third-party website, allows us to keep all membership records and transactions in one place.
    Both dates and events can be found within the Calendar. If a listing is an event that you must register and/or pay for, you’ll see “Register” under the listing name and dates. You can find out more information about the event by clicking its name.
    Let’s go take a look… [go to website]
  • There is now a career center just for Alpha Zeta members. You can search for open positions posted by the National Office or by other members. You can even upload your resume and subscribe to job alerts.
    Let’s take a quick look at how the career center works… [go to website]
  • Some of the same features and general information about Alpha Zeta Fraternity and the Foundation that you had access to on the old site can still be found on the new website, like the history of the fraternity and foundation, and chapter resources and forms. All of these can be found on the left-hand menu.
    [go to website]
    Chapter resources can be found be hovering your mouse over “Resources” then going down to “Chapter Resources.” Here there are presentations, videos, brochures and other materials to help you.
    Your forms can all be found by clicking the “Download Forms” under “Resources.” The officer report and chapter activity report forms can now be submitted online. The paper forms are still available for download for now, but eventually those will go away and you’ll only be able to submit online.
    You can still make a secure donation on the website as well, but now you have the choice of donating to various funds.
    The online store is the place to go to purchase AZ memorabilia.
  • While we are very excited about all the new features that we’ve talked about, there is still a lot more that can be done to keep the website evolving. Some of the operations we’ve put in place with the new site will help to make new member approvals smoother. In the future, we’re looking at having chapters pay their dues online and setting up separate funds for each chapter to receive donations to. We’ve already shown you a few ways that we’re trying to reduce the “paperwork” with some online forms and submitions.
  • Website 101 for chapters & advisors

    1. 1. Alpha Zeta Website 101 An introduction to the re-designed and re-launched Alpha Zeta Website
    2. 2. Introduction  On February 15, Alpha Zeta launched its new website  New Features – Profile Management – Membership – Groups – Blogs – Reports & Forms – Events – Career Center – Group Administration  Evolution
    3. 3. New Features: Profile Management  Facebook-like (Feeds, Wall, Bio, etc.)  Make connections  Chat
    4. 4. New Features: Membership  How to instruct new members to join  What to do as a membership educator
    5. 5. New Features: Groups  Chapter, Officer, Advisor and Alumni Groups  Send e-mails and messages to group members (including alumni with valid e-mail addresses)  Group directory to browse or find alumni  Blog about news, events, chapter happenings  Discussion forums  Calendar for meeting/event schedules  Upload event photos
    6. 6. New Features: Blogs  National Office & Chapter News Feeds  Community Blogs – Chapter Activity Report Blog – Share Your Story  Group Blogs
    7. 7. New Features: Reports & Forms  Chapter Activity Reports (Blog)  Scholarship Application  Officer & Advisor Report
    8. 8. New Features: Events  Register and pay for events like NALC and the National Service Project  Also register for services like the AZ Webinars
    9. 9. New Features: Career Center  Upload a resume  Search and apply for jobs/internships  Subscribe to alerts
    10. 10. Other Features  History of the Fraternity and Foundation  Chapter resources and forms  Make a secure donation  Online store
    11. 11. Evolution  Smoother approval of new members  Online payment of chapter dues  Chapter funds for donations  More video integration and RSS integration  Vibrant, interactive, online community  Significantly reduce “paperwork”
    12. 12. Questions?
    13. 13. Next Webinar: Website 201  Group Administration: – Add/edit dates and events; includes registration/payment capabilities – Create custom pages for chapter information or re-direct to external chapter websites – Create/manage blogs & forums – Manage photo albums