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Published in: Education, Spiritual

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  • 1. Philosophyin PembridgeHall SchoolBy Year Six Students
  • 2. WHAT ISPHILOSOPHY?Collated by Lilac, Sofia, Katy and Gina
  • 3. OUR IDEAS
  • 4. What we enjoy about PhilosophyCollated by Isabella, Lauren, Defne and Lucia.
  • 5. What we enjoy…• We can see different views of questions andtopics.• There is no wrong or right answer.• Everyone gets a chance to speak, at least once.• We enjoy discussing interesting subjects likeGreek Myths.• It gives me self esteem - everyone’s opinion isimportant.• We like how every answer is original and can linkonto another way of viewing the topic.
  • 6. More things we enjoy…• We love that we are given such hard dilemmas,but then we realise that they’re less complicated.Other people’s ideas help us create new ideas.• We sometimes learn about ancient philosophersand the way they thought hundreds of years ago.Even now these ideas are interesting to discuss.• Mr Day tells us intriguing stories/poems.• Philosophy helps us think of many little, but stillsignificant points and views.
  • 7. Things That Are Not SoGreatCollated by Rosa and Celeste
  • 8. How hasphilosophybenefited us?
  • 9. • Philosophy helps us tounderstand, listen toand evaluate other people’sthoughts.• Philosophy broadens ourunderstanding of topics andteaches us to think more deeply.
  • 10. • It helps us with sharing ouropinions because we have toshare opinions in Philosophy inorder for the discussion to build.• It helps us to be more open-minded because the questionshave more than one answer.
  • 11. It makes me look at thingsfrom a different perspective because otherpeople’s points get me thinking aboutwhether I agree or disagree with them andsometimes they can convince me to agreewith them. Listening to otherpeople can sometimes teachme to change my perspective.
  • 12. Confidence• I am more confident about expressing myopinion even though it may be different tothe opinions of others in the group.• Philosophy lessons have helped me withinterviews because it made me feel like Idid not have to give this one, specificanswer, I just had to give an interestingopinion that made sense.
  • 13. Patience• It has helped me be more patient, sinceoften I do not get to share my opinionwhen I want to but must wait until I amgiven the opportunity to speak.• However, I am always allowed to give anopinion about something, even if it is longafter the discussion has moved on fromthat point.
  • 14. Listening:I have become a better listener….• It helps our listening because in Philosophysessions we must listen to other people’spoints and ideas and often we have to linkthem to our own points and the points andideas of others.• I can concentrate for quite a long whileduring a discussion, even if I do not get thechance to share my views.
  • 15. I have become a better listener……• I am better at spotting connections andcontradictions in the views shared.• It is fun seeing how the ideas build oneach other and lead to a whole new idea.
  • 16. Respect• We are more respectful of theopinions of others – it is not abouthaving a ‘cool’ idea or a very‘intelligent’ view – it is moreimportant to have a thoughtfulidea that will lead to more ideas.
  • 17. Speaking:• I am much better at organising mythoughts and sorting them intoseparate points.• It has given me the confidence to takethe time to think and not feel underpressure to speak to break the silence.
  • 18. Comprehension• I am comfortable with the idea that there maynot be one right answer and I strive for ananswer where I can give points or evidenceto support my views.• I have a store of language structures thathelp me write clearer answers. (e.g. ‘contraryto..., while it is true to say.., building on ...,following on from.., counter argument)
  • 19. A Sample of questions discussed inthe Philosophy sessions:
  • 20. • The Clock Work World is veryorganised and predictable and theWind Swept World is full ofuncertainty and chance.Which world is more like our world?Which world would youprefer to live in?
  • 21. Runaway Train question:There is a train track whichbranches into two tracks.10 people on one track, 2 people on theother. It is going to run over either the 2people or the group of 10.If you have control over which track therunaway train can take which one wouldyou choose?What if the 10 are children/old people/‘important’ people/people who wereunloved/dearly loved...?
  • 22. Story of Odysseus:Who is more free:(a) Odysseus who was bound to the mastby his own orders(b) the crew members who werefollowing Odysseus’ orders anddeafened with the ear wax(c) the sailor who took the earwax out ofhis ears, jumped overboard and swamto the sirens?
  • 23. • Are we more like machines or animals?
  • 24. Finally, a quote from Ella...‘I love that you are given suchhard dilemmas, but then yourealise it is actually lesscomplicated when you hearother people’s ideas and I feelmy brain physicallystretching!’